2017 Faichuuk/Tol Electio in review

Kinisou chapur pwe a wesino ach we utut. Nge upwe tirow womi, pwe merei mei murino sipwe nenengni sefani porausen ach we utut pwe sipwe sinei ia sipwe improve-ini me ia.
Awewe chok. ren nouch we master list. Ese wor met mei need an epwe ne update me non? Nge ach kewe polling places, mei namot ach sipwe chok iei ukukun ach kei nenien utut ika sipwe ne ekisano? Nge ifa usun kei ra nom nukun Chuuk, nge ese wor ar special polling place, ina chok ika, met sipwe ne fori ngeni?
Uwa chok watiw kei ekkoch mettoch ren ach sipwe popuweta ach kakapas won, nge en mei tongeni apachata met ka kuna pwe mei murino nge sipwe sopweno, ika mei fen wor mine ka mefi pwe sipwe ne ekesiwini, iwe kutta met epwe tongnei ponuweta ren. Ukan chok i pwan apasa kei, nge ika kose tipeew iwe Kinisou chapur.


  • ES, not only did Chuuk officials spend millions of dollars for legitimate election purposes but they literally wasted a lot more for their own purposes in the guise of "consulting with their constituents" living outside of Chuuk. Such is especially true with Governor Elimo and Lt. Governor Akapito who gathered their Cabinets and the whole Legislature during numerous trips they made to the Mainland, Honolulu, Big Island, Maui, Guam, Saipan, Pohnpei, etc., not once, not twice, but three or more. If we had a sound financial system in the state government they should be able reveal millions of dollars spent/wasted during elections. Following is a list of unallowable therefore, abusive expenditures during the recently rigged election: A. repeated campaign trips to the States of Oregon, Washington, Hawaii-Hono, Hilo, Maui. B. Repeated campaign trips to Guam, Saipan and Pohnpei to a lesser extent. C. Municipal visits in the Lagoon and outer islands. Type II Expenditures: Delivery of ballot boxes to outside polling places and travel and per diem for election officials conducting rigged elections all the way to the mainland, Honolulu, Hilo and Maui, Pohnpei, Guam and Saipan. Travel Authorizations could take nearly two weeks for the benefit of travelers (more per diem) and not for a smooth conduct of the election. Well, enough is said of my illustration but let us look at how and where Chuuk could save money, significantly and tremendously. If we are truly concerned about our State and wish to turn it around from the path towards the suicide cliff we should all man up and agree with unanimity to discontinue absentee polling places in all the aforementioned areas except for those VAAPPs in Weno where outer islanders enjoy their suffrage rights. My two cents, kan.
  • Well ES, if you want to vote, vote absentee by submitting an absentee request to Chuuk State Election Commission and vote by mail. US does not bring ballot boxes to Chuuk or Syria or Israel for its citizens there to vote but by absentee only. To the US such is a waste of resources even though it is the richest country on earth. Congratulations, btw.
  • ES, I thought you solicited ideas and recommendations on how we can improve elections in Chuuk and to a wider extent, in the FSM. I put in my two cents twice only to be met with a high level of indifference on your part and those of last94, sinbad, melvin, Isonge 15, kinen, etc. Your participation on this dialog could mean a lot better to our wreaked havoc financial status. Thank you.
  • Oops! Have I? I admit I am financially, politically and socially corrupt myself so I would not be the one to cast the first stone. I simply go with the flow as long as I am spared a slice of the pie. Hahaja
  • Good day to you Luke
  • Hi Luke, How is it? I appreciate your comments above and I should go along withe the est I could. I agree that we should share ideas to improve election in our states. And I do not intent to dominate the discussion with my own ideas. I wish to have every one included to find better way to improve the system. I did my post in Chuukese to attract all to participate in the discussions. My problem now is that I realize that there are a few who can not communicate in the local language fluently,some are vise versa. Please participate in the discussion and chose your desire language as you wish..
  • Ità tipei ewe election e keran chok wes nge ese wor osukosukan. Except the "Missing names on master list. That is a hard one to remidy.
  • Ewer mei pung rem kinen, nge mei pwan wor kewe ir mei request for absentee vote by mail nge ese niwin nour kewe ballots pwe ese wor niwinin nour kewe affidavit an epwe seal. Ekkoch States a men momong public notary. Met sipwe fori ren kana?
  • Merei pwe ese fair, ese pungh, an ekkoch nenien utut epwe chok wes utut iwe sia sinei pungun utut me non. Nge ekkoch epwe takes week murin sipwap sinei pungun. Merei ese pwan pung an kewe porun nutut repwe transport nepwin, seni nenienn utut ngeni ew nenien anea. Ei a forata an epwe wor ekiekingaw me tipitipmwan ren angangangaw.
  • Kinisou melvin, nge use pay much attention ngeni an national election pun u chok oput ir since that moment they stopped bringing ballot boxes to FSM citizens living abroad. I practically have no interest in them anymore.
  • So what is your position on the idea of discontinuing sending ballot boxes to polling places outside ChuukInstead, everyone votes by mail.
  • Ita epwe wesewesen ifa auchean ei wokisin ngnei an aramas kewe pungun finata tiper non fansoun utut?
    Chuuk Election Law Article XIII

