Police looking for four men in connection with slaying in Kaihi

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POSTED: 11:50 a.m. HST, Apr 20, 2015

Police have asked for help from the public in locating four men wanted for questioning in connection with a Kalihi shooting in February that left two dead.

Police and CrimeStoppers released images, apparently taken from convenience store security cameras, of four of ten men that detectives want to talk to. They also released images of three suspect vehicles.

Culver Rosokow, 29, who died of gunshot wound to the head and Asano Samachy, 33, who died of a gunshot would to the chest, were traveling in a dark colored Hyundai sedan on Sand Island Road and were being chased by three other vehicles. The victims turned onto Auiki Street and one of the other vehicles pulled alongsite, fired several shots and killing Rosokow and Samachy, police said.

The incident occurred about 5:30 a.m. 

Three of the men wanted for questioning are described as Micronesian, and the other an African-American. All are described as in their 20s, and some wore black bandanas.

The three vehicles involved were a white two-door Chrysler Sebring convertible with black top, possibly 2006 model; a white four-door Nissan Sentra, possibly 2006 model; and a white four-door Chrysler Sebring, possibly 2007 model.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 955-8300 or *CRIME on your cellular phone


  • this case was old, old news. ots in youtube .. this is just 2 much.
  • NO! This case is not old! It is an open case. The prosecutor office has been having a hard time with this case cuz no eye witness has come forward!

    This is my personal opinion, I believe the witnesses have either been threatened or bought off by the alleged shooters in this case. Even those who were present right then and there are not talking!!

    Here is a little advice to the Chuukese out there that have interfered with Justice! Some of you have been obstructing JUSTICE by running around advising and threatening others to stay silent ~ SAP CHOK REN ei case... There are a couple of you that are very well known for doing this! Please be careful with what you do~ one, you can not give legal advice cuz you are not lawyers and second you may be obstructing Justice by going around influencing the Chuukese population!! If you want legal advice, find an attorney~ this is why I personally have an law firm on speed dial ~ even with my EZ access to many attorney ~ I do have a law firm that is available to me 24/7 any where in USA!! PLEASE STOP OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE AND UTILIZE LAW EXPERTS!!

    THE CHUUKESE COMMUNITY KNOW THE TRUTH~ you also know what to do...
  • YOU DO NOT LIKE THE WESTERN SYSTEM~ WELL, practice yours!! CHEFENU keeps peace among the people!!!
  • "Some of you have been obstructing JUSTICE by running around advising and threatening others to stay silent - SAP CHOK REN ei case... There are a couple of you that are very well known for doing this!"
     those are your own words Meze, you are AIDING and ABETTING when you KNOW all that info and DON'T REPORT to AUTHORITY. if you and others DON'T HAVE the guts to do the right thing, let this rest.some may have already started the healing process. it doesn't worth to bring back unsubstantiated information to reignite old and hurtful memories. let by gone be by gone. authority has its own way of doing its own thing.
  • Too bad some of the suspects are already in micronesia and in the mainland u.s.a
    The case is still open and ongoing. Understand that?

    The family is still hurting and want some closure and Justice!
    Understand that?

    MEZE works within the system and has recieved info. thru third party! The person that shares info. with me is working closely with the authorities!
    Understand that?

    Two main suspects are on the run! One hiding out in the mainland and rumors has it that the second one is in Chuuk~ deported for other offenses.
    Understand that?

    The one in Chuuk could be brought back to Hawaii~ for Justice!
    Understand that?

    The case is still open and feel free to write and call prosecution office if you want to help...
    Any question~ feel free to ask!
    Understand that?
  •  i do know the case is not close yet. when was the last time you visited family to learn about their feelings. or it is just OM ANAPANAP, EMENENI ME TOWAU. i didn't see you at the baby's birth, that i don't understand. you, with topnotch ability, and your informant working within/closely with system yet nothing flies, that i don't understand. topnotch ability with everything at your disposal and CAN NOT score a FIELD GOAL with two chuukese amateur suspects, (criminal), pardon me, that i don't understand. why is it taking you and system for ever to bring back that amateur player from chuuk, that i don't understand. the only thing i understand is, let authority do its job, please UNDERSTAND THAT.  
  • Oupwe kan pwan wes me chonope kanan ou ura nge ami men sinei porousen kana witness. Pwat chok e kumwuno awemi? Ou napeiti kana ami men sinei nge ir kewe re fori ewe angangen nieno?
  • En mwa enan Meze_ChUn, pwat a iei me okurangen awom nge ina kese pwan wechenong kana witness? Ita met kopwe ura sanno kese tongeni fos ngeni appropriate authorities. You claim you know it all - what the fuck are you waiting for?
  • Ke pwan napeiti kana assailants. Wesino me chonope fetan met on sine me tongeni ina ke chok chon chon, chonomwas. Meit ei kopwene ew me claim you know this, you know that? Ita minen meit?

    Read here, brah. CJ/MEZE can not participate in hunting down criminals~ she is already overworked and spread too thin by the VOLUME of Chuukese cases and demands on her personal service. We in Hawaii do not do business like they do in where ever you are~ :) cCONFLICT of interest is BIG up hea in Hawaii. I see the informant/family member every week~ we collaborate on some community matters.

    Yes, CJ can resolve or at least help resolve Microislanders issues~ but the field is not clear yet!! TOO MUCH CHUUKESE EFERCHUK AND ATAROKE - many will get into trouble if I turn to solving problems~ many CHUUKESE are aiding the confusion and mistrust by locals!!

    Allow those who EITUPEW TO DO THEIR STUFF, my time will COME and now is not the time! I am a strong believer in POPUSENIIFOON Understand that?

