Mori administration nominees for cabinet positions

Anyone know who are the nominees for cabinet positions in President Mori's new administration? Who do you predict will get the cabinet positions? And lastly, Do you think Marstella Jack is too sexy to be AG?

My predictions are:

Foreign Affairs - Korsae (maybe Tadao Sigrah)
Economic Affairs - Yap or Chuuk
Health, Education, and Social Services - Pohnpei (Midion Neth)
Justice Dept. - Chuuk (Maketo Robert) or Pohnpei (Beautean Carl Worswick)
Public defender - Taxi-womw


  • My prediction for the cainet positions are:

    Finance: Nick Andon
    Foreign Affairs: Ieske Iehsi
    Economic Affairs: Akillino Susaia
    HESA: Nena Nena
    Justice: Maketo Robert
    Public Defender: Taxi-womw
    TC&I: Andrew Yatilman
  • Nger, don't be fooled by our friend, Mike Hunt's suggestions. He is only kidding. The Public Defender''s Office is in good hands with current Defender, Ms Beauleen Worswick. If Beauleen wishes a career change now, there are capable deputies like Joey Sapelalut and Seymor Harris to take over management of the Office. The encouraging improvement is that Congressman Sitan is now the J and GO Chairman to listen to the Office's need for sufficient funding to attract the young law school graduates to staff the branch offices.

    I thought people said Secretary Nick Andon had moved to JEMCO? I will post my response suggestion later. Thanks.
  • Taxi,

    What's wrong with Ms. Marstella at AG office? Is is her sexism of being too passive or something more on personal background i.e. experience, skills, and etc.? I hope it's not mere political of free pick and choose of the executive branch. Congress should do something to maintain the integrity of that office to the people and less on the running government of the day.
  • Finance - Tiser Lippwe
    Foreign Affairs - Peter Christian
    Economic Affairs - Akilino Susaia
    HESA - Nena Nena
    Justice - Taxi Womw
    Public Defender - Maketo Robert
    TC & I - Andrew Yatilman

    Other posts.
    Ambassador to China - Tadao Sigrah
    Ambassador to US - Iskehe Ieshi
  • Isn't Mr. Maketo Robert disbarred from the FSM jurisdiction? In that sense, he is being RED MARKED or RED FLAGGED. IF that is true, then, our present leaders shouldn't be fooled to return a rodden apple into the basket or the remaining apples will get rodden. The leading positions at both Public Defender and Attorney General within the Department of Justice are highly ethical positions playing crucial roles in the day-to-day activities of the FSM National governement ranging from the maintenance office in Palikir to the Office of the President.
  • If changes are to take place, here are the possiblities and the most capable movers.

    Finance - Willibenat Besalen
    Foreign Affairs - Vidilino Ratior
    Economic - Lebuw Falanruw
    HESA - Dr. Switer Sachuo
    Justice - Martin Yinug
    Public Defender - Joey Sapelalut
    TC & I - Danny Rescue
  • RIMPAC, do you just feel sorry for these people that you want to keep them around?

    1. Tiser Lippwe helped Ansito Walter drove Chuuk into the hole. He has not even made use of the Small Business Administration in Chuuk. He is a lot of hot air and never any results.

    2. Peter Christian cannot be trusted with Foreign Affairs. He fouled up the Compact negotiations and tried to hook his business into the Compact Infrastructure Fund. Christian is not respected by most of the international community. He is associated with the old group of FSM leaders that abused human rights, freedom of the press, foreign journalists, and misused government Capital Improvement Funds. David Cohen called them FSM self interested politicians.

    3. Akilino Susaia, Andrew Yatilman and Nena Nena are all part of the old government. The people wanted a new Government. Their old government did not accomplish much economic development. Let them rest. They have no development vision. Bring in new development experts to manage those crucial departments.

    4. Maketo Robert and Taxi Womw are Chuukese. Robert was Acting Legislative Counsel to Congress. He drafted the Amnesty Bill. Too obedient to the Chuuk Delegation. He might support pardon of Chuukese politicians. On the other hand, Chuuk Delegation might not support Taxi Womw confirmation for Dept of Justice Secretary. He is too independent to support Chuukese politicians' pardon. Besides, Taxi Womw is not a member of the FSM Bar yet. He will have to take the Bar before or after he goes on board. Or better yet, bring in a new capable face to help with the Checks and Balances and the Government's economic development programs.

