Is the VP of FSM Telecom selling Chinese Products to Telecom



  • Strong allegations can land you in trouble Rip Corder! But its ok I think you have enough money to spare. So good luck with that.
  • Luckyfara, you are right, these are strong allegations so please prove me wrong. I said facts, go see for yourself. Solar lights and poles are exactly the same. Ask which shipping container it came in and what other stuff came also. You may or may not be surprised if you already know. You just protecting a friend even if he is guilty. Possession is nine tenths of the law. But this possession is stealing.
  • Well like I said good luck with your defamatory allegations Rip Corder.
  • Good way to ignore the elephant in the room Luckyfara
  • Have you brought those allegations to the authorities Rip Corder? If you haven't then why not? If yes then what's the outcome? So whatever it is if all the "facts" you have is "they look exactly the same" then I am more than convinced that this is all defamatory acts from you and I sure hope you have enough money left to defend yourself.
  • Luckyfara, trying to scare me with legal action doesn't work. I know I am telling the truth. You think that talking big words scare people? I know you are just saying that to make it seem like you know something more. I can take pictures if you're too lazy to have a look for yourself or maybe you do know something and you're trying to make a smoke screen. It's OK, I'm patient, sooner or later, the truth will come out but I am trying to hurry it up so we can get it over with. Make people question. Too long he has stolen with his title. Time to shake the tree and see what falls out. A thief is a thief is thief. Quack like a duck, act like a duck, it is a duck. Maybe you're a duck too.
  • One more thing, Luckyfara, the check for the solar lights with poles was paid to his wife. Or maybe you already know about this. Give up before you make me say more about this. It is already shaming to see all those lights at both work and personal. This does not happen unless you are dumb or think you can get away with it.
  • Hahahaha...RIP please! Don't worry about me. I am totally fine where I am. Its you that should be worried. I can sense you are probably a disgruntled telecom employee (current or past) or just "toai" because they are successful. So again if I were you I'd carry on with my life and leave the good people alone. Your defamatory comments only bring one question to mind, why are you so obsessed with him? Really? You wanna bring justice? Then take your complaints to the appropriate authorities. Have you done that? Please share the outcome. So unless and until you have proof of wrong doing apart from "same lights and wife's check" I suggest you stop there. Don't say I never warned you.
  • Lol,@luckyfara, time will show who is right. Good people, I will disagree. I'm obsessed because I see wrong doing. That's enough for me. As for you, wake up and see there is something fishy. I am confused at you saying I am lying when you cannot dispute what I said. There is a tactic when you try to change the subject to avoid being wrong, you are doing it now. I know I am right and that is what is important. I don't even care what you say, I'm happy that it keeps this subject on the top of the list.
  • Luckyfara, I miss you. hahahaha
  • Add it up even a $3000. 00 a month pay cannot buy brand new cars and many houses plus expenses. Only owning business can make money to live like that in very short time. That is why they say too rich for your own good. He is your friend that is why you are helping him.
  • Election is over, now we can name the VP or thief. Freddy Perman. Congratulations to the brother. He is the honest one.
  • So what grounds/facts have you collected so far? Are these just claims and speculations?
  • When you bring business code of conduct and ethics into the mix. Most Micronesian businesses will fail. First off, I will point out that they violated the EEO policies when I got my interviews. Now I'm not sure where they stand on that ground with FSM laws. I need legal advice. Anyone can chime in.
  • The other I've collected is the service agreement with customers. Once you've get to a point where people are left in the dark and payments are take without the services promised, that will brought up another issue with civil service. This is a monopoly so they are responsible for the whole ISP and phone services in FSM. I've grown tired of the regular internet outages but can't really complain. They did let the public know that they are working on the fiber optics connection. The issue is with updating the people. I'm sure we'll get better end results once the project is complete.

    Keep in mind that each implementation will take months to settle, test and improve. Maintenance and disaster recovery plans should be in place to prevent the "one point of failure". That is a technology nightmare.
  • I know i'm moving from the thread title. Unless @Rip_corder can come up with tangible proof to this claim. We'll have to settle with speculation. I'm not denying your claim. In this modern age there's a strong saying that we professionals all live by "If it's not written, recorded or captured, it doesn't exist". Get receipts, model numbers and call the manufacturers to confirm your claims. Track it back to the people then we'll talk more about legal actions. You need solid grounds to push this forward. Just saying...
  • I am the whistle blower, let public Auditor investigate. I know many people know about this but don't want to talk about it. That's letting him get away with it.
  • Really Rip_Corder?

    How about if FSMTC went through the required at-least-3-vendor's selection process and did not find any vendor that could match quality and price of these solar lights? Wouldn't you think it would be better for FSMTC to just buy the solar lights you are alluding to?

    Isn't the above following Financial Acts of the FSM therefore legal?

