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  • dual is kaput again.
  • Sorry Timid:

    I didn't see your post until now. Anyway, the reason why I do not want the dual citizenship is because; first I was born a Micronesian, (Pohnpeian). This is my identity and my freedom. If I choose to be otherwise, I would supported and voted affirmatively the move at the moment. 2. All my family up to children now are Micronesian (Pohnpeian) except 7 of my grand children who were US Citizen by birth. I want to give them the freedom when they reach their required age to decide whether or not they would remain to be US Citizen, this is their right. 3. I have known and Pohnpeian half Japanese whose mom was Pohnpeian and Dad was Japanese and after the warII he went off with his Dad only to return to claim land properties. And because of being a non Citizen he worked hard for years to become a citizen. When he finally became a Citizen, became the rightful owner of the land and as soon as this happened he sold his lands. Those children who are now US Citizens do you think they will ever come back to Micronesia? I believed 1% to none. And when they hold the dual citizenship status, they would do the same as the story I had related. This is only my opinion and so as few of the Micronesian voters.

    By the way, I lost track of the move, they dual citizen passed by the voters? If not then what would happen to the law that Microspring14 mentioned?
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    DC - It's official, only 25% of the total ballots is Yes! FAILED.
  • Federated States Of Micronesia Voters Again Reject Dual Citizenship

    Most incumbent 2-year members of congress returned by voters

    POHNPEI, Federated States of Micronesia (Kaselehlie Press, March 15, 2017) –

    Last week voters in the Federated States of Micronesia turned out to elect their representatives for the two-year seats in the FSM Congress and to decide whether or not the Constitution should be amended to allow for dual citizenship.

    The National Election Commission has already sent a letter to President Peter Christian with the certified results of the election.

    In his letter to the president, the national election director, Tony Otto, explained that the results were a bit delayed because the State of Chuuk was late in sending its final results.

    The proposed constitutional amendment to allow dual citizenship failed to pass. For a constitutional amendment to be passed, 75 percent of the voters in the states need to vote “yes” to amending the Constitution.

    Eighty-five percent of Kosrae voters voted for the amendment, but Pohnpei’s votes fell short of the standard by 4.79 percent and only 61 percent of Chuuk’s voters approved the amendment. In Yap, it was only 52 percent.

    Kosrae’s representative to the FSM Congress for the next two years will be incumbent Paliknoa K. Welly, who ran unopposed for the seat. Pohnpei has three two-year seats. Incumbents Ferny S. Perman and Esmond Moses will occupy two of those seats. Dion G. Neth will take the seat currently occupied by Sen. Berney Martin.

    Chuuk has five two-year seats. Voters chose Florencio Singkoro Harper, Victor “Vicky” Gouland, Tiwiter Aritos, Doresio Konman, and Robson Romolow to take those seats.

    Isaac V. Figir retains his two-year seat for Yap.

    This year’s election offered voters the opportunity to potentially select the first two women to serve in the FSM Congress. Though the women made a good showing in the election, voters did not choose them.

    The Kaselehlie Press
    Copyright © 2017 The Kaselehlie Press. All Rights Reserved
  • Garim, continue celebrating because your Yap is 52% and the FSM's dissolution will only be hastened. This will be good for us all to have four different countries. We can localize each one's backwardness.
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    Thumbs up micro! I was expecting it to be much less than 52%.
  • Lol @ micro's "We can localize each one's backwardness." Quip of the Week.
  • The nay votes on DC also reflects insecurities in their current job positions in Government and land possession among siblings. Imagine the flood of Micro-Americans generation x and millennials this bill will bring in. Those open government jobs will be filled with over-qualified candidates.

    Time will change and soon enough Micronesian families will have more kids of foreign citizenships. Does anyone have a rough count of full Micronesian foreign citizens in the other Pacific island counties? I cannot find the census at the WA FSM embassy. Their registration form is very long. I quit halfway through. They need radio buttons and drop-down selections. Any info is highly appreciated.

    @Factsmatter, thanks for the share.

  • What number of attempt was this? Fourth? Anyhow, someday this may go through but the day has not arrived just yet. We must live with the result and not blame anyone about it. The people have spoken and so life goes on. I was against the move because what I have stated and surprised that a lot more Micronesian voters had the similar or probably the same thoughts as I did. Sadly for all that supported the change, it failed and that is that. I hope that in the future after the Financial Assistance from the USA ceases that things maybe different.
  • It is obvious that Micronesians approved of the amendment, as evident by the majority vote. However, because of the 75% approval requirement, it cannot be implemented. So personally, I feel that it is not fair.

    But we must respect our existing laws of the land. This, dual citizenship sadly remains prohibited in FSM.

    Much respect to those who do not like the idea to amend our constitution to allow dual citizenship. Now what?
  • "Now what", no sweat pwipwi. Let's go separation and we deal with it on our own terms. That was what the framers envisioned, I think.
  • lol@separate. Pwipwi, I can only advocate for c section, I don't know about secession just yet. Give ten good reasons why we should and I'll give a thousand why not.
  • Lol @ kinen's secession or c-section. Whatever happened to natural childbirth?
  • Come on factsy, c section is pwipwi sinbad idea. He may have shares in its performances.
  • Brace yourself pwipwi sinbad. Here are the 10 good reasons we should separate,
    1) Sa chipwang ren àkàpich me ren nenginin states.
    2) Sa chipwang ne efesira netipen chon ekkan states.
    3) Sa chipwang ren inetingawen monien federation.
    4) Sipue pusin mwökut fan emwenien Nouwis ir pukun chon Chuuk. Ir mi pusin weweiti nonomuch/manawach.
    5) Sipue pusin pesei öreniach kewe rete nikatomotom seni federation.
    6) Sipue pusin angei feioöchun ikä feie-ngawen pusin ach föför.
    7) Sipue pusin approach DC issue with our own unique Chuukese way, if the issue ever appears again.
    8) Sa kuna tawe-ngawen ei federation ikenai. May not be able to sustain us anymore.
    9) Federation is too expensive already. What was supposed to be a watchdog is now the master dog.
    10) Önu me aramas rese tongeni nonom fengen non ew kukumosun emwicheich. Önu epue ochei aramas ikä aramas repue tef.
  • Not good enough to convince many.

    Sipwe chok ekkesiwini non ekiekin nouwis, Ika uwanong those that care
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