    5. Tadao Sigrah and Ieske Ieshi will not make good ambassadors to China and US. FSM needs an international finance expert or economist for the China position like Ms Rose Nakanaga of the Finance International Investment Division or Ms Evelyn Adolf from the World Bank who can advise the FSM on China's economic forecasts, balance of trade and foreign exchange policies.

    And the FSM needs a lawyer for the US DC post who can re-examine the Amended Compact for possible improvements and work with the US Congress staff to include the FSM in US programs and services appropriations in the US Congress. Ieske will be good to manage Economic Affairs. A capable manager is needed for Dept of Economic Affairs to oversee various economic development programs. Amabassadors are usually appointed based on their expertise and ability to further the Home Government's policies and objectives. Deputy Chiefs of Missions and Charge D'Affairs are usually the career diplomats from the Foreign Affairs Department who will support the Mission's work.

    Tadao will make a good Deputy Secretary for Foreign Affairs. Send Lorin Robert to UN and move Sam Pretrick to Tadao's post in Hawaii. Bring Nakayama and Sigrah to the home office in Palikir. Foreign Affairs needs major reshuffle and restructuring.

    If the Mori-Alik Government is serious about economic development, Foreign Affairs and HESA are two of the departments to restructure and streamline. Cost reductions is a crucial part of the Government's economic development effort. Then integrate Compact Management Board with Finance and Budget since they are essentially the same function and need closer coordination.

    New begining, people, New Begining. Let's have some serious changes and tangible results. Let's not just recylce burn out Palikir old farts and get stuck with the status quo.

    Let's help the Government suggest members of their Administration based on the issues, development objectives and areas of concentration, instead of just trying to provide employment for our government bureaucrats.
  • I would say let's go with some young buffs. I would say that HESA be headed by JoJo or Marcus Samo from Chuuk, Foreign Affairs Masao Nakayama from Chuuk, Economic Affairs Francis Itimai from Yap, TC&I Robert Hadley or Esmond Moses of Public Utility Corporation of Pohnpei, and Finance Ihlen Joseph.
  • People, please do further expose the degenerates/ pitfalls of the FSM, such pathetic human-resource.
  • Who ever is chosen, I hope its for their knowlege and not just because of where they are from. I think the new president should present his ideas for his cabinet before he is elected by Congress, so that the idea of his management choices is known by the other members. The process of advise and consent makes the president make constant deals with the Congress on every cabinet choice, and weakens the president. The FSM president needs to lead, and he needs his cabinet to be responsible to him, not to congressman.
  • The question someone raised in this forum is whether the cabinet should be selected on the basis of equal representation (meaning to select them on the basis of state reps OR on the basis of qualifications. I believed in the latter if we must progress forward. Cabinet members that came from the state governments brought their micro-management know how and that, as already proven, didnt work at the national government. They tend to overlook the bigger picture and likely to undermine the functions of the subordinate staff whom are more well versed than many secretaries put together.
  • My only concern is if this new adminisration will keep Nena Nena at the DHESA which is supposed to be the most prioritezed department under the amended compact. Just ask any of his supportinates how he/she fairsthe guy or how he managed the dept. and you would definately agree with me that the guy DOES NOT deserve to stay. Some of his supportinates even question his credibilities to be in such a position and his attidute does not belongs in the senior management positions either.
  • Now that we have a new administration and hopefully a new FSM AG. Let us hope that this new AG actively pursues a case against the former Pohnpei congressman Pietro Christiani for the PMU corruption affair.
  • Mr. Hunt:

    You make a good point here; a long over due issue being so-long unresolved. With hope, the new captain of the FSM NAtion and the new AG's team will accommodate this issue on their agenda. The Christian Scandle with the PMU & TC&I issue has labeled the FSM as an incapable , noncompliant, corropted, ignorant, incompetent, ... Nation of the Pacific in the eyes of the international community. If they say, there is insufficient evidence to proceed, I disagree with that since they just simply SCARED OF PETE to take initial step forward. Why would an outside agency of the US Gov't (for DOI/OIC) could find and report something about our own internal affairs? Are we being blindfolded by our own inferiorities ignited by Mr. Peter Ch. Please, something must be done about it.

    President-elect Mori, in the process of appointing your cabinet members, please take your time accommodating the necessary steps and considerations from all angles for our own good. Your decision will definitely impact the lives of so many and such decisions will impact the future of this generation; four or more years are vital to our lives as a whole. I have every trust and confidence in you.

    With all due respect, my prayer to our almighty God is for you to make the wisest, prudent, and reasonable selections to come up with the best selections ever among the many qualified citizens of yours. Have a productive team with good aspiration and vision, strategically.

