What Happened to the Yap Catholic High School Idea?

I've been hearing plans to open a new high school in Yap, but nothing's happening.
So does anyone know anything about it?

The school was supposed to start last year, but what happened?

But if Yap ever gets a new high school, that would be interesting...
Feedbacks, people!


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  • I thought the spelling was "betel" nut?... Or whatever.
    Does anyone know anything?
  • Maybe Dohper could be a first student since he obviously can't spell.
    From what I've heard from the "planners" of the high school, it is scheduled to open this Fall. Big disappointment since they still have no faculty and staff. But it would be interesting to see how things unfold.
  • the 9th and 10th grades are announced to be added to the St. Mary's this fall and registration is now ongoing. it is a major step for the catholics in Yap to take and we are hoping for the addintional grades to be added once the new site by the air port plans are done.
  • That is an exciting step for the Yapese Catholics and those who will be enrolling as freshmen. It almost like Assumption High School in a way, except they had the boys on campus while the girls commute. Trip down old memory lane.
    Good luck to our Yapese friends, and enjoy your new high school.

    I wonder if this will have an impact on Xavier High, knowing every states in FSM now have catholic high schools..."
  • This is very encouraging news to hear. Thank you to Fr. Hezel and everyone responsible for bringing this about. Thank you in advance to the heroic teachers of St. Mary's - past, present, and future - who prepare our children for the future and do so out of love and concern for the children, overlooking the pay. May you be blessed greatly for being true blessings and for your unselfish devotion!!
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    I hope salary will be competitive so as to attract quality teachers already available in Yap, but working at other jobs with better pay.

    Educating our kids especially in math, science, language arts, and critical thinking is a top priority for our developing nation, and I hope we put our money where it counts.

    There are numerous people who have proven themselves to be talented, passionate, and effective teachers. But they too have their own children's needs to think of, e.g. college tuition, when it comes to what job they choose to work at.

    In order to afford the best for our children, the Catholic congregation should donate more money to the school; the government, too; and parents should actively raise funds to help. Tuition of course cannot be lowered to the point of non-existent. Parents must pay, although scholarships can be created too through fundraising to help the most promising students or those who have the most financial difficulty. If we can afford imported goods that are bad for us, we should be able to afford education that is good for our children and their future. If we can afford airfare, tuition, room, and board to send our best to Xavier, we can muster private school tuition on our own soil.

    Use that added money to attract great teachers already in our community working outside the education field.
  • Two New York Jesuit priests, Frs Michael Corcoran and John Mulreany, will arrive on Yap in early August to start the process of setting up a Catholic High School. Fr. Joseph E. Billotti, SJ, Director, Micronesian Seminar
  • WOW! that is great news indeed!
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  • 8 years later, and according to COM, Yap Catholic High School is one of the top schools in the country.

    Way to go, newbie.
    Xavier, take notes ;)
  • Love it! Is there scholarship? image
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