FSM Population is Decreasing

Found the following article on the Pacific Islands Report this AM:

FSM Information Services

May 24, 2012

FSM Population Declines Slightly, Family Size Drops

President Manny Mori says the FSM "2010
Census Key Indicators" showed that the FSM population is now 102,843,
comprising 52,193 males and 50,650 females -- a population decline rate
of 0.4 percent over the last 10 years.
The decline represents about 4,000 persons
and is believe to be the result of out-migration from FSM along with a
"decreasing level of fertility (women having less children)."
In terms of household size, the census shows
an average decline in family size from 7 in 2000 to 4 in 2010, which
may result from factors including a preference of couples for smaller
family sizes, a drop in fertility, and delaying of marriage (or when to
have children).



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    Its really sad, just imagine the total peak of FAS citizen immigration abroad. That leave the nation in neutral at all,.. what happen here and am hoping am right,  the US born citizen sent back home when they already acguired their US citizen therefore they dont add up to the nation registry and also there eligibility into the ballot masterlist null..

  • Such findings or conclusion may hold true. With decades of
    impact by the entailment of our unique relationship with our Uncle Sam, one
    wouldn’t doubt the notion that we are surely learning from our exposures;
    however, It might be of immense interest to learn about the underpinnings of the
    waves of citizens’ migrating from home.
  • Its really sad, just imagine the total peak of FAS citizen immigration abroad that leave the nation neutral at all,.. wheat happen is the nation citizen sent back home when they already acguire their US citizen therefore they dont add up to the nation registry or eligiable masterlist..
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    This is just fluctuation, it is normal.imageimage

    So i've heard.. To me this is good, considering the COMPACT degrement, we must ready to adjust ourselves in cutting down on making babies and people are gearing towards living independentaly.  I have seen young couples with out children living on their own and work as hard as matured couples.. What i meant by matured couple is those couples that have worked more than 5 and more years.. supporting their own family.  Nothing else.

    So let's continue this path and live to learn what will be the best for all families. 

  • There is really nothing the FSM could do to curp the outmigration of our citizens. All of these folks did it in pursuit of higher education and work. As far as I am concerned, this is not a problem for the FSM but something positive. The Government should help peopl who would want to go the USA in search of work. After all even when the government has not lended any assistance, these people actually send him a large amount of money to their homw which  in turn help the Government.



  • Population decreasing through brain-drain leaving behind corrupted ones.  Is that good for FSM?
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    All of these folks did it in pursuit of higher education and work.


    I doubt that...Some folks are sent out there because they committed a crime, and there are also other ones their parents can no longer deal with them, then had them sent. 
  • we are increasing population because our gov't can meet our needs. X(
  • iguess,

    Before I even ask my question let me first say that I am in no way criticizing your comment or you.  It did make me think for a moment and that is my sole reason for asking. 

    To whose government were you referring when you said that "our gov't can meet our needs"?

    You also said "we are increasing population."  Who is "we" and why was your reference to "increasing" population when the subject of this thread is "FSM Population is Decreasing"?

    Your emoticon shows anger.  What in particular are you angry about if your gov't can meet your needs; or was that bit of your sentence a typo?  If it was a typo, in what ways has your gov't not met your needs (this is a genuine question)?  What have been your expectations of your government?
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  • Hidden, that is a bad thing.  We cast them out for good but in return, they're making bad headlines for micronesian abroad which the survey has suggested otherwise.  Few bad apples ruin the entire containment of shipment everywhere we go.  Be responsible for yourself as the outcome responsible for all the rest of us.  Simple is that that we are many in one small boat.
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    Exactly what's happening now...Bad apples exportation. 

    We can't say that our Government is not doing enough. Yes the government is probably not doing such a great job in saving money, but I know that they get head aches from thinking what's good for us. If daddy can't afford us steak then we stick with fish and crabs. We can't leave him because he is not getting us what we want. 
  • our leaders are trying to keep us on steaks .....hmmmm may be we should back to local, just like what you just mentioned my friend hidden, stick with fish and crabs, banana, taro, tapioka ne, breadfruit, etc. we don't really having much problems with that.

    no apples, take mango, coconut, etc.

  • This is crazy.  What is happening to the Micronesian way of active reproduction?  This is alarming.  The islands need more people.  Some damn crazy social and health programs contribute greatly to this decline.  Someone should shut down those damn programs.

  • why? global warming...i think, English practicing are wide-spreading throughout most micronesian regions, unlike Arithmetic practices are declining if you know what i mean..stop dividing and start multiplying...
  • Global warming has to do with FSM's decreasing population?? LOL!! Braddah are you smoking blunts?? 
  • of course bradda man...that's why thongs are used most often by men, women, boys, girls, grandparents, and etc...u know that tight undies are BAD for the scrotum...i prefer COMMANDO...hehehe...hit me with that blunt...
  • What I thought. It doesn't have anything to do with FSM's decreasing population. You were probably bored and decided to post something. 
  • true that Hid..i rest my case...
  • Some of the social and economic factors are prevalent in micronesia today.
    Man's fault
    1. Blame the men for drinking too much alcohol and sakau
    2. Most men are diabetic or having some physical problem associated with their reproduction organs.
    3.  Too many and more accessible to porno movies on the island and less desirable for sexual intimacy.
    4. man's disinterested in marriage or irresponsible in life.
    Woman's fault
    1.  Too much on these pills and other IUD employed.
    2.  Having no regular cheek-up for STD
    3.  Abortion been frequent
    4.  vasectomy cases become popular for woman
    5.  Economic constraint on woman for raising families
    6.  Woman disinterested in having children in lieu of pursuing their careers

  • nutcracker, it's tubal ligation for women. vasectomy for men.
  • Thanks, kinen.  Never know the difference between the two.  I just know they block something.
  • Maybe people finally learned how to use condoms properly
  • back to you nut. there's always a first in life.
  • Absolutely Ina Chok, these kids, they take safe sex seriously as been evidence by scraped condoms at hideaway parks.  As for us, oldies, we can't imagine been choked of your own vomit.
  • Once I participated in a discussion on the best of governments. This was when we just became what we are today separated from the Northern Marianas Islands, Palau and the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Pardon me but I feel like addressing directly the main subject of this thread.

    Anyhow, the topic was what island has the best Government. CNMI or Micronesia. A Legislature was among the group and he was so strong on arguing that FSM (Compact of Free Association is the best) he's angle was that we are better than the CNMI. I countered by saying that CNMI is better than the FSM because it his arguement was in fact the truth there will be more CNMI citizens living in Micronesia in search of a better life. And this is what I believed, the decrease in our population is mainly due to our government being poor and not able to accommodate our citizen and therefore, they migrate to GUAM, CNMI, Hawaii and the USA mainland. They didn't just got up and went becasue they wanted to. Our Government cannot even provide them jobs. 

    The decrease in our population has nothing to do with reduction of lipido or even any form of Family Planning. It all has to do with in Seach of Happiness a bettter life than what they find in Micronesia. 

  • Okei, maybe better condom flavors in CNMI, GUAM and USofA


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