Should illegal immigrants have access to welfare?

Lets say someone came into Kosrae or Chuuk or Pohnpei or Yap illegally and lived for 15-20 years should this person who came illegally into one of these islands be entitled to own land? If a 9 year old came illegally into the FSM and live for 10 years should this person who came illegally when he/she was 9 have access to scholarship program from COM? Do you agree or disagree?


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    Disagree, and must be deported at once.
  • I am writing this letter as I am concerned with much of the verbatim that you put forth in regards to Micronesian immigrants in Hawaii. I currently live in the public housing on the island of Oahu, and I live next to Micronesian families 'mostly Chuukese families'. I am concerned at how they act and how filthy and dirty they seem to be.

    I live next to them, and their staircase is filthy, and every staircase where they live is severely dirty. The uncleanliness of these neighbors is a concern for me which I have brought up with on-site management. I am confident that other Micronesian families are as uncleanly as these families as I have seen them throughout the community.

    These families whom I live next too, they litter all the time, and they seem to continually break the rules. Many individuals within the Hawaii community are struggling and living homeless;' many of yours, and my personal friends and family members.' To see an organization such as the Japanese American Citizens League advocating for individuals like the families whom I live next too is an interesting phenomenon for me to ponder.

    Yesterday, as I was cleaning up much of the filth that these families make I had one of these individuals who is continually aggressive ask my friend if he wanted to engage in a physical fight/altercation. I have had this person ask me on one occasion if I wanted to participate in a physical fight/altercation as well.

    I have been threatened by male Chuukese individuals, and it seems if they continually want to intimidate people and come across physically aggressive. These people whom I live next too drink all the time in open view of the public, and they also smoke marijuana in plain sight of an elementary school.

    Many Micronesian individuals that I see seem to have no respect, and they are highly discriminate, racist and prejudice in my belief toward sectional Hawaii views, beliefs, customs and mind states.

    I believe that the people in power within Hawaii that they need to think up a strategy in how to work with this ever growing population toward helping them to be respected and dignified in their interactions and dealings. I firmly believe that the way that they come across is not of a connection manner and not with a dignified demeanor.

    Many of them I strongly believe come across intimidating and in the instance that they will resort to violence. Many seem to be utilizing crystal methamphetamine, and I have seen many of them abuse their wives and family members. I have seen Micronesians fire slingshots at individuals I have seen them assault individuals with weapons and it is scary a lot of the times to live next to them.

    In regards to them coming across racist, they seem to think that many residents are weak and they put forth this persona in regards to local people being of softer nature than Micronesian people. I have also been threatened more than once by Chuukese males as well.

    I have also spoken with family members of individuals who were severely beaten by many Chuukese males while walking through an elementary school at night who felt like victims and that no one was there to help them to work through their trauma.

    I have another friend who was also attacked by many Chuukese males and has permanent injuries. I have seen Micronesians shoot people with flying projectiles, I have seen Micronesians render people unconscious in front of my home and engage in numerous physical altercations.

    Something needs to be done to make certain Micronesian individuals act in dignified and respected manners in their encounters and interactions with locally born and raised Hawaii people.
  • Pawnstar, has this happened? I understand there are non-FSM citizens, mainly Filipino, who have stayed in FSM after their entry permit expired. And perhaps fishing crew. But have any land offices actually issued land title documents to a non-FSM citizen? Same for scholarships, if FSM citizenship is a requirement, proof would be required. FSM is still a relatively small place and officials in charge of these offices would be asking questions.
  • @suzuki As far as I know it hasn't happened since foreigners are not allowed under Fsm constitution. Im just using it as a analogy to explain the liberal mentality to giving sanctuary cities illegal immigrants in the US.
  • PawnStar, say something intelligent in Pohnpeian, would you?lol..stop trolling...
  • @SakaSaka so you support things like this? To you believe there's a difference between legal and illegal?
  • The THREAD is SHOULD Illegal immigrants...have access to Welfare. Well us from Micronesia are here Legally... And yes if that's the case yes...Unless your an illegal immigrant.
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