For those who may not read the "Sticky" items at the top of the forum, and who may not therefore have read carefully the newest item, posted this morning, I have taken the liberty of excerpting the following paragraph, regarding the relocation of the library from Pohnpei to Xavier High School, and the discontinuance of this forum:

"In light of the recommendations of the study, the Society of Jesus will re-establish the library and archives of MicSem at its school on Chuuk, Xavier High School. The library will remain open and available as a special collection that will serve students, the broader community in Micronesia, and scholars from overseas. Renovations for the MicSem library will begin at Xavier in June 2012. The current staff of MicSem will also move to Xavier to maintain the library and provide services to the public. The staff will continue to make available the current publications, archives and photos online at the www.micsem.org website. Project and staff resources will be devoted to building the online resources in the years ahead with new publications, photos and cultural archives as they become available. The discussion forum will be discontinued."

It appears that the Jesuits do not think this forum provides benefits sufficient to continue its availability to the Micronesian community. Kind of makes one wonder what benefits the Jesuits provide.

Sad to see this go.


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    and this is not good.. am with u bro, so sad to see you all gone..my pni friends my Yapese friends and others..
  • Micsem Org, is a special forum (an educational institution among) have bring together ideas and awareness of learning information about our culture, history, people and future in our entire region in Microneisa. However, Micsem is now (according to author Saramen Chuuk post...) moving to its local location (back to Chuuk). However, Micsem should maintain to be a strong leadership in our International community and region in Micronesia, too. They should start charging membership fees yearly, so everyone can able to still access and take participation without closing free information would lead to darkness of abuse of power, oppression, crimes and corruption in our FSM region in that respect, too.

    Thank you.
    Angela Engichy
  • sad to see this go? are you implying that Chuuk is not a good location for the library? I think it is a right move, since Xavier High School is there which to me would benefits the students as well as the Jesuits themselves! Welcome to Chuuk, Micsem!!
  • Off the subject. I'm planning and hoping to have meeting with some of the important civil right leaders in United States, as Rev. Jesse Jackson and others. I wanted to making sure that some of our civil right (as FSM/Chuuk citizen) will be protected and respected, too, (in United States and its territory...) which we are native of legal entry, not illegal.

    The police brutality (past on Guam and others), gross profiling, Medical Racism against Chuukese because of our socioaeconomic statues and our race lead result of lack of attention and gross mistreatment, ie: example for doctor White, the Clinical and Consulting Psychology from Sturgeon Bay, WI.

    Hope some of you can support me in such endeavor.

    Angela Engichy
  • yeah! am in! btw, we must be on watchful eye of our surrounding for sharp sniper too..
  • Let's not judge the Jesuits! We, the Micronesian online community have put them on the spot light by utilizing this forum as our public rally grounds... this organization has been funded thru different grants and if CJ is not mistaken, the FED GOV. is part of that support! Before my lovely leaders in the religious community stops this forum, Cj would like to ask them to please inform the forumers of the following.

    1. Mission of MICSEM
    2. How has Micsem helped the Microniesian community abroad and locally (outside Micronesia & in/around Micronesian islands)
    3. Accomplishments of Micsem in such communities
    4. Positive contribution of MICSEM to the Micronesian Communities
    5. As religious leaders who are there to guide the faithfuls spiritually and otherwise, how will closing down Micsem help Micronesian communities? What are the reasons why we are closing it down? If my catholic religion is starting to feel uncomfortable to stand tall for the right things in society and then CJ would be more than happy to invite other religious leaders to help... LET'S NOT BRING IN POLITICS IN RELIGIONS...

    Cj kindly ask the Jesuits to think hard before they close this forum down. Many well to do religions out there are dying to have their impact in our local communities. I am not saying I will be changing my religion, but I am willing to tap other religions who may be willing to do what the CATHOLIC CHURCH IS ASHAME OF DOING, PROVIDING AN OUTLET for the citizens to voice their concerns.

    CJ will also rally THE FED. to direct FUNDS ELSE WHERE... "not meant to be religious high", it is fair and logical assessement of your intentions..

    Too much negative thinking in communities (Micronesian communiteis) it is now creeping up on the net.. even the religious people are getting affected. Str8ten your spines, stretch your muscles. There are many on here and off that are digging hard and trying to discredit CJ, NONE OF THEM WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! Many of them will be eating their own words, mark my words!! Friends or Foes, NONE will be able to discredit CJ... CJ will take the rally else where and make bigger impacts where it counts!! Many are using RELIGIONS TO TRY TO DISCREDIT POSTS ON HERE... those are the INSECURE HYPOCRITES who wants TO KEEP OPPRESSING PEOPLE IN COMMUNITIES. None of the religious post they posted even targeted any of the intentions and good cause given by many. So if you, the religous community thinks that they are the good apples, THINK ABOUT IT!! You are ABOUT TO MAKE ONE OF THE BIGGEST MISTAKES IN RELIGOUS HISTORY IN MICRONESIA. Within Days CJ will have another religion provide a forum with better control if MY OWN RELIGION IS GIVING UP...



  • This must be part of the "negative reaction" TO CJ' and company's intentions to utilize religions in their work to bring it peacefully and lovingly into communities. Your minds are so closed and narrowed from trying to hang high with the rest of the world, YET, YOU REFUSE TO MAKE ROOM FOR ADJUSTMENT with respect...

    Too much POLITICS IS PENETRATING RELIGIOUS FUNCTIONS AND ACTIVITIES... that project will move forth, regardless of anyone attempt to stop it or discredit it.. it is so simple and "conflict free", yet many of you are already sweating it thinking BETRAYAL IS PART OF IT. This is part of CJ's problem, WHEN WE MENTION something, people immediately runs with it, yet they do not even come close to the original intentions of utilizing such concepts...