    Let's hear your thoughts on this possibility.
  • Chinese is selling cheap solar lights on ebay...Lol
  • @jjuliet, yes if it is fsm or state finance but telecom has its finance that is separate and only the can see what is going on. VP can order in container and have telecom pay from misc. So no need paperwork. He knows how to mess the system.
  • @Rip, I think it is obvious that you want the VP's job but you are not qualified according to you so rahn mwelehdi pwe I know who you are and for a guy who ran his wife's business to bankruptcy it is pathetic that you dragged your own family into such a state and now these strong allegations will only land your poor oops sorry bankrupt family to further despair. Please grow up and repent. You owe it to your family.
  • lol @luckyfara. Keep guessing. I am who you want. Keep this subject on top of the list
  • Wrong Rip_Corder, FSMTC being a component of the FSM National Gov't is governed by all laws of our Nation (plus the State within which they operate) including the Financial Management Act that contains procurement laws.

    So you are implying that the FSMTC Finance people are dumb people and so passive that will allow just one person to illegally alter documents just to sell solar lights? What an attack on the hardworking ladies of FSMTC!

    How is it that year after year, FSMTC passes audits from Deloitte & Touche with very good results yet you imply that there are criminal acts being committed within the FSMTC?

    Please provide your proof if you are so adamant about your claims or else get ready for libel lawsuits that may be coming your way.
  • Rip, if you have information the you ought to inform the appropriate authorities. All waste of public funds needs to be taken care of by the system. It is currently working in Pohnpei Government with criminal, civil and impeachment going on. Otherwise, let the matter R.I.P (pun intended) the correct legal conclusions by Juliet and luckyfara on certain tort actions that may be forthcoming.
  • It's quite simple really, conflict of interest with inside information. I would investigation their other business that are partially owned by the board members. My guess, it's an educated guess, is that somewhere down the line, quotations are created solely on lack of local competition. Let's not assume RIp_c is attacking people following office procedures.

    I study business ethics and do see fishy business when there's a monopoly. It's hard to find information when these companies can't provide a public financial statement.

    When was the last financial statement audited? Anyone? Isn't there a law in place for these companies providing services as a monopoly? I'm getting curious.
  • @juliet, so you think staff cannot be forced to do bad things for VP? Think, why only one company is auditing them. Why not try another? Look at John Ehsa, he forced finance to do things for him and now what? Please don't talk crap when you know system can be messed with.
  • Find out today there are 5 more solar lights exactly the same on top of Sokehs mountain. Who buy them?
  • @Blue,

    Very very lengthy documentation of events there! The documents are nevertheless very enlightening! You can almost taste the arrogance of Alain Apis and him using the position of Pohnpei resprentative as a scapegoat to his personal vendetta. It is no secret that Alain has been obsessed about Freddie :-) (of course not in a sexual way...or who knows...otherwise, not good for Freddie's first cousin who happens to be Alain's wife). Everyone at FSMTC knows how badly Alain wanted to topple Freddie and he has been plotting for many many years. Even his sakau friends know how much Alain couldn't get Freddie off his mind. So becoming a board member was his opportune time to carry out his obsession!

    I have painstakingly read thru the lengthy letters (and emails) and have tried to summarize my findings below:

    1) In the first board meeting, I see Alain wanted to remove the Code of Ethics and Conducts. I wondered why would any board member want to remove the very document that dictates how they should behave and conduct themselves. But after reading the exchange of emails then I realized that Alain basically violated most if not all the listed "Codes". A good reason to remove it??

    2) Alain demanded to be paid as a board director and yet I see the very document mentioned above he shouldn't be paid by the Corporation.

    3) Alain had a personal agenda with his formal employer FSMTC. Did Alain resign or was he fired? So he apparently used his board director title to harass the FSMTC management when it is clearly outlined in their Code of Ethics and Conducts that board members shouldn't interfere with management.

    4) Alain said in his email to Freddie that he will see to it that he gets fired! Says the board to the COO. Such weight he was throwing there.

    5) The talk on increase in salary was across the board for all FSMTC employees.

    6) So what was the outcome of the letter to the governor? What happened at legislature? How come with all the barking from Alain, he (Alain) got removed from his board membership? Who has the power to remove him from being a board member? Tweety bird tells me that Alain boycotted the meetings thus disqualified himself.

    7) Alain kept referring to an old techonology (Huwei) and FSMTC upgraded to 3G. Most Pacific island countries are worst off then FSM. Talk to our neighbors, RMI and Palau and they are impressed with FSMTC internet when they visit.

    etc.....too lengthy and now I got a headache why I even bothered as it is clear that Alain is a disgruntled and a narcissistic person, who is actually bankrupt. His wife's business is closed down because of his dealings. His family home is repossessed by the bank. That says a lot on his management skills.

    Interesting to note that Alain has recently applied for both the CEO and COO position at FSMTC. The very positions he claims to be overpaid with too many perks and benefits. Yet in here disguised as Rip Corder, he claims to be making an honest and comfortable living and wants to mislead people to satisfy his personal hate for his cousin in law Freddie.

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