    God bless you and Micronesia; my-home-sweet-home
  • anomw,

    The FSM nation deserves justice and this new administration is in the best position to deliver what is right for the nation. It is already an established fact that Peter Christian did in fact knowingly violate laws of the FSM for personal financial gains. This new administration has everything to gain and nothing to lose if it decides to do what is right and proceed with an investigation of the PMU corruption matter. Prosecuting the PMU matter would be an ideal way to let the world know that the new FSM President has taken the first step in a long journey towards redeeming our image and status among the international community.
  • All the divergent views have one common thread: who among the suggested names possess the best known abilities to help direct the national government's departments provide quality public service in the best, cost efficient way possible. As our COM business management professors would agree, the essence of managment, be it corporate or public office, is a relentless pursuit for the most efficient and most productive operation. And since it involves public offices, there is the attendant/additional requirement for honesty and integrity.

    Perhaps one way to match the right talents for the right position is to view the Nation's needs in each general area or department. Take the Department of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure for example. To date, the FSM has a serious problem or an urgent need for affordable means of interisland or international transportation and communications. You look at the economic indicators/statistics from the FSM Dept of Economic Affairs, FY 2004 for example, the FSM's balance of trade shows the islanders economy activities and sustenance depend on import roughly 300% times than on export (or import 300% more than they export).

    The islanders' sustenance and sustainable economic development effort is pretty much held hostage to the rising costs in transportation. Based on the five FSM governments' annual budget appropriations during the Compact period, the governments spend an annual average of about $3 million dollars on travel alone. Close to 50% of the CIF on imports into the islands is transportation cost, like a 50 lbs. sack of rice paid in California would be $8 dollars but sold in the FSM for $15. From that picture, it is clear that one of the priority tasks of the FSM Department of TC and I is to assist the FSM's economic development effort by finding alternative economical transportation means for the islanders and their commerce.

    The Chuuk-Guam-Chuuk air route is maybe a very romantic route for the Chuukese singer, Midemo, but it is an example of how Continential Micronesia Airlines has been squeezing the FSM people out of their travel money. The distance between Chuuk and Guam is about one half the distance between Honolulu and the US West Coast, and yet the roundtrip airfare between Honolulu and the US West Coast on most of the carriers is lower than the one way Chuuk-Guam Continental Micronesia airfare--and with no snacks aboard the Continental Micronesia flight. (It sometimes feel Continental Micronesia treats the FSM passengers with disgust; that they just want their money but cannot stand the people! They don't even want to offer them refreshement!)

    The Delta Airways has just came out of bankruptcy and is taking on new South Pacific routes. One of the reasons US airlines like Continental Micronesia oppose nonUS carriers (i.e. Palau Micronesia Air and Asian Spirit) to fly US routes like Guam-FSM-Honolulu is that those Asian nations do not offer similar routes to the US carriers. But Delta Air is a US carrier, and if it can fly South Pacific routes, perhaps the FSM Department of TC and I can start talking with Delta to see if they would want to provide alternative, competing US carriers through the FSM hopefully to drive down the cost of flying charged by Contintental Micronesia.

    With respect to the shipping costs on imports into the FSM, the Dept can also look into ways to get around the requirements of the Jones Act on American shipping. (That Act, introduced by a farsighted former member of the US Congress, requires among other things, that goods shipped from or arriving US ports should be transported on US flagged vessels, subject to US tariffs). The question is how can the FSM Dept of TC and I find a way to break into the American shipping operations with its FSM vessles/carriers like Ms Voyager to transport the goods from say, Guam to FSM thereby avoiding application of the US tariff on tha leg of the trip. Part of the transportation costs on American imports into the
    FSM is of course the US Longshoreman's hourly wage which as of the mid 1990s, was from $50 to $75 dollars and hour for a crane operator at a US seaport.

    The FSM Dept of TC and I will also have do the same thing with foreign telecommunications company to come in and open up the business/market to provide economically feasible rates for the islanders. The islanders just can't be expected to keep doing business with Mobil Oil, Micronesia and the FSM Telecommunications Corp. with their regularly upward fluctuating rates. The Dept will have to keep working full time finding alternative, economical transportation and telecommunications means for the FSM people's sustainable economic development. With such full time tasks illustrated, the question is what kind of FSM leaders possess the right kind of qualifications to be nominated as Department Secretary and leads the FSM Dept of TC and I in pursuing those tasks?

