FSM Patrol Boat left today for Ant Island - Picnic

One of the three patrol boats for the FSM left today (Saturday - 05/12/07)for Ant Island in Pohnpei for a field day of nothing but having good time and ultimate relaxation for the AG and other cabinet members from the outgoing FSM National Government Administration. According to some insiders, one of the departments chartered the boat and I say this is a waste of time and waste of public funds. There was a party last week at Misko Beach for the same purpose - to bid
farewell to the outgoing leaders. If the trip to Ant today is again to bid more farewell then I believe it is not for a good cause and purely it is just a big waste of money. We are always trying to control the unnecessary expenses for the Governments in order to be able to continue to operate and provide the required services to the people during the life ofthe amended compact. Expenses associated with this trip is a classic example of the kind of waste that we as Micronesians seem to overlook because they maybe considered immaterial for the amount but they do add up to become significant when we plus plus plus and plus expenses of the many similar party activities during each fiscal year.


  • Farewell or welcoming parties are not in the best interest of the people. Therefore, public funds should not be used during these events.
  • Government workers shouldn't be allowed to have party, period. Using boat to have picnic on other island, aha, I don't think so. It is obvious that fuel price is sky rocketing these days and them using the patrol boat- who is responsible for the fuel? Who is responsible for the food or what so ever? Its the public fund. This gotta be stopped and not exercise at all. Its stealing.
  • Party on Carth!.....Party on Wayne....Coooooooool,...Dudes!!..... any more turkey tails?
  • Talk about transparency, accountability and integrity of our government and those who make decisions. Information has it that the former Sec. of Justice planned all this before her departure from her post. It is not only unethical but very embarrassing to the people of the FSM. You and I pay for all the expenses for fuel, wages and salaries of the crew on that patrol boat, among others.

    I suggest someone look into this and ivestigate it.
  • Who do we call to report this type of Governement malfeasance? The Chief Justices office or AG's office perhaps? Opps...All aboard!
  • I think we should call the following:

    Vice President
    All Governors
    All Speakers
    FSM Public Auditor
    Our Congress Reps
    Kaselehlie Press
    Pacific Magazine
    Guam Daily
    All Embassies & Consulate offices
    the Public
  • No one complained about the blatant abuse of FSM Government vehilces that has been rampant in the exhausted Administration, why the boat now? Could it be that we are seeing a difference. There is no difference between the abuses. Besides, mayble the Sec. did not and continues not to even have a clue that laws are being violated. Report something new.
  • Mr. Esiel & Pohnpei Mahs, the Secretary of Justice is a party animal, she parties during Urusemal's Administration, now, she's partying out of Mori's Administration, let's just hope that a strong wind blow her off the ship and drown her in the sea. As for reporting the abuses of Government property, why don't we call the hotline on White Collar Crime?
  • Within the US Government, I know that there is an Inspector General Office that investigate any allegation against and US public Offices which include, FBI, US Attorney Office, CIA, and all other law enforcement agencies. The FSM DOJ investigates corruption within the FSM governments, and now that there is allegation against the DOJ, this is the good time for that Independent Prosecutor Office to kick in.

    The President should investigate this, if he was not a passenger on the boat.
    Congress should convene an investigative body to look into it.

    For me, using a Patrol Boat for picnic is not right. You don't mix security with pleasure, unless ....

    My opinion...
  • People, don't talk nonesense. This is a worldwide forum. Why would our president investigate when he's got his investigators to do the job? How nonesense can we be on this forum? Speak when you are sure of what to say. Stop yaping if you have no legitimate talk to talk about.
  • Ngehi,

    Government malfeasance is something that needs to be dealt with and as a citizen of this great nation it is a healthy indication that we are all concerned. Now, some of these respectable forumers disapprove of certain actions that our government takes on spending all our tax dollars. Call it what you want, but I don’t see any reason that our patrol boats should be used as a “PARTY CRUIZE SHIP” instead of patrolling our waters.
  • Ngehi

    When i said, President-doesn't mean the President himself. The Office of the Pres or the Executive branch which the DOJ falls under. and i say UNDER not under the DOJ. If you are referring to the investigators of the FSM National Police, those falls under the DOJ. The Investigators work for DOJ Sec. The DOJ Sec work for the President.

    When I say President, I'm not referring to the man himself, for him to appoint someone to do the investigation.

    I hope that would clarify my previous post. Sorry if I confuse the heck out of your mind...
  • My friends, I am so sorry the invitation slips your postal addies but all were invited. If you could recall, all the previous presies, and cabinets were enjoying the lavishness of the patrol boats on similar occassions. Although most of you did not make it, I did remembered to propose a toast for those of you who did not make it along. So sit back and do your jobs in your particulars, and let me handle mine. Stop yapping nonsense if you do not know nothing, will ya!
  • edited May 2007
    My fellow impoverished citizens, with regards to your various complaints and accusations on funds mismanagement, you'll be happy to know that JEMCO supports the Chinese rice and poached turtle served with GMP beer....and yes, there were some ants at that picnic!
  • Moner i do agree with you. someone need to start exposing what our elected leaders do with our money. Dont see why they would party like a rock star.
  • I believe that boat in question was due for drydocking downunder in Australia, so to test its sea-worthiness before its long voyage downunder, the Department decided to take it out to Ant to test it. While they were there, they decided to cook some lunch inland, and to allow some of the crew to do bottomfishing. So, for those of you who are curious, the boat was on a field testing expedition inside Ant Lagoon.
  • Puuullleeeeze,

    As one who used to check out Navy boys, I wouldn't want to touch your sailing story with a ten foot pole. It stinks just like those who went on the trip! So the partrol boat only went on a test run and the people decided to cook some lunch? So why did the AG bring her XX-Large bathing suit along in advance? No picnic planned? Only coincidence? Pullllleeeeze....
    Try a medium size excuse, not an Double XX lie...
  • Hey plu,

    It just amazes me that the Eastern outer islands of Mokil, Pingelap are drastically running short of supplies due to the lack of ship doing a supply run, yet the patrol boat can go on a cruise...

