• You don't do lawsuit on forums Nasak,
    Go to the cortrum to do your lawsuit. Till then report outcome to dis forum. I/we am patiently waiting to help you NOT celebrate. Have a clam day.
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    Am I doing a lawsuit? I am bringing out what needs to be out in the open hoping for a good resolution to take place. Yes, there will be a lawsuit if Chuuk doesn't care to allow its respected citizens to exercise their legal right to vote. What is your issue with it anyway? Are you one of those people who failed to carry out their duty? If you aren't, then, please, stop replying to my posts. I am not here to pick a debate with anyone. I am hoping for a resolution to this injustice done to the Chuukese here in the U.S.
  • By the way, what is a cortrum? I thought it is called courtroom, but then again, maybe it is called cortrum.
  • Sorry the DC did not make it to 75%! DEAD!
  • You just did, Nasako, pick a debate on dis forum and you don't choose who participates or who doesn't. That's everyone's decision to make, like it or not. Adios Amiga.
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    To the person hiding under the fake name 7040, thank you for helping me realize I am pissing against the wind blowing in your face. Ooops! Sorry, I didn't mean to. Feel free to inbox me your real name if you wanted to. By the way, did you read my comments, or are they too difficult for you to chew and swallow? National Election Commission office told someone who has contacted them about these ballots that these ballots on Dual Citizenship were sent to each state election commission office to send to their registered absentee citizens. When someone called the elected commission office in Chuuk asking about these ballots, the director of that office told the person on the phone the ballots were not sent to the registered Chuukese absentee in the U.S because he didn't think they wanted to vote on the dual constitution amendment. Yes, let's play stupid. Did you ask what does secession have to do with withholding the ballots on dual citizenship from the registered Chuukese here in the U.S? Chuuk knew having the dual citizenship amendment passed will restrain Chuuk from going through the famous secession planned for 2018. How can you be that oblivious to the dirty politics that have been played in Chuuk for what appears to be ages?!
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    Kinen, facts are not debatable. If you read my comments/posts carefully, you will learn, they are not opinions but facts. Like I said, I didn't enter this forum to debate, I came here to inform that's all.
  • So speaking of a Japanese name called Nasako. And explain what yir means please? Or is it the content of your convoluted cranium been cracked by Satan dressed by the hells angels.

    You are mired in pitiless mud trying to defend the indefensible. You see you are kicking holes with your fork toungue mixing the bible and FSM politics in an alphabet soup like the satanic verses by Rushdie. So God is on your side eh? How absurd you can not even determine the origins of the two quotes in my previous email.

    Stop being a self appointed rep for the Chuukese people. Bring your court case and we shall see how it stands. It is only a perpetration of your own illusion, a toothless tiger.

    Have fun Ms. Lawyer.

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    Hahaha, okay Yir! Lol. What does my proud Japanese name have to do with your Yir? lol. This case has already been long discussed as we speak by the way. God is on the side of the just, that's a fact; it is Biblical. It is not an opinion. Didn't you know that already? I thought you did. You must be one of the goddess/gods of hell since you know so much about
  • A toothless tiger? Let me think of a better metaphor than toothless about a mindless tiger? That fits you

    Go to bed Yir. lol
  • Hey Sue, I mean Nasako, if you like to sue, sue yourself for falsely accusing Chuuk.
  • Sorry Yir, truly, I am sorry. I didn't mean to offend you.
  • Sinbad, you must be the one in those people's feces, not me, since you know so much about them. You must have been there, or perhaps you are still there. You sound like it as a matter of fact. By the way, you need a thick skin to read my posts, or else don't read them, please.
  • 7040, thank you for the suggestion; I will do and will take Chuuk along with me since I am a pure 100%
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    7040, please notice, you can't debate with my info. since they are all facts, not opinions. Even my identity and personal profile are facts. You suggested I sue myself, okay, I will, but that just means suing Chuuk, as well since Chuuk and I are inseparable. Chuuk is in me. I am a product of Chuuk. However, if I sue Chuuk, Chuuk alone will be sued since Chuuk is not a product of me. I am not in Chuuk; I am in the U.S. lol
  • Nasako I do not need an apology I have seen Satan dressed in many forms. My name is not important as I do not need people to massage my ego. I am a God' s bitch unlike you.
  • Goodnight my beautiful spirited commenters. May God bless all of you and bestow special graces upon each and every one of you! Hugs and kisses....night.
  • I love you Yir. Take care and May God bless you and take good care of your ego. You need it to be cared for by God. Believe me, I know how important that is. I have been there. Without God, life is nothing but hell on earth. Good night and God bless you.
  • We wont get anywhere on advancing PL 19-70 by berating each other on this site. This issue is as real and dear to thousands of FSMers as it can be.
    This is a national issue that needs national attention. As an advocate for this amendment, i will keep fighting for it for as long as i remain on earth. If we want real solution, we must contribute to finding it...together.
  • Nasako, your imaginary idol of a god must have been retarded and senile unlike my GOD. She must be crazy!
  • Lol@chuchu, pwise and lipweirir.

