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    Kete kalah oh wia loalen mehn Mokil wasaht maing lihndanpei. Koaros Nan forum Micronesia dehdeier me ke ehse sohng koaros dueh teh code website sang scratch de audepen dodoahk tei kan Nan opis ape. Komw makohng kis me pweipwei kan. Kalahngan en komwi oh wada shiwa iko ru deska.
  • Mahkehng mehn Ruk pil pwe re show off ah sohte 'result' oh pil mwahuki wia kasdo kilisou.
  • Microspring then I suggest you open a new legal frontier arguing historical rights not constitutional rights since you are a traditional Pohnpeian. How can a constitution takes precedence over a matter that has been chiseled into our history versus a 30 yrs old document that stand opposite historical culture and traditions that spanned for many centuries? That is the question. Land itself is an identity so I believe that cannot be denied by the FSM Constitution. Legal shortsightedness constructed on Americanism.

    My friend Kinen, of course Congress can, but we should not speculate as it diverts attention from the real issue of dual citizenship. Tokyo kete chonomwas. YES then for Dual Citizenship.
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  • Lol...stay on topic folks
  • Yir, it's better to explore all avenues before we dive into trouble waters. You said it yourself that, yes they can. And when they can it, what power/authority is out there for the people to UNCAN it?
    Better save than sorry.

  • @Yir, I call it how it is. I do not make the rules. But the fact is that currently, if a Pohnpeian becomes a U.S. citizen or any other citizen and loses FSM citizenship (because dual citizenship is not permitted), her/his ability to own land (and even lands owned before) are brought into issue under the FSM Constitution which says that only FSM citizens to own land in the FSM. I have seen people lose land ownership/or their ownership becomes an issue when they choose another citizenship. I know this from actual cases. This is not a legal theory it had been tested in court and result is painful those those that chose to become Saipanese versus FSM citizen in 1979. There are more and more cases now as more and more are choosing land over better education and livelihood in the U.S. One of the things that dual citizenship will fix is this.
    General Provisions

    Section 1. The national government of the Federated States of Micronesia recognizes the right of the people to education, health care, and legal services and shall take every step reasonable and necessary to provide these services.

    Section 2. Radioactive, toxic chemical, or other harmful substances may not be tested, stored, used, or disposed of within the jurisdiction of the Federated States of Micronesia without the express approval of the national government of the Federated States of Micronesia.

    Section 3. It is the solemn obligation of the national and state governments to uphold the provisions of this Constitution and to advance the principles of unity upon which this Constitution is founded.

    Section 4. A noncitizen, or a corporation not wholly owned by citizens, may not acquire title to land or waters in Micronesia.

    Section 5. A lease agreement for the use of land for an indefinite term by a noncitizen, a corporation not wholly owned by citizens, or any government is prohibited.

    Section 6. The national government of the Federated States of Micronesia shall seek renegotiation of any agreement for the use of land to which the Government of the United States of America is a party.

    Section 7. On assuming office, all public officials shall take an oath to uphold, promote, and support the laws and the Constitution as prescribed by statute.
  • Now many have argued that Pohnpei Constitution controls on land because one will forever have one or both parents who is a Pohnpeian (pwilidak) if they are born that way and should therefore qualify for land ownership forever under the Pohnpei Constitution even after becoming a U.S. citizen. But that had been largely ignored by courts. Again, I did not make the rules. So many of you can post and argue the issue but you will be preaching to the choir because I tend to agree that Pohnpeian, Chuukese, Yapese or Kosraean is such forever even if they lose their FSM citizenship for land purposes. But that is not working thus far.

    The applicable Pohnpei Constitutional provision that had been ignored is:

    ARTICLE 12

    Section 1. Limitation of Leaseholds.
    No lease of land, except from the Government or as provided in Section 4 of this Article, may exceed twenty-five years. The right for option to renew and other protections shall be provided by statute.

    Section 2. Acquisition of Permanent Interest in Real Property.
    The acquisition of permanent interest in real property shall be restricted to Ponapean citizens who are also pwilidak of Pohnpei, as specified under Article 3 of this Constitution.

    Section 3. Indefinite Land-Use Agreements.
    An agreement that grants the user of land the unilateral authority to continue use for an indefinite term is prohibited.

    Section 4. Land Legislation.
    The Legislature may provide, by appropriate legislation procedures to permit leases and other uses of land in excess of the limits prescribed in Section 1 of this Article.

    Section 5. Land Sales.
    No land shall be sold, except as authorized by statute.

    Section 6. Acquisition of Land for Public Purposes.
    The power to take interests in land may be exercised by the Government of Pohnpei for public purposes. No taking shall occur until after consultation with the local government concerned, good faith negotiation with the owners of such interests, which shall include the offer to exchange the land for land of comparable value, or a payment of just compensation.

