So apparently the volunteerism is OVER since election bid was not successful! So why start a FREE service if you cannot keep it running? Free trash bins that line streets are now REAL LITTERS with flies and bad odors because there is no one to empty them. When they were put in place so generously was there thought to have them regularly maintained?

I guess we'll need to wait for the next election cycle to see FREE services again?


  • Public sanitation is the government's responsibility. I don't expect her to keep it when they didn't vote her in. It's a vision of what she would do when she's elected. Really?! I wouldn't even waste my time on a community that cannot accept a woman as a leader.

    It's a conditional promise if she's elected. She's not in office so it's going to sit and wait until she feels like cleaning up. People are still using the trash bins. I would ask Fenry to pickup up where she left off and carry on as the newly elected Congressman. Isn't that his job now?
  • Such an ugly thread here. Negativity is a toxic contagion.
  • I believe it's only $5 in Kolonia to get trash pickup by a local group. It's a nice service for those who cannot take the trash out. That is 2 sakau bottles in Pohnpeian math.
  • lol@negativity...Lihndanpei, straighten your eyes and re-calibrate your brain and re-read the thread! It's a policy question. Kolonia town and Sokehs governments never asked for the trash bins to be littered on the side of roads. Both Kolonia and Sokehs already have their own trash programs. The trash bins are an eyesore.

    You commented that Fenry to pickup where she left off...guess what...he didn't WIN big because he needed to put trash bins on the roads. He probably knew that it was a bad idea so he didn't pursue so why should he pickup and carry on a bad idea. Public sanitation is indeed a government function, and therefore they all knew that lining up several hundred trash bins on the road is NOT a good way to manage sanitation so they didn't do it and will not do it. Clean streets doesn't mean you need to line them up with trash bins.

    Where is the FREE bus ride? You want Fenry to pickup from that, too? lol.
  • Lihndanpei... how is this thread related to your comment on "waste my time on a community that cannot accept a woman as a leader. " Don't put words in my thread that don't belong! That's where negativity start...and stops!
  • All i hear is whining over spilled milk. Bins can go into your yard like countless others and barrels can be recycled at bbq grills. Easy solution. Don't keep dragging on the election results. All is decided. Where were you when there was a debate. Only a coward comes after the battle. Yes, I meant you! Bring it slow mole.
  • You were invisible until the election is over. We all know that. Explain yourself.
  • My brain move faster than many I came across including yours and I type and work with more integrity than you. Let's see your threads before this, NONE! Exaclty the boast type after all the hard work has been done. Fix the electronic election counts or take out your litter, then we can talk like adults.
  • I see you probably rely on home wifi or free open/unsecure wifi to post. Unlike most, I live online and communicate mostly through messages, emails and video calls.

    What is your point? We all know this is a campaign. Let me know if you candidate kept up the free sakau. I don't think so. Biased and just filthy racist/sexist is all i hear. I bet you won't say shit if the Dr. was a Pohnpeian man married to a local gal.
  • hmmmm...you are a feisty one - seems to enjoy a tough talk. If your brain moves that fast, then maybe you ought to slow it down or you'll be swimming upstream. Listen, soften your tone and carry on with your life. You don't want to debate with me. I see that you felt the need to measure me up by looking up prior threads. I also see that you are figuring out whether I have access to Internet or I'm just plain inferior. You can't say I've been missing in action from these so called debates. Beauty of pseudo names, we are free to morph. But, I will not take your bait on racism, sexism, feminism, or whateverism you can conjure up that is outside of the original thread. I don't have any candidates to support. I cannot vote here so it doesn't make a difference. What I observed though is a campaign that a candidate took up that funded "community" service that it sure cannot sustain. It was a failed effort and irregardless whether it was done by a local woman or man, it should serve as a lesson that the campaign tactic didn't result in a win.

    I'm sure you are an intelligent person and good for you for residing in cyberspace where you have a sense of belonging. Having a good IQ do not equate the right to trash talk others. This is a public space so we need to tread carefully and responsibly. I'm accountable to what I say and so should you or any other members of this forum.

    I can assure you I know enough of everyone in here that it doesn't take me much to make one regret. After all, I'm the JUDGE.
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    @judge, FYI the free ride still continue, its the driver that late today and even the trash pick up. The trash bin are helpful kolonia and sokehs should take over the bins.
  • Talking tough is trash talking a candidate after a defeat. Have some sympathy especially when it's women's month. We should be talking about women rights and helping other women succeed not point fingers. It this was a win for her and Not March-Women's right month, I would have left you alone.

    I can't vote either but I show my support to my country with much love and pride. To be honest, I feel like a sore loser with her and Maristella's defeat. Give us time to process our next move. Talking now only stir us Ferminist up to come pound people's ego to the ground.

    I speak openly and am conscious of my actions. We cannot let anyone bring one of us Women down without fessing up. Maybe none of my business but Every women deserve a chance.

