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    Simply put
  • Senator Romolou, What year did you men's decided to put ur thoughts into actions? Are there specific reasons why you congressmen can't work together to renew the COFA that stands? Instead of bringing another yellow shark in. What are the barriers that stops you congressmen from renewing the current COFA?
  • 50NGAW,

    Certainly there are lingering and unfulfilled issues as agreed in the COFA but we need serious leaders that can collectively navigate those issues carefully and in unison and not change course simply because some of them find US policies distasteful. I think our weakness is the lack of transparency. So there were conditions added to the 2nd compact negotiations which resulted in the creation of JEMCO. Had we behaved and handled billions of US tax-payers monies in improving our capital improvement projects, health and education (to mention a few), well we all know our existing conditions.

    I recommend that a referendum must be in place because current leaders are blinded with shame and anger and the lack of intellect is appalling.

    Seasonal greetings to you and yours.

  • and perhaps, dare I say, vote the irresponsible and misfits out of office? What truly is in our way of progress is congress.
  • Maybe this will help ease some of your worries, fears, etc... on termination of our compact...

    It is important & helpful to know the facts & details of our Compact on termination and economic & other assistance if our Compact is terminated prior to the end of the Compact.

    Pay close attention to some words like "Only if", "Thereafter" or "Mutually agreed by " and Section Numbers.....

    Article V


    Section 451

    (a) Should termination occur pursuant to section 441, economic and other assistance by then Government of the United States shall continue ONLY IF AND MUTUALLY AGREED by the Governments of the United States and the Federated States of Micronesia, and in accordance with the parties' respective constitutional processes.

    Section 452

    (b) Should termination occur pursuant to Section 442 before the twentieth anniversary of the effective date of them Compact, as amended;

    (1) Except as provided in paragraph (2) of this subsection (c) of this section, economic and other assistance by then United States shall continue ONLY IF AND MUTUALLY AGREED BY the GovernmensGovernments of the United States and then Federated States of Micronesia.

    Section 453

    (b) Upon receipt of notice of termination pursuant to section 443, the Government of the United States and the Government of the Federated States of Micronesia shall promptly consult with regard to their future relationship. Except as provided in subsection (c) and (d) of this section, these consultations shall determine the level of economic and other assistance, if any, which the Government of the United States shall provide to the Federated States of Micronesia for the period ending on the twentieth anniversary of the effective date of this Compact, as amended, AND FOR ANY PERIOD THEREAFTER, IF MUTUALLY AGREED.

    For your own info,

    Section 441 is essentially termination by the US & FSM in accordance to their respective constitutional processes

    Section 442 is on termination by the US

    Section 443 is basically about termination by FSM through a plebiscite

    The key is termination by FSM prior to end of our compact will prompt a consultation meeting between the US & FSM on economic & other assistance for the remainder of the Compact & after 2023.

    Note that Section 453 subsection (a) allow certain Articles & Sections of the Compact to continue even if the Compact is terminated by FSM including Title III which is Security and Defense Relations.

    Summary or Bottom Line:

    If our Compact is terminated pursuant to Sections 441 or 442, economic & other assistance shall continue ONLY IF AND MUTUALLY AGREED by US & FSM.

    If our compact is terminated pursuant to Section 443 prior to the end of our compact,
    a consultation meeting between the US & FSM is required to determine the level of economic & other assistance for the remainder of the Compact and for ANY PERIOD THEREAFTER IF MUTUALLY AGREED.

    I doubt that the US would decline any economic and other assistance if the Compacts ends or terminates mainly because of Section 453 (a)

    (a) Shall termination occur pursuant to section 443 prior to the twentieth anniversary of the effective date of this Compact, as amended, the following provisions of this Compact, shall remain in force and effect until the twentieth anniversary of the effective date of this Compact, as amended, and THEREAFTER AS MUTUALLY AGREED:

    (1) Article VI and sections 172,173,176,177 of Title One
    (2) Sections 232 and 234 of Title Two
    (3) Title Three - Security & Defense Relations
    (4) Articles II, III, V, and VI of Title Four

    But then that's only my opinion. I could be wrong.
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    Your point, Local, seems to imply that the two words, ('congress' and 'progress'), are opposite of each other. Is that what you are saying? Because if you do, I would like to tell you I agree with you 101%. Just sayin'
  • 1.6 Million dollars reported in Audit of 2013 that some members of Congress appropriated and implemented themselves without any clear guidelines and support and lacking transparency on so many levels. That is in 2013 alone.

    What about this recent audit? Report No. 2015-08.pdf
  • The Compact provides approximately 90% of the FSM’s annual budget for health, education,
    and infrastructure development and maintenance. The close relationship between the U.S.
    Government and the Federated States of Micronesia is enshrined in the Compact of Free
    Association, under which the United States also provides guaranteed financial assistance over a
    20-year period in exchange for full international defense authority and responsibilities. Annual
    Compact grants expire in 2023.


