President Trump will give away his presidential salary to charity

US President Donald Trump will donate his $400,000 (£329,620) salary to charity at the end of 2017, his spokesman has confirmed.

And in an unexpected twist, he wants the White House press corps to decide where it should go.

Before taking office, Mr Trump told CBS's 60 Minutes that he would not claim his presidential salary.

It was confirmed that it would be donated after multiple media outlets asked if he was keeping that pledge.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told a press briefing: "The President's intention right now is to donate his salary at the end of the year, and he has kindly asked that you all determine where that goes."


  • Pawnstar, Donald Trump is not your president. I'm sorry to inform you of this. You are on the wrong forum.
  • I voted for him last November, flew to Oregon to do so.
  • edited March 2017
    I wanna have 2 presidents as well!
  • My mistake PawnStar. I had assumed you were a Micronesian citizen. You being an American and not Micronesian explains a lot of your misinformed comments. You don't have much credibility in a forum like this.
  • ^Im a Dual citizen (Micronesians/ FSM&American) my dear @Chaunce. The FSM may not allow dual citizenship but the US does!
  • "The president's intention right now is to donate his salary at end of the year, and he has kindly asked you all determine where that goes," Spicer said at Monday's briefing.

    "The way that we can avoid scrutiny is to let the press corps determine where it should go," he continued, provoking laughter from reporters attending the briefing.
  • You are a dual FSM/American citizen. I'm sure you understand that not a single person in this forum believes that.
    And yes, I do believe Trump will give his salary to charity. It is simply isn't relevant to Micronesia.
  • Like I said the US allows dual citizenship the FSM doesn't but the US does. I ain't the only one who does.

    "the United States is among the most, if not the most, permissive country allowing dual citizenship in the world. It has no regulation whatsoever of whether its citizens can vote, serve in the government of, or fight for a foreign government. They can do so without consequences of any kind."
  • Chaunce I dont give a damn if you approve or not. And so long as we have a COFA and over 7,000-9,000 micros who are American citizen its relevant.
  • I don't think what he saying is false. I'm also a dual citizen of America and FSM. Saipan-Kosrae. I have two passport also. Always carry both when im visiting ksa.
  • @Chaunce if not a single person believe me how come the person above my comment just said what you claim to be " not believable " ? Ignorance is bliss that is why. Try to prove me wrong. The US allows it and yea FSM does not that is why I support the dual citizenship issue because it level the playing fields. Ask those former peace corps workers who have become citizen of FSM through marriage and are taking advantage of this. By this I mean how they/Americans like me can have dual citizenship and you folks in FSM can't.
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