    Fyi, been swimming up stream all my life. Maybe better than a salmon. Maybe your words will affect other women but not me. I work with all men and play dirty politics where its come competitive and cutthroat. I am not all talk, I KNOW what I'm doing. I will continue to support and boost our women. You should too.

    Hearing the votes makes me sick to know which communities have no clue that these two are the only ones with a clear online message. What is wrong with this picture? Stupid views on women and total misinformation. Most women talk shit about these two and went to dance, not talk about women right and do something at the track. Ignorant or misinformation is huge here.
  • If i was in my community where I'm registered to vote, the mayor will give us a strong speech and men and women walk the streets to make sure that the whole community know it's Women's Month and we still have sexist issues at work and at home.

    Pohnpei is filled with domestic violence agains women. Now women getting shut down in politics and leaders continue to steal. What is your big picture?

    I don't measure up to anyone. I am self made and a proud and loud Micronesian Feminist. Nothing stops in my way until we all have equal rights.
  • I am one of the few with no history being a book worm in Pohnpei until I left home. I have my current credit and background check. You can't find something I haven't seen. I monitor my online presence and have an obsession over security. You mere statement of "Know enough of everyone" is just hilarious. I dedicated my life to help families with my own money earned from working OT and volunteering to cover lazy colleagues. Now, with that out the way. Let's not go back and forth. I know the AG personally and doubt he has an account here. Judge of what are you? My face and whole background is written in here. I don't hide or like being anonymous.
  • @M&M, thanks for the info. Don't feed into these women beaters comments. The Dr. is now doing what no leader can do, SAVING LIVES. She has a full gym much better than Ferny's project with free filtered drinking water.

    Free rides should be handed over to the social security for seniors as a government service. Aside from our public safety, what services are provided to the community? Basic sanitation is not free and roads are falling apart. I am beyond baffled looking at funds and additional support from Australia, China and Japan. Where is the tuna revenue? Maybe these revenues should go into the health services and sanitation. Director of Education is doing quite a lot to get projects started.

    A little update and positive outlook. TGIF!
  • SAVING LIVES with the funding that comes from ridiculously outrages billing to MiCare? If the authorities do not do nothing on the continued outrages billings to MiCare from Genesis, that will be the end of a viable healthcare insurance system in the FSM.
  • Lol... Medical insurance is a scam. Look at the rest of the world and Obama care. I never support insurance. The fact here is that the hospital save lives. My cousin was one of them and she volunteered her time the the Dr. this election. Genesis save lives!
  • lihndanpei it is obvious you are narrow minded and lack structure. You claim to be feminist and an activist. You are no more different than an Internet bullying troll. You freely want to call Pohnpeian women "idiots" because they are not protesting the streets and rallying issues but rather celebrating International women's day by dancing. Just because people have a different way of celebrating their rights doesn't make them "idiots". Why can't they celebrate by dancing because at least women in our society is not as oppressed as you make them out to be. But as you said you own and say things consciously so how do you think Pohnpei women who are reading this will make of you by calling them "idiots"!.

    You say you have "current credit and background check" and don't like to hide or being anonymous. Is that why you also have your social number and date of birth freely available on the net? Where is your sense of security? I forgot that you are an expert so you may have put it out there for a bait.

    Good luck with facing Pohnpei women on the streets after calling them "idiots!".
  • What is another term for close minded and misinformed people....idiots!
  • Stir up the pot. I will stand my ground and you see my face. Way to add to the ignorant culture of objectifying women as property and now little fights!?? Wake up!
  • Genesis Clinic is the only major insurance scam here in FSM. Without Genesis, lives can still be saved. Genesis is not interested in saving lives but sucking money out of people's pocket.
  • Your ego and childish threat is weak. Remember that DoD hacking incident back a couple of years ago, everyone my previous job have identity monitoring free of charge for a long long....long, long time. :)
  • @Pawnstar, what do you call a person threatening a US citizen USA Army veteran? Any threat here can be classified as a terrorist act. Lmao... keep writing. I am taking screenshots.
  • This guy clearly believes he has more right to speak here trash talking the female candidate and not another female. Go figure.

    #Women history month #BeBoldforChange!
  • May I ask that you don't waste the PMO's time and get off this site and back to work?
  • @judge, you are quite an expert at misguiding the mind in here. Lol..."Good luck with facing Pohnpei women on the streets after calling them "idiots!"."

    So from that one statement, you come up with the general statement. Where did you go to law school? Enlighten me with your background. We're on a person-to-person conversation now. Let's leave the general public alone and see where we both stand with these two female candidates, free bus rides and just women right in general.
  • When was the last time you collaborated with women and help them write a resume to get a job or give a friendly advice to someone going through domestic violence. How about the number of women you stood up for when they face sexual assault?

    Did you know that most women movement are also stopped by women due to pressure from the society and men like you?
  • sshh women need men.
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