    We are struggling as we speak, even with the dispersed 90% of annual budget across this small and still undeveloped nation of ours. Imagine when the compact funding ends.....
  • Eat COCONUT and Chew bettlenu! $$$$
  • FSM people should start to think of the big picture in order to preserves and maintain its own resources mainly fish or our ecosystem sustainability after 2023 and onward. That is if we have to go back and depend our given and limited natural resources. Another crazy thought. eheh!!
  • DRINK COCONUT, stop imports sodas and bottle water~~~> you will kill two birds with one stone

    1. Less diseases and 2. contribute to a better environment ~~~> Go green.
  • Please tell me that you are aware of the current illegal fishing being done in our waters and I mean for the past decades (Palau is doing something right and we should follow their lead). I don't mean to be so obtuse but our issues are so vast, coupled with inept leaders who mostly think about their egos, if not, themselves.... well, we are royally screwed!
  • Lol @ royally screwed
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    Child Justice,

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we are more likely to die from chewing bettlenut than drinking carbonated beverages. Sadly, heart diseases and cancer are the monsters in all non-communicable diseases. disease-specific death rate indicates shorter life expectancy for current generation because of ncd.
  • Thank you Anti Colonialist, so the scare tactics are exactly what they are. Scare tactics. The US gave us the option of terminating the Compact, I say we take it. To strive is better than to be given freely. When we know what is at stake, naturally our survival instincts kick in and we do what is right and what is good on a broader scale and longterm. Corruption will be scarce and justice will be more serious.

    To all Micronesians, change is scary. But change is always a good thing. US went through many changes to be what it is today, if we stay in one place we will not be moving.

    All the uncle Sam fanatics, please sit down and let us do what is best for us.
  • Because you're being condescending, I will reply to your remark - Not when it involves my life and the well-being of my families, friends and countless others.
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    Of course you know what it takes to develop a nation, much less, very tiny islands. Consider the ramifications should US took the bluffs of the 3 over the majority, we will be deprived of having access to modern medicine that we are heavily depended upon.... to say the least. Consider current social economical issues we face on our islands: current minimum wage is appalling, almost as if we are still in the TT time, the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, and politicians getting wiser and wiser.... haven't you been paying attention?
  • @Local,

    How are you going to be deprived of access to modern medicine? We don't know what consists of this resolution and you are already freaking out? To my knowledge, if you are already working, and have insurance through your work, all it takes is to change some forms on your citizenship, and you can continue working and paying for your healthcare through your work. I didn't mean to sound condescending, but it is frustrating to be in this hole and having outsiders(FSMERs outside of Chuuk) dictate how I am to move forward.
  • by the way, the cowgirls are 4-9 about to be 4-10
  • LOL, You back, M? Hehe

    If I reply to your assertion of disvalidating my point, I will be doing two things. 1. Make you look stupid and 2. Elevate my stance and have everyone doubt you.

    Guess what, I will do this~~~> Agree with you and help you promote you. So here it is~~~>Ban bettlenut, stop imports of many ideas causing diseases . Tip: Diabetes is one of the rampant diseases in the world~~> that could cause kidney and heart diseases. .. tip~~~> research diabetes lol tc, half naked news bearer...
  • @Meze_Chun

    That you auntie CJ? Come at me. I'm open minded. Always interested in seeing the other aspect of the subject.
  • Oh, and with all due respect auntie, I'm not promoting myself. I don't come in to show off my knowledge or garner followers. I'm just here to learn and pick people's brain.
  • Good call, I meant promoting your point.
  • If you ban betel nut you must ban Coke, spam, snuff, turkey tails and white rice along with it. Lol I understand Betel nut is actively causing sickness even with toothbrush and toothpaste being provided in stores but won't this case just the sameway with sexual intercourse when condoms are actually handed out for free??
  • You miss her point @Kersamin,

    She is insinuating that selling betelnuts and eating coconuts is what our nation will come to if we were to if we are to leave the US. I find it hard to believe that some people leave home, and are finally able to make $18 -$20/hr ( after years working minimum wage) and turn around and look down on our way of life. It's pretty sad, and funny to some of us.


    I am about to give up on you all. Either you are constantly trying to mock my genuine contributions via net or your paraDIME has not appreciate the fact that Micronesia has gone global and you must adjust your sail...

    I AM A VET/SAILOR~~> YOU MAKING ME WANT TO CUZZ YOU OUT. .Thete, there is your prophet ready to fire your asses. ..

    I was literally JOKING. When do you see me ever reply with one or two words? I looked at your responses and I've realized that you have taken me seriously and took on your level of communication and get serious...

    COCONUT AND BETTLENUTS could be a source of income~~> and the health benefits and etc... CJ will not go into details... YOU NEED TO HOLD YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVE ACCOUNTABLE. ..from National down...

    CJ HAS NO INTEREST IN RUNNING FOR OFFICES CUZ SHE WAS NOT MADE TO BE A BUTTON KISSER... the ONLY way one can get in there is kissing up or down, that is your sad reality in your Islands. ..but CHANGES NEED TO HAPPEN WHERE IT COUNTS, YOUR LAW MAKING BODIES...

    I AM A GLOBAL THINKER WITH UNSHAKABLE ROOTS FROM THE ISLANDS... NOW, do not mock me again... do not judge the WORTHS of people by their wallets.. MY ABILITY AND BLESSINGS TO BE ABLE TO MAKE PLENTY $$! $ has not and will never change who I am and where I come from..

    Your greatest mistake would be to look into another man's /woman's wallet to find his/her essence and self worth..

  • Back peddling is for wusses. You heard my brother, your nephew. "Mwan rese pwan sisiwini anor"

    Auntie, you know when you refer to yourself in the third person, it says plenty of your person. But we are not here to judge personalities, so I'll leave that alone.

    Actually, I love you so let me give you a hint: Donald Trump does the same thing.

    Let's hear those ideas from a global thinker. I used to troll to get my point out, but realize Im 43 and feel like a kid trolling and stopped. Not gonna be here for long so we need to put these ideas down in writing in hopes it might contribute to other minds. And let's face it. Your'e older than me.
  • Thank you for your service Meze :-) I'm sure I am learning few other things from you and Makatutu
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