FSM election poll locations

Please share if you have information. I haven't seen any information about this. We have many young voters and those returning home who may need this information.



  • I believe most are at the churches and municipal offices.
  • Are they using the schools as election polls? Please advise.
  • Looks like public schools are off today too and they are using the schools as election polls too. Get out and cast your votes. Government will allow 2 hours paid leave for the election.
  • Keep up the good work of informing the people madam lien Danpei
  • Thanks man. It's an exciting time and hope we make history today. I need a reason to celebrate :)
  • edited March 2017
    Come 2100 the women movement for equality in the FSM ought to celebrate
  • Hell yeah! We have two to root for. Fingers crossed here.
  • Lol... funny simple people in this forum. No matter, FSM is too slow for women movement. Watching the world news of A day without women in USA and the rest of the world brings great pride in my gender and hope the rest of the world is getting this issue settled once and for all. Keep voting NO and watch the number of women-owned businesses grow. Look at all the Micronesian college graduate females flooding in and getting settled in the office. Maybe not this year. This only tells us to work harder and get organized and collaborate more. Old minds will get old and die soon, if it take s 20-50 years, we'll get there just like how Women rights penetrate the rest of the world.

    Feminism has a small place in FSM but we can always get outside to get empowered and come back home. This little comment above makes me lmao. Wow...
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