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    I'd like to think positive about the FSM consulate office in Guam. It shouldn't be mistaken with our chartered organizations in Guam and elsewhere. We just have to understand its mission in order to appreciate the employees' efforts in their endeavors on our behalf. Those are some great people, and they're there to help us.
  • This fsm counslelate should be closed !! They wasting our money.
    They dnt even help out the fsm citizens here. They nvr told us nd where to register for damn last election, i had to contact my uncle from Chuuk nd get a Email nd just register myself.
  • true that is, lets tell them to close it down it is a waste of money.
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    I'd prefer the office or employees at the office to shape up, rather than abolishing such an office based on personal taste. I wondered, what necessitate the creation or existence of such an office in Guam. Could you enlighten us please?

  • I would like to apply for any position available in that office.  Where can I go and get information for employment. I will make sure, no disappointment from those who need help.
  • FSMPIO website, CocoBoy. Go for it!
  • We do appreciate the efforts of everyone in the different offices in FSM and around the world. 

    I do not think closing down some of the government offices should reflect the personnel's competency ~ it should be more than that ~ NO OFFICES should be closed down cuz any present officers/employees are not performing well.  Goodness, does that mean FSM can not and should not find better personnel for those offices? 

    IF, and I say if (take note there) ~ any offices should be closed down it should be cuz of the following reasons.
    1. Duplicity of efforts (another office or a particular personnel can take care of the needs of both places)
    2. Budget (that is self explanatory)
    3. Visionaries have taken on some of the responsibilities that should be encouraged for the citizens to do on their own.
    4.  WAKE UP!  learn some more about Western &^%%$#$#@@ and do!

    So pls do not close the offices unless the government and the citizens have taken some initiative to ensure that the services that are currently offered by the personnel (offices) will still be available to the citizens... *smile NO!

    Ma' 4 cents there..
  • My two cents. The Consulate Office In Guam is needed but staff of the office need to be change and replaced with people who wants to do the work not for personal gain. I don't not know the Yapese guy who head the office that much and would not comment on his work for the office but his staff Mr. Robson Romolou need to be replace. He used the office for his personal gain, he seems to be very helpful to people from chuuk especially his areas to gain their votes when he was running for congress. if he runs again then he will used the office to gain vote again. Mr. President I m begging you to replace this Robson guy.

  • Just a few questions to post to the forum... what is so important about having an office in Guam and Hawaii but not Washington or Portland, Kansas and other places where there are many Micronesians at!!! The problems that these places are facing are the same if not more than what has been happening in these places....

    ANSWER THAT QUESTION AND BE DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT IT!!! Then we can discuss more.... I have utilized
    Both offices in the past, and I think our government needs to reevaluates her intentions and priorities for having these different offices..
    Not only in USA but around the globe!!!

    There is a danger in a country that DEFINE respect as the foundation of all things without making rooms and adjustment to new concepts... having a democratic gov. defeats the local concepts of RESPECT! When you are able to truly and honestly accept the differences, then and only then will you be able to successfully blend the two diff. ways of life...

    CLOSE OR OPEN!!! Sound off....
  • What is the mission of the consulate office in Guam?

    We all need to understand the mission in order to appreciate the employees, as well as assist our fellow countrymen in Guam and elsewhere.

    The employees are superb, but can't please everyone they encounter.

  • FOCUS SHOULD NOT BE ON PERSONNEL!! IT SHOULD BE on intentilns/objective

    For the record CJ has no interest in working those jobs! I am serving our folks in my own capacities without being on payroll seni FSM!
  • they need to work on PR. The average fsm citizens are not aware of the mission/objectives and goals of the FSM consulate. worse they don't even have a website.
  • I second to that ennui. define the mission first before we input sensable comments.

    I agree to keep these offices in Washington, Honolulu, and Guam. With the increasing of FSM population in the US, I thing other offices in Portland and Kansas should be establish as well. Start out with two full time personnel in each offices, except Washington, with payroll from the National government. Each FSM States can place their own staff at each office as needed. Another idea is to use Micronesian volunteers, in each respective places, at the offices with specifics responsibilities.
  • Good input, Melvin! What if anything has these offices done to help the migration to USA ...! Perhaps it is time for some stats... what are the things that these offices have been doing to assist the citizens and how often? Is there other alternatives to these services that are being offered at these resoective offices...

    Define a typical day!! Why open more offices... can you offord it! LOL
    .. THIS IS NOT MY THREAD, so I am going to be quiet... I just thought you were getting 2 personal attaking individuals, so why not mission... lol
  • I agree that the offices should publish their mission statements and websites...or at least FB pages...to provide citizens with contact information.

