Over the past four or five hours, at least 20 new threads about a New Community Forums in Micronesia, or something like that, have been opened in this Forum. If this is not an abuse of the privileges afforded members, I don't know what is.

Would you please delete all but one or two of these new threads, and notify the poster that if this type of abuse continues, his or her privileges will be revoked?

Kinisou Chapur.

EDITED COMMENT: Hey Moderator! I just checked this site again, and there are TWO MORE threads begun by this poster. Apparently this poster registered on September 21, 2010, and has opened TWENTY-THREE (23!) separate and distinct threads about this new forum.




    I am making this additional comment in order to move this thread to the top. IS ANYBODY HOME?
  • it needs to be stopped by now! GEEZ!
  • Sarem Chuuk, sorry I also feel the same, but recently Admins haven't been doing their jobs. I have seen many bad words lately and no one seem to be getting any warning. Sorry, put your hopes up from tomorrow (PNI TIME)...
  • So tiring to see people using things and lies agaisnt others when they have not done that freak who stole Silverstar Cards out of people's purse trying to make something about it because he busted his elbow during one of his drunken nights...he tries to make the world a stricken poverty because his elbow was marked...the same deal with this threads that kept coming up randomly...does this message sounds random? I would close that same thread as closing him out of MT state.

    Two more threads just added. IS ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION?
  • Sarem Chuuk, I think you are very sensitive... you easily get irritated with almost everything... thats bad!
  • Hello
    I invite you to a new growing forums community about the Pacific Islands
    You can discuss there about the Pacific,Read the lastest news,Post your own pictures,Play games and many many more things!
    The community was opened 3 days ago and it is still not so active,so join now and help us make it active so you will enjoy more and be able to meet more people from your country!
    Link: There is a mistake,press Here for the forum
    So come and join our forums! You will enjoy there!

    The forum already got posetive feedback from one micsem user:

    "Thanks for creating this forum. I like the fact that you can also post videos and images. This is 1 step above the old format of Thanks moderator for a great job!"

    If you want a proof press here:

    Come and join us! You will have only fun!

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