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Commercial Beach Front & Mountain Parcels For Sale or any term Lease. [Advertisement started March 23, 2017]

1. Both parcels are located in Pukusrik, Lelu municipality, Kosrae State, Federated States of Micronesia 96944.

2. Upper [Mountain] parcel is about 49,000 sq.meters. Great for farming and housing.

3. Beach front parcel is about 7,000 sq.meters and can be extended about 400 plus feet back, depending on your back fill.

4. Beach parcel is divided by the main road and it has a mangrove channel flowing in the back, great for kayaking, fishing and crab catching. Also, there's no obstruction of ocean homes across the street. I own both parcels on both sides of the road. Very peaceful!

5. Beach parcel is a short walking distance away from two small resorts and the main bank

6. Beach parcel is considered prime property due to its location and great for commercial building, resort, housing, retail outlets etc...

7. A certain bank wanted a new building and managers residence.

8. I do not have the desire to make a big loan to develop these properties.

9. Both properties are owned by one person.

10. Both properties on sale and for the price of one: $250k total.

Interested individuals can email me here:


  • Chuuk, let's go! We are overcrowding Weno. Let the rowdy ones remain and eat the dust while we the pissful ones go eat the green....Hahahaha good deal!!!!!
  • I meant the ones getting pissed off all the time
  • So about 14,000 sq meters for beach front properties plus 63,000 sq. meters for the mountain side one? Total of 77,000 sq meters divided by $250,000 equals 0.252 cents per square meter? If true then this is way better deal than the $2 per sq. meter land valuation from Asian Development Bank for Public Infrastructure projects.
  • Can you please post pictures also indicate the location on Google Earth map. Thanks
  • cant beat the 0.252 cent per square meter!
  • Hmmm. My calculator shows that the price is actually $3.246 per square meter, not $0.252 per square meter. ($250K divided by 77,000)

    If the rate was $0.252 per square meter, the total price for 77,000 sq. m. would be $19,404, not $250,000.

    If something looks to good to be true, it's usually false.
  • $2.00 PER SQ. M.? Really? No wonder why nobody wants to sell lands to the government here in Chuuk. Who knows, maybe the ADB does not want Chuuk to develop its infrastructure.

    Some people here are very cautious about their land value because if its scarcity. Others simply do not want to give away their lands for whatever reason except as a means to ask for forgiveness when manslaughter is involved.

    Traditionally and customarily, many people kill when fighting over land boundary. Hopefully some people can understand that.

  • Pwipwi sinbad, it's $2.50/sq.meter in the Tonoas Ichimanto Transactions.
  • What do I know.
  • Sounds a bit overpriced for the market. Kosrae just lost its air nauru service, suffered serious blackouts over the last couple weeks, and the population continues to flee the island. While the property description sounds attractive, There is unlikely any commercial development that could invest that type of $ in just the land and recover its investment in a decent period of time. Even the former Nautilus owners ran a raffle instead of a straight sale for a well maintained debt free profitable business.
  • You know alot pwipwi, I only corrected a mistake I made regarding the fee for the Tonoas Ichimanto project.
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