    Nosako, please stop! Good luck on your lawsuit!
  • Yir, yes, I am crazy, am crazily in love with my Chuuk State (and the whole F.S.M), their elected government leaders, and citizens. My love for all of them is driving me crazy! No kidding. Hahaha....I love them so much I long to see justice, goodness, respect, loyalty, patriotism, especially honesty and holiness to reign in their land and among themselves both home and abroad, for their own GOOD!

    Like I said, the fruit of goodness is good itself; the fruit of evil-doing is evil! When you love someone, you only want what is good for that person, right? But then again, you might have a "safiluk" (Sorry about my Namolukese idiom) philosophy of goodness. You might think goodness means to cheat on the election, so you can attain your own personal goal and gain personal gratification. To me, goodness is something beneficial I do for others more than for myself, for when I see others happy, it makes me happy too.

    What are you people so upset about? If you are literate enough, please re-read my posts from the beginning to the end. I am asking for the injustice done to the registered Chuukese Communities in the U.S whose political right to vote was denied by not sending them the ballots to be reversed before this becomes a legal case and gets disciplined in court, so it won't happen again in the near future. It appears this is what has been happening to every election on this particular constitutional amendment of Dual Citizenship and that was why it always failed; mainly, registered voters never gotten the chance to vote on it.

    However, it is not too late to make this right: a re-election on this important constitutional amendment is necessary, so the thousands of registered Chuukese Citizens here in the U.S who didn't get to vote on March 07 because they were denied their ballots can get the chance to exercise their political right and have their voice heard on something as important as Dual Citizenship for F.S.M. It is only fair to reverse this evil done to them and give them the chance to vote in order to call the verdict of this constitutional amendment democratically just and accurate. If Chuuk State and F.S.M National refused to reverse this injustice and crime, then this will became a legal case to prevent it from happening again in the near future. By the way, to all of you commenters, if I happened to offend any of you, cause grief in your hearts, or hurt your feelings with any of my post, please accept my deepest and most heartfelt apology. May God bless all of you and sustain you in holiness and righteousness. Peace...............
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    Nasako, your sense of good and bad is your own perspective and cannot be exported to other individuals. Your bible bashing comments sounds more like an indoctrination leading to what I said earlier-- an attempt to "opiate the masses". So you and your political cohorts have rights, but others who tried to explain the situation to you do not have rights, right? Like I told you earlier, in my previous posts, that the state election commissioner does not need to do anything to assist the FSM on the issue of the DC amendment if he sees that it would disrupt the process of election per Chuuk's priorities, i.e.- state's political candidates. the DC could come as secondary. Do you get the drift? Why don't you for a change try to understand jurisdictional issues. So where in the world your lawsuit stands in the schema of the legal process?

    And please stop your bible bashing comments as it sickens me. Have your own god and I will honor my own GOD. I am one of the supporters of DC, but now you are turning me off the topic. I do not care that much about it anymore. Whatever the people decides then so be it. A handful of voters who claimed that they did not receive their ballots without understanding the given circumstances just have to face the real fact. That is where you failed to understand. I hope you genuinely understand the concepts you raised such as injustice, rights and lawsuit before you drag yourself into the mud. So yes, keep on yelling to disturb the political peace in Chuuk. Shall I continue to be impressed by you?
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    Yir, is that really your name? I'd like to address you by your real name out of respect. May I have your real name please? First and foremost, these are not a "handful" of registered Chuukese people who didn't receive the ballot on the constitutional amendment on Dual Citizenship. Please, re-read my posts.

    Did you say Chuuk doesn't need to assist the national government in sending the ballots to their registered citizens here in the U.S? So, if that is the case, why didn't they tell the national government that, so the national government wouldn't have to entrust to them the responsibilities of sending these ballots to their registered citizens here in the U.S? Plus, why wouldn't Chuuk want to send the ballots to its very own citizens, the very people who put its officials in office to help them? Every state in the F.S.M did that for their absentee constituents. Why wouldn't Chuuk want to do it? Is that a good thing? Are you trying to tell me Chuuk doesn't want to support and unite with the national government in doing what is beneficial for its citizens? I am very disappointed to hear that. I will call the governor of Chuuk to find out why Chuuk refused to assist in sending us the ballots-we deserve to vote on this very important amendment. It should not be secondary-why should it? Now, you are probably saying to yourself, lady, you're seriously crazy, now you are going to call the governor of Chuuk about this???? I bet on your life I will. That's Governor Elimo, right? I talked to him once...had a good talk with him over the phone two days before he postponed Chuuk's secession years back. I called his office and had a good talk with him about what was going on in Chuuk. He is a good man! He truly is!!! I don't mind talking to him again on what happened with the Dual Citizenship ballots.