    Surprisingly, one closely capable FSM leader who has the personal stamina and professional understanding of the complex transportation and communications issues to lead the Dept of TC and I is the former Speaker of the FSM Congress, Mr Peter Christian. If the FSM people would agree that those are the kinds of transportation and communications problems the Dept needs to address for the sake of the Nation's economic development needs, most of the people would also come to realize that it is that level of caliber as the former's Speaker's that actually comes close to the ideal TC and I Department Secretary. Those who know Mr Christian know he is a man of action, a doer more than a talker; he was even a major investor in the failed Palau Micronesia Airline.

    However, as most FSM people know, the problem with Mr Christian to lead the TC and I is his documented regretable history with the Compact Infrastructure Fund and his annoying attitude--developed no doubt over years of secured public and personal status--that his viewpoint is the only right answer and everybody else's suggestion is just a waste of time.

    The FSM Dept of TC and I does play a crucial part in the Nation's economic development effort. The new FSM Government, the Mori-Alik Govenrment which makes economic development one of its declared priorities, cannot provide real development without addressing the Nation's transportation and telecommunciations problems. The TC and I Dept needs a manager secretary who can identify those needs, utilize his or her expertise in proposing the answers or solutions and lead the Dept's effort in instituting those answers.

    The question remains, aside from the former FSM Speaker, who in the FSM or which FSM citizen possess those kinds of qualifications and is willing to take over the challenge with that Department? Too bad most of our Micsem posters only enjoy annonymous writing talents and not transportation departmental managerial expertise.
  • Taxi-womw,

    Congratulations! You just nominated yourself for the TC & I job.
  • Lol, Mike...hey wish you were the President, buddy? So you can formalize that appointment. ..
  • Taxi-Womw:

    You have already nominated yourself. I agree with Mr. Hunt. So, why not? You seem to be able to support your point sby using history and statistical figures. That is one area that the FSM leaders are lacking. They don't seem to view statistical data/information or economic indicators in their planning or to support their points.

    Hence, you have self-qualified yourself.That's good, so that the search committe or transition committee of the new administration won't spend hard time searching for the best.

    Good Luck!!
  • Talents, qualifications, managing skills, stamina ...qualities for the Secretary for TC&Infra? Fluffy concepts and hard to fathom such with the recycleable pool of people who have been thru and out of the government offices. Yes, recycle - meaning shifitng problems from one area to another area.. a.ka ...the musical chair game. Example of that is the suggestion for Peter Christian to head TC&Infra, out from the frying pan and into the fire adding more numerous anticipated problems. We should let him go private, so he could build his own empire free from further public scrutiny. The public has lost confidence in him as tested in the recent election.

    I could imagine all the vying, positioning and repositioning of personal interest ahead of the interest of the nation. President elect Mori, I believe had cast his net wide and have already hauled in the catch. He is in the process of sorting out the catch. If that is not the case then I am starting to pray.

    The package is yet to be opened and only then the political feeding frenzy starts. I awiat that moment to claw in on the beat up carcas.
  • Rebel, just for your information it is not President Elect Mori, he has already sworn in as the new President of the FSM and I think he is going to put together a team that is good for the Nation.
  • Thanks Fifa for the correction.
  • Ngersang and RIMPAC

    Please no more mentioning of Nena for HESA, unless you two are from Kosrae. He is clearly incapable of running the biggest department without the needed skills, experiences and rightful working attitudes. The guy thinks he's smarter than his staff and that hurt his administratioin a great deal. He lies a lot and very stubborn to listen to reasons. He shouldn't even be considered for any position at the national government. He's screwed up the department big time, and worse still, he didnt know that he did. Don't know why the current administration even keeping him more then necessary. He should be packing his bags and head home.
  • Taxi=wom, the former speaker never invested in PMA. Continental airlines' fares are what they are due to absence of competition. FSM is unable to attract a competitive and reputable airline like Delta, look at the breakdown of efforts for Aloha airlines. There is strong evidence that airport infrastructure in the FSM needs to be improved, tourism infrastructure definitely needs to be improved, and the five governments need to market the four states as tourist destinations. Right now, we can barely fill up CMI's regular services with tourists and private citizens but only Government officials.
    Basically, we need to build the door for the airlines to come knocking on.
  • Honestly, now I am convinced that I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO blind. I believe I've been on this site for at least six months, but it just occurred to me that Taxi Wom is a GUY. All this time I have been misreading the name as TAXI WOMAN. My sincere apology. I don't believe myself. Sorry guy.
  • Really, Mr Y, you have just figured out Taxi Womw is a guy? But why does it matter? Don't be too sure. He might just be a trans.
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