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    You are missing the point...All Faiths, yes, including yours can be found guilty from lack of evidence and or evidence is lacking. Judge yourself

  • One thing these Joseph Smith accusers are wrong about Joseph Smith's translations is that Joseph Smiths translation is his own understanding of the holy bible and he wrote it in his own understanding of the bible. Just like all of those translations that is also different then the original translation which is the King James Version. I don't see any wrong with that.
  • What? Really?, faith has evidence? I thought faith is something unseen but believing it. Like for example; No one have seen God face to face but yet still believing that there is a God isn't it? Come on guys, stop the retaliation and stick to your guys faith and believe of God and Jesus Christ.
  • pekalong,

    The Bible is supported by evidence from history, archaeology, DNA, and other scientific studies that it is reliable.

    On the other hand, the Book of Mormon has no support. Joseph Smith claimed the American Indians came from Israel. But DNA shows this is not possible because the DNA of the American Indians support by 99.04 percent that these people came from east Asia, possibly Siberia and Mongolia. In addition, there is not a site in the US which archaeologist have unearth evidence of what Joseph Smith claimed too be of importance to the belief of Mormonism.

    Because the Book of Mormon is based on the claims of Joseph Smith that some tribes moved from Israel to the Americas which DNA and other evidences do not back up the Book of Mormon is therefore NOT reliable. It means what Joseph Smith claimed are NOT true. So the Book of Mormon are based on lies. And it is very clear because most of the teachings of Mormonism are against the teachings of the Bible.

    This is the truth. You may accept it, or you may choose to ignore it and hope that the people are wrong. But if you are very sincere to learn the truth, you have the responsibility to go do some searching for truth on your own. We cannot just accept what people tell us. We need to look for truth too.
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    Have you read the book of Mormon thoroughly and said that Joseph Smith said that Indians came from Israel? Indians are the legal resident of the American continent. Those who wrote the book of Mormon are the ones that migrate from the Israel. It you have read the book of Mormon thoroughly, you would have known the real story of the history of the book. The fact is that every religion has their own book that was written by the founder of their church and also claiming that their founder was a prophet of God and why aren't any accusers that want to go against them? It is because all of them branched out from the same religion/denomination which is the Roman Catholic church. As of Joseph Smith, he didn't joined any church/denomination before he had his first vision in the grove of tree. That is the main reason why everyone is going against him and the church he restored. Which is the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So that you may know that there are only two churches/denominations on earth today and they are the Catholic church and the Mormon church. All of the churches denominations thereof are branched out from the Catholic church. All of those churches that was branched out from the Catholic church are called Christians. Us Mormons are the saints/latter day saints. So yeah it is very clear and understood that Satan is trying to destroy Gods works today. Never ones have I seen or hear my church leaders trying to criticized, humiliate or retaliates other denominations. All I see hear and read on the internet is the retaliations that goes against the Mormon church from all individual and denominations around the world. After who am I to to judged others.

    2 Timothy 3:12.
  • pekalong,

    As I mentioned, you may believe what you want to believe, but he truth is that Joseph Smith was a liar. And it has been proven.

  • You guys are going overboard over this. Take cues from First Nicean Council and make your own judgemwnt. A lot of these American Christian sects came about the 19th Century. Most likely a reaction to the Evangelist Billy Sunday preaching.
  • Well TT, the same as Ellen White as it mentioned in the video that I've share earlier under this thread of mine entitled history of the sda church. I'll said it again cause probably you don't understand what I've share earlier. There are only two denominations on earth today. The Roman Catholic and the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. All other churches/denominations besides the lds church were branched out from the Roman Catholic Church. So yeah Satan is using his full power with all of those who are trying to destroy Gods true followers which is us the lds church. Just look around and see it with your own eyes and see what denomination is doing its best to save the world today by spreading Jesus Christ's gospel. All I know is that all churches beside us are doing nothing but winning their members by criticizing other denominations including us. So yea, who am i who may judge others. After all I don't need to put up all those videos that criticized religions whom you have also shared their videos earlier. That won't do any good for me at all. All I will do is just stick to my true church and share my testimony of God and Jesus Christ to those who may have needed to know more of their true gospel.
  • pekalong,

    I believe you do not know what you are talking about. Mormonism belongs in the same category as Catholicism.

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church belongs in another entirely different group.

    You see, Mormons worship on Sunday, a day which the Catholics made and therefore replace the Sabbath (Saturday). Mormons without a clue are a part of Catholicism.

    Please learn the facts.

    Concerning Ellen G. White, you need to do additional research to get to the truth. You will be surprised.

  • God always has His ways of doing things. Whenever an important spiritual event is about to take place, His workers go to work. In the early 1800 there was the Great Revival. People went to the Bible to study and learn more about God. Why did this happen? I want to submit that this happened because God's people need to get back to the truth. Remember the children of Israel in Egypt after spending decades there and have lost touch with God because of the influence of the Egyptians? God raised up Moses to lead the people of God back to Him. So the same think occurred during the 1800s in the USA.
  • Exactly in the 1800's when the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored back to this earth thorough Joseph Smith. Also 1844 when a prophecy of second coming of Jesus Christ was prophecy by Ellen white and its never did happened. Not that only but many of her prophecies were not successful at all. She also said that she had a vision and was given the authority of a prophet. Many things has happened in the 1800 century and some of them were successful and some of them were not.
  • Joseph Smith was just a wannabe big shot businessman, with a new idea that got him many many wives. Joseph traveled from state to state trying find a place where his new faith would be tolerated because New York State just about had enough of this guy messing around with witchcraft and disrespecting the popular belief. Ultimately Joseph messed with the wrong people...probably someones wife, sister or daughter, and got himself shot up.

    Ellen White is not as bad, she would be on the level of a comedian who self-elevated to a very high unwanted position (Vanity). Problem with Ellen is that she just didn't quite understand what the hell she was reading... most likely due to being under educated. She said so much and wrote so much that she got herself caught up in a web of lies. Too bad for her, if only computers were around then...all she had to do is push the delete button.
  • Lol@Gator. Well if that is so of what you just shared I would say maybe in Joseph Smiths time he did those things but not today with those who are leading the church. Again just so that you may know that many of them Gods men in the bible did the same thing Joseph Smith did but maybe worst then what Joseph Smith did. Marrying many wives situations which make the main point that people always target the Mormon church with. Anyways Gator, i'll stick to what you've encouraged me about which is to do what I desires to do.
  • pekalong

    Yes! now you got it...congratulations.

    Don't mind me I'm only here to toss a little sound truth around.
  • pekalong,

    Please give a specific prophecy of Ellen White which did not take place.

    As for Joseph Smith and the leaders of the Mormons, they are caught lying again and again. Even today.
  • Gator,

    How do you explain the fact that Ellen White's predictions took place and her counsels are sound, some of which they are proven by science decades later. How is that possible for a woman with a third grade level education who authored many books, even more than most of the learned men and scientists then and now?

    And we cannot deny the spiritual aspect of her work. Many people are drawn to the truth and to Jesus because of her work. And her character speaks volumes too.

    You need to study her life before you can make a judgment.
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