    You see, like I said, I have no problem getting myself muddy for a good cause. I did it here in the U.S too back in 2015 with my own government officials here in the State of Nebraska and the Head person of U.S Homeland Security. I got muddy too, big time, but thanks be to my God-believing, God-fearing, and holiness-practicing republican and democratic government officials here in Nebraska, the outcome of my getting muddy has benefited not just me, but all of the F.S.M Citizens here in the U.S. A letter of explanation of our constitutional rights and privileges under The Compact of Free Association F.S.M has with the U.S and exemption was put together and sent to the Dept. of Motor Vehicle and other government agencies wherever it was needed to assist F.S.M citizens with their legal right struggles here in the U.S. Then as it was promised to me during my meeting with these beloved, holy and God-fearing republican and democratic government officials (representing Neb. Governor's office, plus Neb. Lt. Governor, my district senator, and the Head rep. of U.S Homeland Security Dept), part of this letter became part of the law of U.S Immigration, acknowledging our exemption from certain U.S law for immigration with an explanation: we enter the U.S as "Nonimmigrants" under the Compact of Free Association we have with the U.S, hence we (F.S.Mers, together with Marshall Island citizens) are not immigrants here in the U.S in Nov. of 2015, a few months later after my meeting with them. During a phone call with the U.S Homeland Security that day I met with them, he told me something will be done in November of that year, 2015, and indeed, it was done! If you looked at when the amendment and changes took place, it took place November 03, 2015. You see, like I said, the fruit of a good tree is goodness itself. U.S Homeland Security officer told me that day, the State Lt. Governor had never called his office before until that day-to discuss and assist with the legal right issue I was facing as a citizen of the Federated States of Micronesia with U.S and Neb. State law concerning new Immigration law. The Neb. Lt. Governor, the Governor, my district senator, and the U.S Homeland Security officer could just forget about me and the legal right issue I was facing since first of all, there are not that many F.S.Mers here in the State of Nebraska, let alone the city of Lincoln-only a couple of us. However, they didn't. They went out of their way to make sure justice was served even for one person who deserves it. Well, now the good fruit of their labor and mine is going to benefit not just me, but thousands of F.S.Mers residing here in the U.S. They are the good tree and the benefit we get from their effort in reaching out to me, one F.S.Mer in their midst is the good fruit they bear. This is the kind of elected government officials/leaders I long to see in my State of Chuuk and the whole F.S.M. I know we have some over there, but we just need to let them known by assisting and supporting them in doing what is right, just, and good. We must side with the good, not the evil.

    Again, concerning the negligence to send the ballots on Dual Citizenship, like I said in my previous post, someone already called the National Election Office asking where are the ballots for the Dual Citizenship amendment-the Chuukese citizens here in the U.S didn't get to vote and now they have already heard the verdict has already come out "Failed again," for the fourth time, but the election National office rep. said these ballots were send to each state to forward them to their registered absentee citizens. They told the person on the phone to contact the state election commission office in Chuuk (Please, re-read my previous posts to enlighten yourself on what happened when someone called the election office in Chuuk, unless you don't understand written English, go ahead and keep repeating yourself like a broken record). The reason this amendment did not pass is because the very people who were expected to vote "Yes" on this amendment were denied their right to vote as if it was done on purpose sadly to say. Was justice served? No. Is that the democratic way to handle an election? No. Is that fair? No. This is my point: justice wasn't served; hence, such crime deserves a lawsuit and believe me, there will be a lawsuit if these Chuukese citizens here in the U.S are not given a chance to exercise their political right to vote on the constitutional amendment on Dual Citizenship.

    By the way, do you think I care about dragging myself into mud doing what is good, right, and just for others? No, I don't care. I know well, advocating for justice, goodness, and righteousness, means to be covered with mud! I don't mind being covered with mud as long as I see goodness and justice flourish in Chuuk and among its citizens both home and abroad.

    Speaking about my God, my God is the God of justice, goodness, love, mercy, and righteousness. He is also the God of holiness, unity for the cause of righteousness, goodness, and justice, and holy anger. I hope you see my point. God bless you!
  • What you want a public medal or public praise for your so called good deeds? The content of the Compact is clear and what you did is just a restating the path already created between the two parties. I can tell you what I did myself, but no I am not into bragging. You can address me whatever name you want as I have no desire to be in the public eye. What is the criminal element you are referring to for prosecuting your case against Chuuk, or is it a criminal case at all? Here we go again, involving your damn small god as what superior to all Gods?

