Continued Wrongs Done on Our Country

A travesty continues in the FSM. Congress made a law March of 2016 that approves for plebiscite on the issue of repealing Article III, Section 3 of the FSM Constitution, permitting dual citizenship. Funds were appropriated for education of the voters of the matter. Months, weeks, days, day of election and even one day after, Pohnpei voters tell me that they did not understand the matter on "Yes" or "No" vote. FSM and the four states invested thousands of dollars and manpower to visit outside of the four states even sending government attorneys getting paid $38,000 to $42,000 to $52,000 annually to conduct town hall meetings with Micronesians throughout the U.S. Those trips earned these government officials OnePass/MilePlus points for free personal trips and perks on United Clubs throughout U.S., TA money while staying with family and the result was to educate only about 5% of voters while biased radio programs that have no feedback on question tried to tackle the around 95% here in Pohnpei, Chuuk, Kosrae and Yap. All indicators show that "Yes" won in Pohnpei but I doubt that we have the 75% threshold. The only reason again is lack of understanding. We continue to get wronged and we turn around and thank them so-called leaders for it. Wake up people.


  • Strong message with "rape" when it's just plain corruption and fund misuse. This country will soon have many former leaders impeached and disgraced. There are other reasons for travel and that's the IN-PERSON communication factor. We all know about cultural barriers and meeting in person is the most effective way to convey a message. This is a little input and I believe the travels are a bit too much when we have VC now. Why can't they just get on Skype and call their contacts or get into a virtual meeting room? All the conferences in the US and other countries are switching to virtual meeting rooms.
  • lihndanpei, I have an undergraduate degree is History and I continue reading history to this day. I have volumes on the subject. In technical terms in this field, rape is not the same as the actus reus of rape in criminal law. So it does not mean literal rape as you are pointing reader to at this time. If you care to understand the context, you would not have replied like you did.

    Also, we are both making the same point to stopping waste by government.
  • I mean no offense here and have no extensive knowledge in terminology. It's a observation and perspective here. We have a very mellow culture and the words you do may stir a different emotion. I understand the context here and am looking at hundred of thousands in misuse everyday here. I choose to break it out little by little without stirring up strong responses.

    Well all have different writing styles. It's a suggestion more than a response.
  • I'm also in a discouraged mood watching our women voted down last night. This is a very traditional environment regardless of what we say or write in here. The real message matter in the communities and in churches. It's women's national day today and I'm one of the few who refused to celebrate when we're just shown how little we matter in this nation. Sorry if you see me in a crappy mood. Sore loser here... lol, I'm quite honest when it comes to writing.
  • I changed the heading of this thread to make sure that there are no mistakes in the points I am trying to get across.

    As for the women issue, I agree that women here should not be celebrating yet. Nothing has been accomplished. Please WE all need to continue making or enforce current laws to make women more equal in all facades of society. There are changes but they have been slow as in most cultures. But dancing means celebrating and celebrating means accomplishments.
  • UGH.... I don't understand the celebration. I come from SF and Oakland where women have a huge voice and when we celebrate, it means there's a huge movement. The mayor of Oakland is a woman. It's been a while for me and I don't understand the local minds anymore. Please keep this thread going. I'll do more reading from now on. I appreciate your response.
  • Mileage earned by these so called officials traveling on government dime must not be allowed for personal use.
  • Which law says that Garim?
  • law of common sense, Juliet.
  • lol... that's kinda asking too much. The booking agency from the government has NO control over points. Anyone can sign up on United and add points using the itinerary confirmation number. I see no issues with using points. As long as the booking is to an official meeting. I'm not saying traveling is okay. I personally think they travel too much. They should start posting these so-called meeting, forums, symposiums and national conferences so we all can see where everyone is going. I see people go to Japan for a small training that meant nothing in their resume. Just makes me sick to the stomach when you can Google that information. Really??!!! Training in Japan and US for basic accounting skills and ethics? C'mon people, give it a rest and read a book!
  • Diplomat meetings is a must for the sake of cultural and language barriers. You will never beat the In-Person communication values. This should only applies to very important meetings like our President traveling to Hawaii to ensure that people are aware of their effort to look into Trump's policy/bill to deport Micronesians.

    At these time, nothing beat the comfort of hearing it from your home leaders. I endorse the travels when it involves the mass abroad. The DC task force obviously made a different this time. I guess our people still stick to the old tradition of sitting down and having a friendly conversation.
  • We will get somewhere, one day. I believe!image
  • @microspring2014, just a little inside information of how business and politics leaders are alike. You do know that in real-world scenarios, the person with the interpersonal skills will always get noticed over the person with the real skills. Same applies in our culture. I've learned that the best way to get up the career ladders is not to perform exceptional but to play the politics game and wear a smile regardless of the tension or uncomfortable air in the office. Great leaders are the ones who will stay composed and collective when the whole nation is in turmoil. Ethics and Conduct doesn't really matter if the person appeals to the majority.

    Manipulation and persuasion are common strengths of a strong political leader. I hate to burst many bubbles. I understand why those in politics are untouchable. It's not about whether or not they succeeded in spreading the actual knowledge on DC, it's all about how people perceive the trip. Watching a group of local leaders visit your little group in US is enough to send false hope to many.
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