• Just show some pride and be proud man.
  • Nice dances (*)
  • The Chamorro stick dances yhu see there in that clip is not what they had back in the ancient times.

    Those particular dancers are from the southern villages of Guam & were taught at a Junior High called Inarajan Middle School. The same school i attended & was in the Chamorro cultural dance class for a semester.
    The whole time i was in the class we would watch videos from the outter islands of Chuuk to get ideas of what the Chamorros may have done during the ancient times, but get this though. The Chamorros dont share the same history as the Chuukese. The Chamorros came from the west, we Chuukese came from the East.

  • One of the dances that every Chamorro knows is very similar to what we FSMers & RMIs stick dance, but the chant that goes along with it though is uknown. Its just numbers, counting from one to ten in the Chamorro ancient language.

    Hatsa, hugua, tulu, fat'fat, lima, gunum, fiti, gualu, sigua, manut. The end!
  • In its entirety the Marshallese stick dance is about a hour long and to be honest i don't understand any of the words in the chant but at the same time it gives me pride.Bottoms up to all the other islands and their dancers.
  • Same as the Chuukese chants.... Idk to other Chuukese, but to me is like a whole dfferent language.

    The Chuukese version though starts out very slow then it picks up the pace till it gets very wild & fast.
  • Yapese dance look like a DB dance....looks funny but i like %%-
  • Very colorful though.... Beautifull!!
  • Mwoakiloa war dance does reflect the war fighting technigues and forms they held or applied in their battles of the old days. If you see closely and hear the chants, each has its special fighting technigue and different from the other. One you will noticed that it shows when fighting against westerners, it shows how they took away their guns and breaks it. I can imagine, them only have wooden arrows up against iron weapon that distance to strike is not really matter but yet these great man of the past just use their own and rebel. Anyways, I like all other dances because what they possess and it is great to see and reflect of our past history. Great men and women of our islands.


    That's a legit Chuukese stick dance.

    Chuukese students performing dances in schools like that one above, always make up their own wording and form of a dance to imitate the real dances that rarely made it out of Chuukese territory.

    More real Chuukese stick dance


    Starting at 1:00

  • Kersamin those are definitely the real ones !! Whats interesting is those three videos are from different regions in chuuk. The first one is from the Eastern parts and both if the second and third videos are from the Western regions. Very far from each other and very unique. The western regions dances are usually slow and the Eastern regions along with the lagoon islands are fast and always depicts fierce attitude.

    Is it just me or are they really?
  • Im pretty sure both regions have slow and fast intense dances. Some of those dances were originally from the western region and some were originally from the eastern region. Whichever island retain a dance would claim its theirs while it was originally belong to others but because those others no longer remember or had lost them completely.

    Slow dances usually meant for historical account so it will be smart of you to sit at a slow dance show and start asking, whose history is this?? is this one specific clan history?? is this an individual biography? or is this chants a battle or warfare history??? there you would learn something.
  • The thing is the chants sounds like a whole different language. Simetimes i dnt even understand what the dance is really about.

    And sometimes its so nasty !! Lol if yhu really listen closely the are nasty. Ahaha
  • True! lol there's some catchy dirty words in tons of old chants.

    Here's another stick dance for you..check the dance at 3:44

  • These little boys are pretty good at it..

  • Its so bad to mention them in public on a regular day, but during festivals its like its no big deal to be singing about penises and vaginas... Lol sorry please excuse my words, but its true.

  • Nice video clips Kersamin. I wish I know where I can get copies.
  • lol@skrillex.., [-X
  • lol@gain-weiter meinisn boys!
  • Nice kersamin. Seems like both dances are from the same island in Chuuk. If im not mistaken its Ettal? Yeh? My mom says they are known for their beautiful stick dances. Its unique in their own versions.
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    Actually pawn star the mokillese dance is called jipwiki perrano and from what Marshallese say it means hundred braves
    Perrano/perran (Marshallese)- brave
    And I'm guessing that they got the title of their dance from mashallese language which jipwiki or jibuki means hundred and perreano or perran which means brave could've originated from the after the Marshallese occupation of mokil.
  • Not every single lil things will always have to be Marshall. Stop even claiming the dirt or lil insects to have something to do with the Marshall. It's not just right!..I don't think Mokillese made dances for others or for their enemies for that matter. Jipwiki Perrano was about the barely 100 hundreds Mokillese men who put up fight with the overly hundred numbers of attackers. Remember, they were outnumbered by the sailing Marshallese and yet it was one of the most difficult attack for the Marshallese to conquer. They did win though, their strength couldn't hold out with the massive number of attackers. So it's only right they made dances in memory of their only "Ipwuku Pwara" Jipwiki Perrano warriors who fell atlast.

    Kina remind me of the story of those 300 greek warrior who put up fight with the huge number of Persian Attackers. Though they fell at last but they put up a good fight and no European could ever make dances to celebrate the 300 Persian cus it won't make any sense. I think the common sense with human being through mother nature is something natural and gifted for ages so there's no way people could be stupid just because they could be stupid to commemorate their enemy and attackers. Unless the newly generation are infected with a decease to claim just about anything within sight. I won't be surprise if I see a hay stack and one straw sticking out among the others and my neighbors would go ahead and claim that too lol and as usual it's always end up something got to do with something they do hehe....sometimes I think humbling ourselves is better suited to the color of our skin.
  • When i saw the Marshallese dance the tokia on the opening day of the Pacific Island Forum.. there grace moved don't seem to match the practical tradition dance. 

    Like infant still with baby milk..
  • In fact coffee hut, these are little baby's. Give em a break, they're just little kids trying to impress their elders
  • Tokia is Pohnpeian/Chuukese stick dance inspired by the Jobwa.
  • It wasnt inspired by Jobwa WhoamI. It was simply brought to our shores by our ancestors period.

    Thanks for understanding.
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