So, it seems we were all wrong on Donald Trump at the last minutes of the campaign. We thought the last minute tracking polls in the critical battle states of Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio would go to Hilary Clinton to stick.

Now this Trump guy has shown once again that his presidential campaign defies conventional presidential election political wisdom, from the primaries to the general elections. What is so curious about his victory is that he never actually articulated most of his major campaign platform, from economic recovery to restoring US prestige in the international arena, and yet the voters seem willing to give him a chance to try his ideas out, partly because of his opponents history of controversial ethical issues.

A question that immediately comes to mind is the fact that the FSM has recently hired a Washington DC law firm to start helping lobbying for the FSM's desire to re-negotiate the existing FSM-US Compact of Free Association, as amended. Was the hiring of the DC firm a bit hasty, done on the assumption of the past weeks that the Democrats would come back to power under a Hilary presidency, or does that matter? Can the firm navigate through the tricky lobbying waters in DC under either a Republican or Democratic administration?

As we saw, most of our FSM citizens, especially those living in the US< actually prayed against a Trump presidency because of their reliance on US public assistance traditionally associated with Democratic governments. Even FSM anti Donald Trump internet critics, like Sakasaka of Texas and Vid Radior of Hilo, did not hesitate to post predictions for their Democratic candidate, Ms Clinton.

If anything, we have seen unconventional candidates winning their country's presidential posts, who start out with radical directions for their governments, like the current PHilippine President, Duterte, and Venezuela's late President Hugo Chavez. Would this new American president Trump be anything like those, or would he first try to restore his country's economic sustainability while also restoring America's prestigae around the world without having to press the nuclear buttons somewhere down the course of history, in an effort to reassert America's eroding dominance in the Western Pacific?

The FSM has a lot to do to catch up with President Donald Trump's new style of governing. We need to confirm our Washington DC Ambassador, organize our FSM Compact Renegotiating Committee, amend a lot of provisions of the Compact to make sure American does not tryy to totally walk away from its moral obligations to develope and sustain the FSM's economy, including the growing number of young Micronesianns who are no longer able to continue attending schools because of inadequate resources and preparations under the Amended Compact, and so forth.


  • So, it seems we were all wrong on Donald Trump at the last minutes of the campaign.

    If I can be so presumptuous to a new member, whom are the we you refer to as being all wrong. Besides, of course, you, KayKan, NextGeneration, narsirom, KTS and Stacey09, who it appears all joined the forum in the past half hour or so.

    Pray tell. And welcome to you all.
  • Some of the main reasons Donald Trump won the election:
    1. Make America great again. During 8 years of Obama administration, the US went from the 1st militarily, economically, and morally to the last. He gave away the country to the illegal aliens, Muslims, Chinese, gays, unbelievers, and etc.
    2. Get rid of the illegal aliens and Muslims.
    3. Build a wall between the US and Mexico to keep the illegal aliens out.
    4. Get rid of the Obama care.
    5. Friendly with Israel not the Arabs.
    6. Rebuild the US Military
    7. Get rid of or renegotiate the Trade Agreements
    8. Take care of the Christians, not the Muslims.
    9. Cut the welfare and create jobs for the US citizens
    10. Keep the US companies in the US
    11. Bring back jobs from outside

    Hiring of the DC Law Firm to renegotiate the Compact is a waste of time and money. There is nothing to renegotiate. The Compact Agreement is not ending only the financial assistance part in which it will be replaced by the Trust Fund. What we need to do is to concentrate on our economy by make best use of our limited resources and stop wasting them on wasteful projects.
  • Trump was the only candidate beside the black doctor candidate who reached out to Micronesia and American Samoa. Google it.

  • Did Taxi Womw just become rogol? This is his post after the Nov Election
  • If it matches verbatim, either you are right or it was cut and pasted. All the names I listed above joined the forum for the first time within the past 12 hours. Could it be a mass renaming of Chuukese politicians? Only the Russians know!
  • Illegal crossing the Mexican American border is down by 40%. Sanctuary cities face the garot and stick tactic, get in line or lose your fundings, keep disregarding the law and no more federal funds.
  • The whole Trump will deport micros was over exaggerated. His agenda is to secure the border, create jobs, defeat isis, put a stop to illegals breaking American laws, rebuild up the military. All in all Make America great again. Not one single Micronesian has been deported by ICE.
  • cut welfare will make life harder for all low income earners..
  • about time to support your own weight.
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