    Soooooooooo, my kind advice to all is please do not run with things not knowing full well HOW TO DO THEM! SOME OF YOU ARE OUT THERE MESSING UP THINGS... it is not the olden days you fight who is gonna be first and top... IT IS EITHER YOU HAVE IT OR YOU DO NOT! Too many mess out there with people trying to do stuff... please be truthful in your work... you will end up creating more problems...


  • Might I make a suggestion?

    It would be a simple matter for any concerned party to start a Facebook group. You could call it anything you wanted; for example Micronesia 2012 or Micronesia 2023.

    I suggest that folks check out the facebook group Palau 2012. It's a very lively forum for discussion with Palauans both at home and abroad posting and responding to threads almost 24 hours a day. The group has several moderators who you could contact if you need advise for setting up your own group.

    Clearly the Micsem forum has been a valuable resource, but in it's absence Facebook is very high profile and easy to join and you could post anything you wanted and moderate the content yourselves.
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    I think we already have one now in process, a forum just like this one (Micsem) but, it will be like a blogger with more feature, dont know yet the time and possiblities. but i heard we maid have one soon...

    God Bless Micsem, without your greatness we cant be utilized achieve so much...
  • LET'S not rush here... FACEBOOK does not have the same credibility as MICSEM. Also many of our issues MUST stay local.. We do not want the biggest network to carry them beyond here...

    It also MUST stay grounded in THE ONLY COMMON GROUND we have in the islands... Religion! Credibility of this forum can not be replCed by any PRIVATE FORUMS! It is very easy to start one... but it would not carry the same weight as this... So close it down and one of the new religions in town will step up...

    If it is funding that is causing is closurez then let the Micronesians step up and support! No!!!
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    its also seem to us that this forum is getting more and more personal issue, therefore, Micsem am totally willing to jump overboard or pull myself out, to safe this forum, what u say CJ/ agree upon huh!

    you know boys and gurls this is sad news for this day our savior has died, as well we are approaching our moment of darkness hour.

    pekalong and ssearcher1, nice to know u both, good luck both u and may our father above bless abundantly his mercy, grace and unconditional love. i'll now jump! good bye jacky!!.:(
  • dont hold me back pekalong! i said am jumping offf!!! juummppp!!
  • TRICKY DICKERY ROCK! It would be a good thing for us to know who and why ... who wanted this closed and why..

  • This is a great place

    Free counters!are are Free counters!
  • thank you micsem for the ride! although i am a relatively new comer to this site, i have visited it often for information and entertainment. good luck to your set up at mabuchi hill!
  • Good bye MicSem. Have a good life in Chuuk.
  • oh noez, whyyyyyy?imageimageimageimage
  • MicSem Forum has sadly evolved into THE place to talk smart, hate in pride and put others down. I will miss visiting, but if that's what must be done then so be it. We have no one to blame, but .............

    Signing out,

  • jesuit started the foundation, it's about time we (the beneficiaries)step up to the base and swing away, what you think cj? I don't think the jesuits are ashame to show anything in our regions. They came out to do just the opposite and don't intend to spoonfeed us for ever. I will truely miss micsem but good luck anyway.
  • waiooo,

    As my high school frren would say, "Waiooo, tonge tonge la mwa!
  • It is disappointing to hear negative reaction to this news. I for one thank Micsem for providing a forum for us to discuss issues and concerns hopefully toward some type of meaningful agreement or understanding, Instead, credible posts have, within the past few years, managed to be sidetracked while we read comments we ourselves make that serve no other purpose but to inflate our own egos and at the same time minimizing or belittling the views of others. If we are so smart and we want Micsem to continue its discussion forum, let's explore positive steps that we can do to prevent it from closing instead of demanding an explanation from the Jesuits. They have been very helpful to the Micronesian region and this is what they get? Please...

    How about Micronesia 2012? Food for thought.
  • Sad, indeed, but like the rest I'd like to express my utmost appreciation for allowing me to partake in the Forum.

  • Here is the deal guys, whoever does the social education in Micronesia also has the responsibility and the credibility to provide a creditable forum.... Kuop, I do not see any reason why they are leaving out beside not wanting to be part of improvement... how would the Catholic community like it if other churches are leading the social education in Micronesia? To truly educate in Microneisa ... you must blend the two 'cultures" west and Micro and let them be the foundation of true education out there... ALL THESE PROBLEM That WE ARE FACING are part of that poor education we have in the islands...

    Once Micsem closes this down, they will lose out of funding... most esp. MAJOR supporters... Keep MICSEM on... it is not for CATHOICS ONLY, IT IS FOR ALL MICRONESIANS REGARDLESS OF THEIR FAITH BASE...

    I am not demanding MICSEM I am voicing my concerns as a citizen and a faithful of the catholic beliefs... does not make sense, why they would close it down. I
  • Too bad, i hope this is not an irreversible decision...imageimageimage
  • really cant avoid the inevitable...will truly miss this place and its posters...was fun, educational...transparently good for the benefit of our government and its people...more to say but just too down with this breaking news:-(
  • This is sad news. MICSEM for sure is prestigeous, while a FACEBOOK group is nothing special imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage



  • says who cj? whose deal is that? anybody, religion or not, any ngo or individual group could do it. start it cj with all your connections locally and globally. who knows, you could grandslamit.
  • A door closes; a window will open. The Jesuits rode the wave of the whole post-WWII US hegemony and now we are seeing multiple disengagements on many fronts, mirrored by the decline of Xavier as a first-rate secondary school establishment. Something will arise to fill the vacuum created by these declining institutions. Opus Dei, already establishing presence in the region? State Moromonism, from a Romney inspired world order? Micro-Confucianism as a proxy for PRC regional power? Will it be for better or worse?
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