Pete Christian in the Marshall Islands Journal--Does Anyone Have Full Letter?



  • Chill out guys we have heard anything from Barak yet but we have put words in US mouth. Unless, I see and heard something from US with respect to the verbal gesture made by our President, then I will agree on what you guys are sharing and back stabbing our own and newly elected President. I still trust that Pete is serious about his motive to send a message to our good friend who supply 99% of our financial needs. However, how do you weigh this. When a child raises concern to his father about something he does not like, does that mean he or she disagree to everything the father is and has done for him or her? Probably not because when the child continue to grow, he or she will begin to see and understand something that he or she thinks might not right unless the father can prove him or her concern is illegitimate or try to improve their relationship.
  • Try again Searcher, it does not work, 
  • ssearcher1, rest a sure you won't hear a word from the president, it doesn't worth his while. he won't even read that ghost "letter".

  • Our role is the most important of all. To elect someone that has the same heart as everyone or the majority. Who can remember that his/her duties will be what ever is the best interest to the people.  He/she will most likely play his/her part of the game flawlessly. I know that most of our representatives don't like to work with people who are educated enough to understand what they are after or where they are leading us to. From the 80's, I seen them gave speeches and promises to graduating students about how important education was to our economy, but the truth was, they already had a plan for their own children. For ex: there were students at off island colleges who were struggling to pay their housing bills while there were others who are the children of those so called leaders who made sure their kids received the scholarship from our government. How about those other students? They were more qualified to receive some help from our government. Most students learn the hard way in colleges, because they were relying on those plank promises made at the graduation sermons. This kind of process forces our own bright mind children to become selfish afterwards. That is the reason why no one in the government cares what goes down because the top is a mess. Most of the key leaders of any department in our government likes to hire someone that is not so bright so it will be easier to deal with. That is the reason why we encounter faces from employees when stressed. They don't have the skill and capability in the first place. Their appearances is already a mess exposing the proficiency of their leaders.
  • then why are you guys are so concern about our president's remarks? like I said, there is not our president or FSM people can say to make US to give up its interest with Micronesia. I believe US knows well what or how to do things we can't even begin to comprehend. If we did, why are we in this muddy swamp?
  • Cannot understand before, yes, but now, we can comprehend the reason why we are in this mess. 
  • My Monday morning was interesting. A new micsem and a email present. This isn't a signed letter so I can't be sure its the real one. But it has the quotes that were in the Marshall Islands Newspaper.

    If this is real, its even worst than I thought. This is not a way for any president to write to another country.

  • Wouldn't the real letter be signed by the president and on presidential letterhead? Maybe this was a draft, and not the one that was really sent.
  • My personal thought is that the letter could have been written with a better tone that still conveys the frustration. Also, the glaring mistake on page two (2) is glaringly visible. I also learned in high school grammar certain rules that were repeatedly violated in the letter. A letter form the head of our country should have had more attention from the DOJ or someone with less emotions. I understand that part of the complain is that grammar and structure in reports were pointed out but then again, why not? The report writers are representing our collective Nation. Why shouldn't they check their grammar first? I personally have been making some of these points that are the bases of these frustrations. But then again, how can we complain when we negotiated with Insular Affairs (office that deals with territories and possessions) and expect to be treated like an equal nation (as State Department would treat a foreign country). We messed up during the first leg of the Compact and the U.S. is treating us like it would do to Guam, Virgin Island and American Samoa. I will once again say that in the eyes of the U.S., despite the vote in U.N. we are just a possession. Once we recognize this fact, we will be better off as we would then capitalize on this. Options are limited but they must be explored.
  • Here's my two cents...

    Our President's letter & blasting of US/JEMCO is not baseless. I've been saying all along that JEMCO's deliberate withholding of our Infrastructure funds, stringent policies & micromanagement did nothing but impede the development of our islands.

    It is common knowledge & a well known fact that is acknowledged by the United Nations that Infrastructures are the main economic driving force for developing countries & the US or JEMCO perfectly knows this but yet keeps withholding our Infrastructure funds year after year.

    There is no doubt the current JEMCO set up, the 3-2 member system, pretty much contradicts the democrat principle or concept of a fair vote.

    Yes, of course, on the other hand, many of our own leaders also misused and/or mismanaged compact funds but the amount that is being misused is nowwhere close to the Infrastructure funds that are being withheld by JEMCO now.

    This is NOT another bashing of the US or JEMCO, it's only an observation or a view of a concerned FSM Citizen....a non-governmental one shall we say, but one that is shared by our own very President & perhaps some of our informed leaders.

