Fiber project to Kosrae and Chuuk - killed by FSMTC managers

It look like this project is at risk of being canceled. FSMTC losing millions of dollars each year and say having fiber only in Pohnpei is good enough for country. Is this a good decision or bad one?


  • Then how did we even projected that we can afford to have in all the states in the beginning? No good.
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    Yap soon will connect to the undersea fiber since the US air force is planning to extend the Yap International Airport for their own use. Oh and ETG will benefit from it as well.
  • FIRE the general manager!!!!!!
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  • When my kids are home during summer and holidays, we are able to use four items (TV watching Youtube, tablet playing Netflix and two cellphones also on either Youtube, Netflix or 123movies) at one time with no problem. Are you saying that it could be better than this? Your thoughts liendanpei.
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    Kosrae and Chuuk's still stuck in the 80's as far as our internet is concern..the speed is ridiculous and the price is even more amazingly ridiculous. And we pay the same rate as Pohnpei does..
  • from what i heard lindanpei is a former FSMTC board member representing Pohnpei who was removed and wants FSMTC to fail
  • Zhogun, this is true and I have said at different threads that this is wrong for Kosrae, Chuuk and Yap. And yes it is absolutely true and I pay $75 a month for ADSL. With the four of us watching brand new news on Youtube, movies or TV shows, I have relatives on my porch calling family in Hawaii on messenger.
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  • so, getting back to the main point of this thread ....?? is Kosrae and Chuuk getting it or not
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  • Chuuk will get its Fiber Optic Cable.
  • Hey, an update finally. Any published information for us to take a peek at?
  • That above is an official update in itself. Detailed information on the progress of this project is in FSMTC's Newsletter (publication).

    Here's more extracted from FSMTC&I's publication:

    Department of Transportation, Communication & Infrastructure
    P.O. Box PS-2 Palikir, Pohnpei FM 96941
    Federated States of Micronesia

    Telecommunications & ICT Technical Assistance
    World Bank Grant Number P130592, Asian Development Bank Grant Number D004-FM
    Expressions of Interest

    The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) has received financing from the World Bank for the cost
    of its Telecommunication and ICT Technical Assistance Project, and intends to apply part of the
    proceeds for consultant services.

    International connectivity infrastructure funded by the World Bank under the Project is allocated
    to (1) a new submarine fiber optic cable supplied by NEC that will link the FSM State of Yap to
    the South East Asia- United States (SEA-US) cable system to Guam (Yap link scheduled for
    completion in Q4 2017), a (ii) a new submarine fiber optic cable supplied by NEC that will link
    the FSM State of Chuuk to the existing Pohnpei Spur which interconnects the FSM State of
    Pohnpei with the Hannon-Armstrong (HANTRU-1) cable to Guam (Chuuk link scheduled for
    completion in Q4 2017 or Q1 2018), (iii) FSM’s participation in a regional cable with the
    countries of Kiribati and Nauru which would link Kiribati and Nauru to the FSM State of Kosrae
    to the Pohnpei Spur interconnecting to HANTRU-1 to Guam, otherwise known as the “East
    Micronesia Cable” or “EMC” system (system completion date subject to supplier’s plan of work
    to be determined through a competitive bid.)

    The Governments of the three participating countries in the EMC Project have established an
    intergovernmental joint Project Steering Committee (PSC), tasked with overseeing the
    development of the strategic investment in the EMC system. The PSC is hiring a joint technical
    project manager who will be responsible for the detailed technical aspects of project design and
    development through contracting for the cable system. The PSC’s joint project manager will be
    expected to finalize the proposed configuration of the EMC system with input from the technical
    advisory Consultant for each country.

    FSM is seeking to hire a legal and technical advisory Consultant to support Kosrae’s participation
    in the EMC system and to provide advice on the arrangements governing access to HANTRU-1
    for the fiber optic cable systems for Chuuk and the EMC. The objective of the Services for this
    assignment is to assist FSM in developing and implementing its proposed new infrastructure
    investment in a manner consistent with the project conditions and requirements.
    In this context, the Consultant will be expected to provide transactional advice to FSM on (i)
    ownership and operations arrangements for Kosrae’s share of the newly constructed portions of
    the EMC system, (ii) ownership and operations arrangements for the parties transit and capacity
    usage on the existing Pohnpei Spur and HANTRU-1 to Guam, and (iii) ensuring that the route
    configuration and supply of the EMC system provide the most efficient and beneficial outcome
    for Kosrae and FSM.

    The FSM Department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure (DTCI), as
    implementing agency, now invites eligible consultants (firms) to indicate their interest in providing
    consultancy for this assignment. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that
    they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience
    in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc.). Consultants may associate
    in the form of a joint venture or sub-consultancy to enhance their qualifications. In case of a Joint
    Venture (JV), all members of the JV will be evaluated jointly for the purpose of short listing and
    shall be jointly and severally liable for the assignment and shall sign the contract jointly in case of
    award is made to that JV group. Interested consultants should clearly indicate the structure of
    their “association” and the duties of their partners and sub consultants in their application.
    Unclear expressions of interests in terms of “in association with” and / or “in affiliation with” and
    etc. without indicating the status of the partnership and designation of the lead partner may not be
    considered for short listing.

    The Consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures of Selection Based on the
    Consultants’ Qualifications (CQS) set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and
    Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers of January 2011.
    The closing date for submissions of expressions of interest is January 11, 2017 at 24:00 hours
    local (Pohnpei, FM) time. Expressions of Interest with supporting documents can be sent
    electronically to the Project Coordinator, Aaron L. Warren at (copy to or by Fax: + (691) 320-5853 or call Tel: + (691) 320-2381/2865. The
    complete Terms of Reference for the assignment are posted on DTCI’s web-site at or may be obtained directly by email request to the
    Project Coordinator.

    The office contact is indicated below:
    Aaron L. Warren, ICT Project Coordinator
    and Mark DeOrio, Assistant Secretary for Communication
    Tel: + (691) 320-2381/2865
    Fax No. + (691) 320-5853
    E-mail address: /
    Government of the Federated States of Micronesia
    Department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure
    P.O. Box PS-2
    Palikir, Pohnpei FM 96941
    Interested consultants may obtain further information from the contacts listed above during office
    hours 08:00 to 17:00 hours [Monday-Friday].

    Shoot off your inquiries, folks!!
  • So, only Chuuk connects to the Pohnpei spur? FSMTC official told Chuuk leaders in the last Chuuk State Leadership Conference that connecting Pohnpei to Guam, instead of Chuuk to Guam, is in order to "centralize" connectivity. If Yap and Kosrae connect to the Internet on their own, then that means the FSM's connectivity is NOT centralized, and FSMTC official lied to the face of Chuuk's leadership, again. I'm no submarine fiber-optic expert but I can bet it costs less to connect Chuuk to Guam first, and I'm pretty sure this is the same reason the airlines fly Guam to Chuuk first, as Chuuk is closer to Guam than Pohpei is to be continued
  • So this is not the actual project or progress. I found this mentioning the fiber project but nothing recent.
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    Lihndanpei, Her real name is kathy malakai former miss Pohnpei,
  • Yes! Thanks for the intro!
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  • if it were up to me, i would have slapped you without threatening this what you do to people who turn you down?shhh....i felt sorry for you.....
  • Lol... I turned your FSMTC offer down if you actually work there and know what is going on.
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