    As far as their locations, which places do our government officials visit most often?  Guam, Honolulu, and Washington, correct?  And who is expected to assist them when they visit? Could it be the consular staff?
  • In reponse to my own question... what if anything... well, I dunno if the staff are on salary or hourly wage but 1 thing is for sure is their dedication and willingness to assist distressed family members when emergency strikes... I ha ve known both Roby and Henry doing off hrs duties to assist family members who needs help with verification of citizenship for traveling purposes... datz excellence in duty!

    The topic still needs more inputs! 70s, 80s and 90s were way different than today.... why and how have our offices and national been successful in making the adjustment
  • if the itinerary is communicated through the consulate office, then the staff can assist them. Otherwise, they arranged their own throught frienda and relative as the trip is not consider official trip. Supposedly, all official trips should be arrange.Non official trips, like campaign trips, will not be arranged through the consulate office.
  • We need to support shutting down this office if not replace the head of the office at once! This office did not notify fsm citizens on Guam of when to register or vote for dual citizenship this coming march 7th 2017! When I called this office a lady says oh there is signs posted around the office!! Do these people know how to use the social media at all??
  • Yapese probably don't need the office, the rest do.
  • just because you don't utilize it doesn't make it a waste....just because you never seek then doesn't mean its a waste. All Pohnpeians there utilize this place!
  • The FSM is now going for a dual citizenship with the USA and I think this would solve the intent of closing down these offices. After all what would the offices be addressing when every FSM Citizens had become US Citizens as well?? Maybe this is the opportunity to close down these offices.
  • The DC issue, if passed, doesn't make every FSM citizen become a US citizen. Maybe some could but the rest, we are still pnis and tkks.
  • so the problem depends on who manages the office. who was the Consul General at that time? Is it Gerson Jackson or the Yapese fellow? looks like there is no system in place to help serve the FSM public, so there is no professional organization of this office.....
  • An audit recently done by the FSM Public Auditor's Office on the FSM Consulate Office in Guam provides answers to many of the questions raised. Follow the link below..........

    http://www.fsmopa.fm/files/onpa/2016/Final Report as of September 7 2016 pm.pdf
  • Better yet, close all the FSM overseas offices and millions of taxpayer dollars will be saved. What have they accomplished so far? Maybe not much.
  • Lets change subject...President FSM, should consider removing W-3 Williander from the office because he discreminate his services to the people of FSM, especially when he is directly, taking sides, in the upcoming Chuuk State General Election, March 7, 2017. Williander applies the law unequally depending on the socalled my political side. As the citizens of Chuuk on Guam, state, let the FSM President remove W-3 as soon as possible to lessen and minimize the damages he creates.. .thank you
  • NewChuuk, should we support your claim? Or you are just a disgruntled W-3 fan.
  • New Chuuk, sia men i esina kana sakun wiwi ke mochen fori nefinen Elimo me Fritz pwe esap pwan i kich minefo non ei angangen utut. Kich mei sinei me esinok ren met ei ke fori. Ke monuki pwe kei mettoch si nonounou non kei fansounm pwan forien chok aramas? Iwe inja mine pwan pusin kich aramas kich mei esinok me sinei om na ekiek.
    Iwe kose mochen, kose mochen, kopwe kan mochen, kopwe mo kan nikiti kich kosap trap-ini kich, nge kosap pwan aea ach ei family ren wiwin om ei politics pwe sia men kan weires ren manon semach ei?
    Sia fakun weweiti pwe iei tipom non om mochen pwe ke mochen aea ach ei fansoun netipeta pwe epwe om advantage ren om kopwe wineni met na ke mochen.
    Iwe sipwe fakun achocho ne iotek faniten om ei mochen pwe epwe ponuweta fan netipen Kot ika pwe om ei ekiek mei pung pwan enlet. Sipwe pwan iotek pwe Kot epwe anisuk an epwe ponuweta meinisin fan mine netipen Kot.
    Kose mochen kopwe kan afona ach ei fansoun netipeta, kosap nofiti ngeni och kapasen oput me eriafou netipen aramas? Sia fakun nukuw pwe Kot epwe emweni om ei ekiek nge epwe pwan pusin suki mefian ren an epwe ewina chienom nge onusu iom kana en mei oput ir non ei utut.
    Kinisou ngonu me pwan ach osufon ngonuk me fairo ngonuk non fonum me non neniom me pwan nein chiechiom meinisin.
    Kinisou chapur ren om weweiti ach tungor.
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