    MY QUESTION to you would be~ IFAN nenien me WISEN sourmwen non ami kewe communities? Met nour kana by laws reapasa~ met wiser ngeni nour aramas ika EKKEWE communities!!
    Understand that!!
  • You don't need to hunt down the criminal. You know what you can do, so do it. You claim you know it all. Well? Ina pwata kosap awekineu paat pwun ina ena kopwe fisikkar, pwun awom ese peni inisum. 

    Kinamweno chok won om chiaku ika kese tongeni ena mwettikin wanong iten witness.
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    Oune mwo nom, ua su, ute kan pata remi kana men wor niwinin enemi kon. Ngang iei upwe seneta ika use attaw. 
  • :( the family member is within the system! He knows what he is doing. The breakdown in this case is really with family. Eyewitnesses are refusing to talk and they are family members of the "victims". Go figure... So relax. I been there~ a cousin was stabbed and passed away~ God bless...
    No witness, no case! Suspects can not be arrested ika eyewitness rese kapas~ it does not matter if I give the names ... hearsay does not fly in the system. Omusano~ I understand where you are coming from.

    For the record, I work for Justice and like any court officer within this system. I do have an obligation to uphold Justice. I have been doing just that ~ What is there to fear? Maybe others fear me as an officer of the court~ instead of the other way around?

    What is so wrong about encouraging the communities to help in the case?
  • I see no wrong reason for asking for help. I don't know I've never witness any such but trust me, before even aware of such bad incident has happened, I will make sure I report anything I know and saw with my own eyes who did it to the police. That is if I really care for others life besides mine and my family.
  • All I am saying, Meze, is you know who the eyewitnesses are. Why can't you help the system and families bring justice? YOu are not what you claim to be. You don't know crap what you do. That much I can tell you from reading all that you have put in this forum.

    So take it easy on yourself, you are bound to burn out before your useful age.
  • a naf pwi sinbad pun sa fat. ewe coconut men chorop ei.
  • Maybe, just a little drop of maybe, my friend... Maybe you need to walk in my shoes for couple days and see what I do to help within the system~ beside doing str8t interpretations!!


    It is the family's responsibility to push the state for action ~ CJ CAN NOT DO THAT!!! SO PUSH!!!!!!!!!!
  • I got my own tapi to walk in. And I don't go bragging how big my shoes are, because they are not. You know what is expected of you when you go telling everybody the size of your shoes, so you gotta keep up with that and be consistent with what you keep saying. OK? 
  • Thank you! I lead with transparency and integrity! Expect to see and hear truth. I am not afraid to speak truth cuz I know I can deliver and I will not fall short!

    I AM BEYOND YOUR CULTURAL HOW DOS AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO THINK LIKE THERE IS NO BOX AND CHALLENGE THE NORMS LIKE I OWN IT! I have delivered in the past where ever I have been.... I have no problem doing it again and again.

    If family have chosen to betray each other, there is really nothing anyone can do about it.

    I do not hide, I speak truth and I deliver as I should and chosen... FEAR NOT~ I AM NOT A MACHINE.
  • OK, let's end it here, dear. This is not helping the case anyway. I just thought you of all people would make the difference, but I guess I thought wrong.

    Thanks anyway. 

  • The case is not done! The investigation is still ongoing~ This was a gangster style incident~ it requires caution! The KEY is within the family. Let's respect that!

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    This is sad indeed. Gangsters my @$$!!! Too much showing off and trying to be something that you are not is called a poser or wannabe. We shouldn't encourage this kind of behavior. Chuukese teens especially the ones in The mainland and Hawaii are easily duped to think being in a gang or reppin a color is something to be praised or something that is good. My last visit to Hawaii with my chuukese wife boggled my mind. Half of her family from Kalihi I mean the kids were all wearing blue and sporting blue bandanas while the other half were sporting the red color. Then we went to church and I saw my nephews who I haven't seen for 10 years wearing shirts with stitched on black rags on them. I met my wife in USC in California, the gang capital in the United States. These so called Chuukese gangsters wouldn't last a day in the hoods or barrios in south central LA or East LA. These so called chuukese gangsters wouldn't make it in San Quentin or YA prison over there in California. I asked one of my wife's nephew, why do you gang bang and rep that color? He said kuz brah the nenin dik it and I get respect from my homies. Then I said well if you die those nenins are going to go on living and your homies are going to go on living while your dumbass is rotting 6 feet under and in a few years they are going to forget all about you. That opened his eyes.
  • I saw this article in the Facebook page of Chuuks reform movement, and I saw people commenting and threatening the admins of that page to stop bringing this case up. The only way for the bad people to win is when good people stand and do nothing. Mr.Rattior of Chuuks reform Movement I salute you and I would like to say THANK YOU for reminding us about this case.
  • You know, Anunaki. I totally agree with you. These suckers embracing those wannabe gangsters, their giving them the leniency just add fuel to their stupidity thinking they earn their respect from their dumb ass attitude. Hell NO! 

  • You said it sinbad and I am totally in agreement with your comment. Pray for justice hope for peace is what my teacher used to say.
  • Reality has hit home, eh! Well, check this out~ from the mainland all the way to Guam ~ your youths are losing their identity!

    They wanna belong with the rest of the community ~ they seem to find their comfort in gangster style environment. Ask yourself~ how is my culture similar to a gangster environment ?

    Your children are not only drugging~ they are prostituting, stealing and beating up elders while stealing from them and etc. I am not doing family court stuff any more ~ so I am not sharing court stuff/info. I gather all these from people off the street ~ met, OUA neno!

    Solutions are within reach~ let's hear it from the boys!!

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