    I know, I know.... there are critics out there who will disagree but we can't ignore the fact that JEMCO has withheld more than $100 million dollars in Infrastructure funds, money that can create an economic ripple effect & without a doubt can/will stimulate our economy.

    True, the tone & grammatical composition of our President's letter (may be a draft letter??) can be better but that's not the main issue.

    The main issue here is that US/JEMCO seemed to be more of an hindrance &/or obstacle to the development of our islands than an agency/office that is committed to the promotion & sustainable economic development of our islands.

    Our President may not be wrong at all to express his &/or our nation's frustration with JEMCO/US because it's the right thing to do.

    Sometimes, you have to stand up for what you believe in; sometimes you have to stand up for the interest of your nation & people.

    Our President, ladies & gentlemen, is taking a stand against JEMCO/US, all in the name of his & our nation's desire to have JEMCO/US release &/or expedite the use of all the pending & unexpended Compact Infrastructure funds to stimulate our struggling economy. If not NOT, then WHEN?
  • Sorry, should be.....
  • I don't think it's fair to say that the US has "withheld" infrastructure money from us. It is true that there is over $100 million unspent, but I thought this was because President Mori refused to hire engineers to work at the National PMU. The US wants to spend this money just as much as the FSM. The answer is to staff the PMU with professionals, and propose projects that are consistent with Compact priorities, like health and education. The question is whether President Christian will actually hire a professional company to run the PMU, or will he just try to bring back the corrupt firms like GMP who hire his son and funnel money into his pockets.
  • I disagree & dispute your allegation that former President Mori refused to hire professional engineers & staff to work at the FSM PMU.

    It was during Mori term in 2008 that a reorganization was done which moved the PMU Office to Mori's office with Robert Westerfield III as the PMU Contracting Officer.

    The other PMU staff members that time were/ are Mr. Dana Smith, Special Project Manager for Legal Affairs based in the Palikir office, and Mr. Glen Bagley who has just been recruited as PMU Field Engineer, Yap office.

    As recent as 2014, Bruce Howell was the FSM Project Management Unit Contracting Officer who wrote in an April 1 letter to John M. Robertson, of a Guam-based engineering firm, that his report on the assessment of PMU & PII's contract on the Chuuk road project, was based on "false and unsubstantiated claims by one side" and violated the rules of professional conduct for engineers.

    So there were professionals hired including several US engineering firms...GMP, Lyon Associates, Robertson....but FSM terminated GMP after US decided not to fund their work, citing conflict of interest & procurement issues.

    I agree with you though that the hiring of Pete's son is not right just like the hiring of Dohsis Halbert's son, Master.
  • Mr.President you know why they are stingy with FSM cofa money it's because FSM always squander the money gave her. FSM is like a spendthrift. She can't manage her allowance. Over half a billion and no roads etc etc.
  • PC's speech at the UN Assembly wasn't entirely complimentary towards the US, as most know that the US did not sign the Kyoto treaty and not fully supportive of a global agreement to cut down CO2 emissions. All the more fuel to add to Presidents fire. Now just great, we have a brooding fruatrated and brand new brain.
  • @AntiColonialist, you may know more about this issue than me. I thought our FSM Congress had refused to fund a bunch of full-time professional engineering positions that was recommended by the Army Core of Engineers. I thought President Mori wanted to hire more professionals but couldn't get the positions funded through Congress. Instead he kept trying to substitute local hires that were willing to work for less money. Congress refused to fund the positions because they wanted to bring back GMP, or find another firm that would bribe them the same way GMP did. If Lyons has already hired Pete's son and Dohsis's son, it sounds like they're using the same strategy as GMP anyway.
  • This is really amazing. I hope HE Peter Christian's comments were taken out of context. Yes, he is frustrated and wants things to move forward, especially in Economic Development. There is no stopping the good President from directing his cabinet to begin moving the Economic Development Forward and then come up with an alternative plan to move the agenda forward. With the surplus $$$ that FSM has at this stage, a real economic development must be created and then followed. Could someone please share the "way forward" for the FSM. I am sure if one exists, JEMCO will listen.
  • Lets not get too excited about the tone of this is deliberately written for reasons the common micsem readers may not fully comprehend. Clearly, many would argue that such letter is neither presidential nor purposeful. So lets see. FSM needs to stop wasting time arguing and fighting losing issues.
  • FSM is at the mercy of the US. Whatever that we offer the US in exchange of the COFA terms, we got nowhere to go. If we forego the COFA between us and the US and have China or any rival of US, the islands will cease, MADAI, to exist soon afterward.

    So be EXTRA LARGE careful with your choice of words with the US. They're freakin' psycho.
  • Master of GENOCIDE
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