    Chuuk priorities are foremost and FSM cannot dictate to what Chuuk needs to do. Read and understand content of written words as you are side stepping many issues. The reason the DC did not pass is the threshold specified in the FSM Constitution despite Chuuk's efforts. Do you get that? Chuuk does not hold the wild card in the recent DC referendum. Why don't you refer to the result and refer to the language of the Constitution to give you some heads up. Justice? I am shaking my head. Go and and chill out as you are stuck in the lego-political mud. Or better yet call the Chuuk governor and complain. I am sure he will tow your line of thoughts. I
    better go feed my pigs under the rain before they get stuck in the shifting mud. Adios am wasting my time talking to Trump's imaginary wall.

  • Nasako, the elections WERE OVER already, the ballots WILL NOT BE SENT, the Chuukese DID NOT VOTE, they ARE MAD as hell, courtesy of YOU. Now, they are DEMANDING a SPECIAL election for them, courtesy of YOU. But that WILL NOT HAPPEN according to protocol. So what's left for you to DO? ALUKULA or HURRY UP with your lawsuit before the election results are certified. No more awe-kineu won ei forum pun "sa man kirkir ren awe-satum". Good luck again with the lawsuit.
  • you are a Chuukese by blood and American by parasite. Iwe a fakkun murinno kinisou. Met chok mwo ei kese weweiti ren pwan aniimaw chok om? Pwata kese tongeni uwanong non chamwom pwe ruu ekkewe ofesin uttut non Chuuk. Ew an FSM National Government me ew an ewe State Govrnment. Ewe National Election office e nom fan tumunuwen Imao iwe ewe State e nom fan tumunuwen Antasio.

    Ena National Election Office e wisen responsible ren ewe uttutun ewe constitutional amendment, esap Chuuk State Government epwe wisen tiinau remi kana ou nom nukun Chuuk.

    When you called the National Election Office in Pohnpei and they said the state election office, they referred to the National Election Office in the state.

    Go ahead and pursue your case against Chuuk if you wish.

  • Not first Woman elected.....Actually it's the second woman in history elected. The first elected senator was from the same region but different island. The first woman elected senator long time ago, was a woman from Dist#4. thank you.. and God bless you all...
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    Yir, I'd rather get a free ticket to heaven than the public medal. I have enough public medals; I don't need anymore, thank you and God bless you. By the way, may I eat one of your pigs? I miss eating fresh pork meat from the islands. I am tired of frozen pork meat. :) God bless you Yir. I wish I knew who you are. I would like to go out for a cup of green tea with you.

    Kinen, whoever you this your forum? Why don't you want me on here? What did I do to you and the other people on this forum? By the way, I am glad to hear the Chuukese here in the U.S are upset for such injustice done to them. I don't think I stir anything in their heart and mind to get upset. We have already talked about this before I got on this forum. Did you think I am the only one upset about this, they were the ones who told me about it and ask me to help them bring it out in the open because they knew I am not afraid to advocate publicly for the good of the forgotten. I go straight to the main source; I don't peek around the push, and I don't gossip either. What you see is what you get. I am for justice, goodness, and righteousness; my specialty is standing up for the dignity and sanctity of human life in all its forms and its rights. Denying the Chuukese here in the U.S their right to vote on something that will benefit themselves and their children is a CRIME! Period!

    And 7040, thank you for your explanation, but the person who made the phone call to the F.S.M National Office thought that office said it was the Chuuk State Office Election Commission's fault. Thank you for clarifying it for us. I want all of you to know, I am not alone on this. There are many of us. I am the only one speaking about it on here, and there is a good reason why it is planned out the way it is-to do this on here alone: like I said, I don't mind getting muddy. I even used my real name, so I can take all the blames and accusations, bad languages, criticism, etc. I personally don't care what people think of me, as long as what I am doing is right, good, and just in God's eyes. That is all I care about.

    By the way, for the public record (lol...I feel like I am addressing President Trump and the U.S Congress, please, excuse me), I only mentioned what I did for F.S.M with my elected officials and U.S Homeland Security back in 2015 because I wanted Yir to know I don't mind getting muddy for a good cause since she/he brought up the getting muddy thing. It is not because I want to get praised publicly. I could care less about how the public thought of me, or views me; they are not God. To me, life is too short to please the secular world, or the world at large. I'd rather please God than people. May God bless all of you. Keep hiding under your fake names so you can say anything you want to say to me, and I won't know who you are. That is okay. I don't need to know. God knows and that is all matter. Blessings, hugs, and kisses. I love you all.
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    Goodnight to all of you. Sleep tight and please, don't let the bed bug bite. May God bless all of you, and May you all have a grace-filled and blessed Season of Lent!
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