Would Presiden-Elect Donal J. Trump solves the problem between Israel and Palistine?

we just heard outgoing President Obama did try but it didn't ease one side of the two. After all, the two states or nations problem over the settlements in some part near Capital City of the Jewish nation been ongoing since the death of their great great great great ancestor Abraham. Ishmael is the first son of Abraham whom the promise one will descend from yet it was Abraham and his wife lost of faith to engage in a twist thinking that God's promise must come regardless who the mother would be. So, God made it clear to them that with their lost of hope and faith in God's plan, He made the woman to conceive the promise child to have the Savior of the World to born at the age that in those days no human could even think possible to bare a child at that old age. But, they all were wrong because what God says, it will come true at His appointed time.

Alright, now we fast forward to the time after the passing of Abraham who fathered the two sons Ishmael and Isaac. Similar to our customs today, the first born child is likely to inherited the big piece of the pie or father's wealth that include land and herds even maid servants according to the early tribes who walked on the earth especially in the middle east. If my reading of the history is correct aligned with the biblical history accounts, Ishmael the one whos mother was an Egyptian maid to Sarah wife of Abraham believed he is the true and righful to inherit his father's land and everything not Isaac who was born by Abraham's wife.

So, how can Donald Trump fix this problem when its been over thousands of years either both nations would not even want to given in for the other to have real peace among the two divided nations? In fact, from the biblical view, the thought of having to settle this unrest between the two nations nationa of Israel and Philistine is omitted in the scripture. Let's just hope that the US administration would not create more conflicts, hates and wars worst than ever before between them. God bless us all.


  • Your question is if the new US President Donald Trump would be able to solve the Israel-Palestinian dispute??

    I DOUBT IT!!

    There are a lot of world problems that Donald and his new Team would not be able to solve during his next eight years in office:

    1. Israel v. PLO land claims or a Peace Agreements
    2. North Korea's nuclear ambition
    3. China's territorial expansion
    4. Russia's mischiefs against all of its neighbors
    5. Iran's nuclear ambitions
    6. Moslems' extremisms
    7. Mexico's and South America's migration
    8 California's economic growth (surpassing France as the 6th largest economy in the world but leaving a lot of Californians poor)
    9 Failing to full fill America's financial obligations to the Climate Change agreements
    10 Failing to fully appreciate America's moral and legal obligations to continue the Compact economic development assistance to the FSM;

  • Like taxi said it's highly unlikely. The Israeli-Palistinian question has been going on since the Europeans partition the land between the Jews and the Moslems after WWII. The Palestinians have rejected most of the agreements. Sadly but honestly we will never see any peace agreement between the two in our lifetime.
  • thanks guys I think two cups full of wisdom is more than enough this small coco shell to contain and so I think there won't be necessary to further this discussion ae?
  • I would say no because the bible never mention it. Here is what I think he would do. He Is going to support the State of Israel.
  • agree with you Oalong. and why should this peanut even bother to care whether the President Elect will be successful mediator between these two unrest Jewish and pilistian nations. let them figure a way out how to reach a peace agreement without causing US Tax Payers money trying to solve theirs. US has its own problem and it should be the first priority If were President Elect.
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