From abortion to killing babies outside of the womb.



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    I'd like to call it mercy killing. Would you?
  • But with babies is more complicated. I mean the article talks about psychological issues too, how do they know they will certainly have problems in their lives?

    This said, the deal is different in a story like this:

    "Andre Verhoeven, a man who chose to end his own life through lethal
    injection in the Netherlands. Andre was a schoolteacher and had plans to
    retire and travel the world with his wife, Dora.However, at the age of 65, he was diagnosed with acute leukaemia, a
    cancer of the blood. Currently, there is no cure for this horrific
    disease and because of the complications, Andre became paralyzed from
    the neck down."

    Now this is something a person with healthy brain chose to do, I do think his request shouldn't be denied.
  • Would it be different if it was your grandmother?
  • Theres something wrong with the whole idea of assisting suicides. You know it when you see a teenager hanging from a tree. The feelings that trigger a suicide are feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness....

    They need help. They dont need doctors to kill them. Its just another form of murder.
  • He he... Pon,

    Mercy killing could very well be assisted suicide. Such term "mercy" is just to alleviate the terminally ill individual in excruciating pain to maintain his or her dignity.

    What church is that ?
  • Assisted suicide for people having emotional problems, psychological problems, and physical health issues all fall under the same category. It is just basic murder, killing. No one has the right to take a life, his own, or someone else's.
  • One would need to delineate assisted suicide from suicide for you, so as not complicate or distort the morality of assisting terminally ill patients die with dignity. Id side with ennui on calling a " mercy killing" to attain some sort of distinction from mere suicide.
  • Yes, what power does the State has on an individual if such individual gave consent to be euthanized? There are many jurisdictions in the world that are allowing mercy killing. Ennui and Irrelevant have good points. 
  • Once you take away God from the meaning of life everything loses its value and all of a sudden average people are okay with pure evil.
  • We have all seen the effects of man's laws. Choas and suffering. Only God is qualified to make the laws regarding the universe and everything in it. After all He created it and so knows what is best for the entire universe.

    Man has been trying and have been failing miserably. Yet they still do not learn. This is because the devil has them in the dark. Pure and simple truth.
  • Oh yes I read that on Homer Simpson tv show. 
  • Ok,

    You retard this topic showing your unfaithfulness.

  • Ennui,

    so a person suffering is undignified? There's already dignity in a person, mercy killing or any form of euthanasia is just murder.

    wow...the indifference is alarming. I can't believe people are actually evil at heart.
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    The notion is to cut short the sufferings or excruciating pain of a terminally ill patient or individual, "benemortasia", rather than prolonging a life of sufferings through the experience of pain "torture", but of course a line must be drawn based on some criterion.

    Evil at heart is watching an individual being tortured by excruciating pain, and do nothing about it.

  • @Poniran
    what if it was my grandmother? Well if she's in a situation she could not bear anymore (let's take the same example I quoted from the article, so paralized from the neck down) AND the country has laws about euthanizing AND she wants so, what should I do and think? Whenever you are given the choice and both choices can be selected by the individual (in this case, a bad life vs. a painless assisted death) then the will of the individual should be followed. I do agree with you on a point, so that patients should recieve psychological help to get through the bad times... but in the case of illnesses which are not curable this may become pointless for some people.

    By the way I am not saying you are wrong or I am right, these are only different points of view.
  • Mind your own reproductive organs.
  • And there are clinical cases of terminally ill patients declared by doctors to be unable to live more than a year or a few months who survived. What about them? Don't they have the right to be given a chance to live?
  • I don't say doctors should euthanize terminally ill in every case
    If a terminally ill patient knows that only a "miracle" could save him BUT he doesn't want to wait for it, in places where euthanasy is legal he has THE RIGHT to ask for it

    Hope it's clear enough
  • Truth maybe ethunaize the doctor so no euthanize of the patient.,  How is that for problem solving? 
  • I think Nevermind90 makes some sense with the idea of honoring the wishes or request of the dying, terminally ill patient; however, some would wonder about which hospital, physician or hospital personnel that would cause the death of an individual, violating the principle that hospitals, physicians or hospital personnel should work to advance the health of patients to prolong their lives, which is a mandate by the state;

    Or maybe TiTs and Pekalong will ask, who on earth possess god's authority to terminate a life or cause death to an individual, therefore committing murder which is a crime that is to some extent punishable by execution in some areas?

  • irrelevant.

    You are correct. Who on earth has the right to terminate human life?

    Assisted suicide is a fancy way of saying murder.
  • Who on earth has the right to terminate human life?

    Good to hear. This must mean that you also oppose the death penalty, correct?

    Or are you saying that the government should prevent terminally ill persons who are suffering pain from asking for painkillers that will hasten their deaths....but the government can kill healthy people instead?
  • irrelevant.

    You are correct. Who on earth has the right to terminate human life?

    Assisted suicide is a fancy way of saying murder.
    No, TiTs,
    I am not right. I am only searching for an answer. You see there is a huge difference between a murder: the actual taking of a life of an individual and assisted suicide: the facilitation of ones' death. I'd prefer to dig deeper into the ethics and morality of what Dyke termed, "benemortasia", as shared above by ennui. Shall we?
  • Kill without a cause is Murder. How about killing during wars or conflicts between nations like Afghanistan today or then Irag then or even during the I and II WW? So, I believe there is a difference to satisfy each case. The bible (Ten Commandments) one of them says "Thou shalt not kill". Does that imply to any killing or it has condition to it meaning? And what did Jesus said, not just kill another person, but hating your brother without a cause is still sin. Do you see the difference in good reason to back the WW's killing of millions and one person being put on death row for pre-meditated murder. Or putting an end to a unborn child without good or life saving for another person?
  • Thoughts of Suicide are always always 100% of the time accompanied by feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness.

    Do you encourage or assist a person to kill themselves if they feel unworthy?
    NO you don't. It is wrong for a person to kill themselves because it takes away human value and dignity

    You cannot say a person is entitled to basic rights and has the right to kill themselves.  that is in and of itself a huge contradiction.

    we have rights as human beings because of our human value and dignity.

    Killing people who feel hopeless as a result of  physical or emotional torture is the worse thing you can do as a human being.

    There's value in life.  We know this when we take care of our basic needs. If we value our own lives why shouldn't we value the lives of others?

  • And if you have psychiatric problems?  Look for Rastaferianism and Jahism.
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