are we ready?


  • Yap.......at the moment they're not ready. No ongoing projects on improving the Sports' Complex. If I can remember correctly Yap was overwhelmed during the FSM Games back in 2001. They ran out of car rentals. This time around at least there will be more cars to rent and the Athletes can be more comfortable in the newly built classrooms by GPPC and US Navy Construction Battalion. As for Guam Athletes since they always stay in hotels.....Yap Pacific Dive Resort is ready for them, if ETG has not built any sweeter hotels by '18. Now I can only imagine what the Yap Governor is juggling. Spend money improving sports infrastructure or invest in something bigger before 2023. Until then, we can all wait.
  • don't jam your heads with wonders. you may come down with high blood. be contend with what life brings your way.
  • Will the Chinese/ETG billion dollar resort be built by 2018?
  • The locals will invest in building huts for the guests, they will love it island style. Or Come to yap and stay in a hotel where you pay tons for and you only use for sleep. No need ETG's resort.
  • I can't wait...image
  • Looking forward!

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  • I had an earlier post a year ago about Yap's hosting of the Micronesian Games. In that post, I suggested and offered our support to our friends in Yap, in terms in housing, meals and accommodations. Recently, Palau Community College was attempting to procure two new V6 for the college and realized that the best prize for new Va'a was $26,000.00 CIF Palau and this was a discounted price. The forwarders in the state we were working with had worked in Yap and was aware of the situation. Since we could not afford the price, we asked Airai Fiberglass to make a mold and to create V6 for PCC. I am happy to report that one is finished and the second one will be finished next week and they are way better than the $26,000 price from the states. Airai Fiberglass's total cost is $9,500.00. If anyone is interested, please let me know and I can direct your inquiries to Kelly at the company.

    The college hosted majority village for the 2004 Festival of Arts (2600 delegates), 2005 South Pacific Mini Games (1200 athletes and officials) and the 2010 Micronesian Games (1800 athletes) so we have some systems in place that could be adapted to help our friends in Yap. We housed, feed and provided Music and Laundry Services. We are willing to help, let us know how we can. Thanks. I know Yap will do well.
  • thank you #patrick tellei
  • FactsMatter,
    I doubt any ETG establishment would be completed by 2018 however I do believe that ETG will donate a significant amount of money for the improvement of the infrastructure as they have done for the Yap Day events, Canoe Festival events and other major state functions. Now the YSL can complain all they want and cry for the ETG to be kicked out, but once ETG spill money into Yap for 2018 Micro Games preperation the YSL will probably pretend to be "unaware" and that they are deeply appalled that the executive branch accepted such donations. Typical Yap reactions......just my guess.
  • the State should utilize and manage the foreign investment wisely to benefit the people rather than kick them out so simply.
  • Whose to donate money or anything and not want something in return? No such angels, a donation is a donation. Let's not throw ourselves out there. Literally we are being bought little by little.
  • Tokasa13, we are not ready!! :)
  • Definitely not ready. No athletes everyone is out serving the US economy and military.
  • we can be ready if we wanted to, just no motivation we've all become very depending among ourselves to do something. i heard everything for the micro games was all ready set and its a go. just needed the participants to participate and the action to take.

    we need more faith in ourselves. anything is possible
  • No more pride? Lol
  • Even V6Ai radio is kaput!
  • imagehow are the preparations?
  • Yap is not ready
  • Hotels fully booked by Guam delegation.
    And coconuts are refusing to give any.
    Even taro patches are dried up.
    Bring your own food and water to last two weeks----and a banana leaf for shelter.
    Sorry to be a bearer of bad news.
  • Yap, can be ready and there is still time to prepare for the games. As hosts, Yap State needs to prepare as hosts, but at the same time, prepare Team Yap to do well when the competition starts. Here's what we can do form our end. We can hosts Yap Athletes in Softball, Baseball and Canoeing is they choose to train in Palau prior to the games, and if they are students, they can take classes at PCC prior to the Summer of 2018. Our Maintenance personnel have prepared the campus for the (2004 Festival of Pacific Arts, 2005 Mini Games and 2010 Micro Games) so we know a thing or two about getting a venue (any venue) ready for Athletes.
    I have also shared that we've taken delivery of two V6 (used at the last Micro Cup 2016) canoes and if we need to get these ordered the Airai FiberGlass has a mold and could possibly have the canoes done prior to 2018. We paid $15,000 less compared to ordering from US Mainland or Hawaii - CIF Palau.
    David Salapwa from Satawal is one of the ace pitcher in Palau and I am sure could be able to help with team Yap. As an employee of PCC, he could be given time to work with Team Yap in Yap or here in Palau. We are committed to helping out and therefore we should get behind the "9th" ball and get going. Good Luck Yap.
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