    In other news:
    The National Weather Service and the Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii were in high-alert after major alarms went off on Saturday and nearly sounded the evacuation alarm for all low lying Pacific island residents to "run for the hills" but after frantic calls throughout their pyramid alert structure, an undisclosed source at the FSM Capitol tipped them off that it was just the Attorney General of the FSM jumping in the ocean at Ant Atoll to test her new bathing suit. This is the same suit that Calvin Klein and Prada tailors sewed together using 4 parachute materials. They would have used a fifth one but the poor country of the FSM couldn't afford the super strong kevlar coated thread to sew and keep the damn things together which would in turn hold in the excessivly large rolls of sweaty fat and flesh that have not seen exercise for the past 20 plus years. Rumors have it that the crotch of the bathing suit is made with brand new Good Year tires modified to suit and mold to the also-present rolls of sweaty fat and flesh that have not seen exercise nor a good humping since its creation days. This, is either good news or bad news depending on which side of the bed you got up on.

    This is jackstphen, in the FSM. Stay tuned for more developments....
  • The bathing suit got me! Hilarious, Jack! Say, are them Good Year tires camel-toe resistant, or in her case, elephant-toe resistant?
  • Jack
    You sound like a girl. Sarcasm and personal attacks is not going to do anyone any good. Its not AG's fault that she is smarter than you.
    As citizens of the FSM, we have the right to be concerned when we believe that public funds are being misused, but jack you are being too harsh. Please, keep cool.....
  • hi jadu...thanks for the compliments. I am a girl, did the name fool ya? It's a pseudonym, k?
  • Citizen,

    I think the AG and his national chief of police need to read the MOU between Australia and FSM regarding the use of the patrol boats. The MOU listed only three legitimate uses of the patrol boats: (1) surveillance, (2) search and rescue, and (3) medical evacuation. Certainly government picnic is not included as one of the legitimate uses of the patrol boats. In addition to that, the taxpayers are paying the bill for the fuel for this picnic. I think the new speaker of the FSM Congress should instruct Chairmen Peter Sitan and Dohsis Halbert of the Committee on Judiciary and Governmental Operations and the Committee on Ways and Means, respectively, to conduct oversight hearing with the AG and the other department heads. The issues are the improper used of government property and misused of taxpayers' money for fuel. Since the government property they misused is donated by a foreign government, the oversight hearing should also inclue Chairman Paliknoa Welly of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. I think the misuse of government property and funds can be curbed if our congress uses its oversight power to look into them.
  • Temujen,

    Good points!! So many accidents happened to the patrol boats in the past during this kind of activities.
  • Temujen, you should find out who the AG is before addressing it as a him...on second thought, it may be a him or is it maybe a her?..who knows? Let's settle for it.
  • I thought there was this thing (special budget) call: government representational fund? no?
  • Jack,

    My sincere apology to the Honorable Attorney General. It was my honest mistake. I am not insinuating any bad characterization at all.
  • jack, you should have gone on the picnic and take some pictures so we can uploaded for all fsmers to see on "myspace". Would have been nice to see that particular bathing suit; I might just buy one when I come visit.
  • good thing people are asking these questions about what the AG does in the office. remember she was the one caused the problems in some of the court case. she was choosen by the Peter Christian congress so she can do anything the politicians want. not for justice in the government. is AG Marstella deserved to stay in the AG? what do you think?
  • I do not think the AG deserves to be reappointed, given the mistakes bad reputation she created, and the loss of public confidence in her. Nevertheless, it is not good/right to ridicule people like you are doing, especially you, Jacksphen.

    People always read through negative comments . . . this one, it is the case of a very bitter and arrogant heart, a result of false pride covering up a very inferior and insecure person who is surrounded by better peers, thus giving the need to put down others to boost her self image.

    I am just quoting Dr. Schmier's book on psycho analysis.
  • jene, they don't make cameras with strong enuf lenses that would withstand the scene.

    Good morning ate, ifa usum non ei sosoran? Ka ores? Ka brush? Iwe, iwe....

    Last I looked you were and are not my mom to tell me what's not good/right.

    People who stick their noses elsewhere are more likely to be those that don't ores and brush in the mornings.
    I am just quoting Dr. Seuss' book titled 'Cat in the Hat'.

    Oh, and did you know that Dr. Schmier had a lot of skeletons in his closet? He was a chronic masturbator, peeping Tom and just flat out perverse. Do some research ate, you will 'see the light' or maybe it is his background that attracts you?

    And to answer your question that you have been hesitant and embarrassed to ask, "Yes! The AG is single and available and all yours for the asking."

    Chat to ya later ate...
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