    Section 7. Land Offices and Adjudicatory Bodies.
    To the extent that is practical, all administrative functions relating to land shall be under a single office.
  • Taxi Wom, now that you are serving two masters-National Government and Chuuk State, who do you serve with and without loyalty? Sipwe fetei esap en Souleng-eech aa?
  • That's uncalled for LukeNate. Be civil. No room for personal nonsense.
  • Tirow wom Kinen.I raise this question because I am curious on where his loyalty now goes between Chuuk State separation from the FSM and FSM dual citizenship. From listening to his presentations on many occasions-physically and on social media I thought only cessation matters to him. If this has no civility but personal nonsense please let me know what makes sense.
  • That is not personal let alone nonsense. It is a public concern. But then I guess he wants to get another free ticket back to Southern CA.
  • "Sipue fetei esap en Souleng-eech aa?" that's uncivil. Kosap kuna pipin mesen emön nge kese pusin kuna pipin mesom, that's personal bs.
    You and microspring2014, let the fine man manage his own life. I envy him for being sought after in FSM and Chuuk.
  • Microspring, textual meanings can be misleading in many respect especially if the context is not there. There are mechanism in the Constitution which many have not paid much attention to particularly Article V (a) and (b) as well as Article XI, section (11). The history of the FSM Court system should reveal how precedents were set by a particular reasoning which support American jurisprudence. Surely the Constitution takes traditions as part of constitutional interpretation as historically and fundamentally valid. Our own common law system has been thrown out as inferior to the Constitution. Why is this so? Principally, the Constitution values Micronesian customs and traditions and so land ownership by those who has blood connection to the FSM regardless of whether one possesses citizenship, or not. The issue remains dual citizenship enriches the FSM in many many ways. So make it work please.
  • Lol... these campaign are very chaotic with no central point for all to see. The FSM citizens deserve to be well informed.
  • Amendment to FSM Constitution requires an approval of three out of four FSM States, an impossibility if you ask me, therefore, this is an exercise in futility.
  • Lady Danpei: That presumes that those doing the informing want well informed citizens.
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    Patrick Tellei is very negative. Are you a futurist? Tell us more about Palau's dual citizenship is it bad, ugly or good.
  • C'mon man. I can't laugh at this. I'm being serious. There are ways to promote events and ideas. I wonder if this has to do with technology gab or just poor planning. I'm very confused :(
  • Lets just pretend for the sake sanity...that section 3 of Art 3 never existed, would this conversation still exist about these FSMers born in the U.S..whether they are bonafide citizens of FSM or not?

    Why is section 2 of Art 3 NOT good enough? Why do we need section 3? Why?

    Thats telling a kid...

    By the way, if you are born abroad or in the the U.S and even with one or both of your parents as bonafide FSM citizens...you will only be a citizen of FSM until your 21 because at 21 you have to really say that you want to remain a FSM citizen or you automatically lose that status if you stay quiet.

    Why do we have to subject this segment of our people to do such?

    Mind you there exists no mechanism whatsoever on how one should go by registering his/her intention to remain FSM citizen by renouncing whatever other country there is..

  • With all of Trump's claims of fraudulent voting in the media, another question-how will the FSM election commission ensure that all voters in the March election, including the DC question, are only FSM citizens and not FSM nationals. What proof of FSM citizenship is required at the polls? Is an FSM passport obtained Before age 21 for a US born (ex) FSM citizen who is now 25 good enough?
  • Yes, Suzuki. There is no other way but that. The passport holder has that legal proof of citizenship. If FSM is unable to detect that. Nothing anyone can do for now. The least we can say is "WHO IS FOOLING WHO?"
  • @Tokyo, Very sneaky with editing the threads after people have buried your entry. Here's a fact: COMMON KNOWLEDGE IN USA is not common knowledge here. Look at the driving habits, office operations, lack of communications protocol and accountability in the government. I REFUSE to conform to the norms here. I will keep my head strong until the new generation emerge and REFORM the old ways. FSM have many smart people working in the background and getting dragged back because people around them are like you. Instead of pushing for faster and smarter work, they tell them to stay humble, slow down and hold back. For those hardworking Micronesians, I am just scratching the surface now. Sooner or later, we'll have some real reports to share here.

    I'm sorry for splitting up the thread here. Carry on!
  • FSM has Compact relationship with U.S.
    FSM has Diplomat relationship with China.

    If these two countries go to war, won't it affect us?

    FSM has been receiving financial assistance from China and other countries besides the U.S. Won't the DC have an impact on this?

    just some questions been thinking and asking myself.... (help me out)
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