Obama Says He’s an ‘Island Boy’ in Climate Meeting With Small Island Leaders

For Time Magazine by Justin Worland

'These nations are not the most populous nations, they don't have big armies'

President Barack Obama underscored the impact of climate change on the world’s most vulnerable countries in a meeting with the heads of state of small island countries Tuesday.

The 40-odd countries in the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) negotiating group at the COP 21 climate conference face rising sea levels that threaten to submerge their livable land.

The meeting with Obama, attended by the leaders of the Barbados, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands and among others, was intended to elevate the role of the countries in the Paris negotiations. AOSIS countries have been pushing for more ambitious action to stem greenhouse gas emissions at the Paris conference. Current projections suggest that some countries may disappear entirely within decades without action.

“These nations are not the most populous nations, they don’t have big armies,” Obama said. “But they have a right to dignity and sense of place.”

Obama also said he had a special connection to the island countries given his time in Hawaii and Indonesia as a child: “I’m an island boy,” he said.


  • Now that is something I can agree with you on, Makatutu.
  • Ohh a common foe..Climate change...it's a reminder that we're all stuck together on one piece of rock drifting in space. Hehe
  • Yes, we live on the 3rd Rock From the Sun. And if we destroy our rock, we have no one to blame but ourselves.
  • Yes Nesianlore! You get it. So stop using religion to hate humans.
  • Go talk to yourself in the mirror makatu'tu' :D
  • As always, President Obama has the biggestt Smile!
  • edited December 2015
    This Obama guy is a bit too late in joining the small island states. The island states have been looking for support for many years and because Obama is on his way out, he finally had the courage to make a token gestures that hey small island guys I am with you. BS artist, not impressed with you.
  • If Obama thinks he's an "Island Boy" ,
    then, as President of the US, he must sign the KYOTO TREATY

    because we, the island nations of the Pacific & Carribean,
    may not be the most populous nations,
    may not have big armies,
    but we have a right to dignity & sense of place

    & our sense of place is now affected/threatened by
    the geopolitical interests of the more populous nations & bigger countries with big armies.

  • Ahh no it's not in the best interest of CEO AMERICA. Remember, Wall Street regulates Congress. Weapons industry is hot now, big money, fighting ISIS is stimulating the economy, while the front man takes all blames and little glory.
  • If Obama can climb a coconut tree
    Then his truly a island boy..
  • His Secret service can form a safety net under the tree surrounded by 5 Apache choppers circling above and 10 drones out of sight but just within range, CNN with cameras rolling and medias from all over while he attempts to climb a coconut tree. Maybe a dwarf coconut tree.
  • As one African country's delegate said during the Paris climate change conference to the developed countries, just give us the money and we will deal with the impacts of climate change our ways. I tend to agree with the opposition to the climate change movement because there are more pressing issues faced by the small island countries like poverty, corruption, bad governance, and many more that we need to deal with instead of wasting our valuable resources on something that is unreal and based on unproven facts.
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