    Section 3. The Legislature shall prescribe by statute a minimum period of voter residency; disqualifications for conviction of crime, mental incompetence, or insanity; and for the protection of voting in the State of Chuuk. "Except as so provided, no resident entitled to vote may be denied the privilege to vote or be interfered with in voting" .ectionLaw

    Mei pung an emon citizen of Chuuk esap utut ika ewe ofesin utut ese tinano an ballots, usun chok kewe ekkoch ra fen utut pwe a wor nenien utut a fisita me nukun ar kewqe wesetan nenien utut?

    Kose mochen awena ei ika mei mwan met ei ngang u kuna?

  • I hope Chuuk leaders don't entertain such election practice. Chuukese treck to Bolling places​ to vote and to ascertain their identity. Take that away and we are doomed.
  • good day to you sinbad as well.
  • Being a Tolian myself, I am proposing to my newly elected/re-elected reperep(s) and sens to consider disallowing the use of VAAPP's (voting at another polling place) in areas outside of Chuuk. I can bet, you and the whole lot of Chuuk would realize tremendous savings should this be carried out. Please comment.
    ES, Mel, sinbad, kinen, last94 Isonge15, et al.
  • LukeNate,
    So what are you suggesting...vote via mail fir all eligible Chuukese residing outside of Chuuk?

    How much does Chuuk spend each election yr on these external VAAPPs? On what exactly? Just trying to see your justification for such potential infringement on Chuukese costitutional right to vote. Tirow pwan kinisou
  • Tremendous financial saving and tremendous sovereign heartbroken. I, myself, consider VAAPP as a token of appreciation/consideration for the other people living away from home for what ever reason (s) they have.
  • A totally unfair proposal to the already suffering constituents residing outside of the State of Chuuk.
  • Yes, unfair if Chuuk State Government yanks away from us the right to vote altogether. However, by way of this proposed amendment, we still maintain our Constitutional voting rights provided we satisfy such voting requirements as prescribed by law. My peneinei Kinen put forward the contention that it is "tremendous financial saving and tremendous sovereign heartbroken" with which I do sympathize. Well, maybe so if we are totally stripped of with our suffrage rights but we are not. We would only send ballot request to CEC by filling certain CEC Voting Standard Forms to be provided for by same Entity and off you go! voting by mail. Move on to the next question of how much money has been spent/wasted on elections and related matters. As indicated earlier in my previous posting I was reflecting on the number of purportedly claimed elections-related trips that I know of made by the Governor/Lt.Governor and other officials to the States of Oregon, Washington and Hawaii-Oahu, Maui and Big Island including Guam, Saipan and Pohnpei and countless of municipal meetings where bigger bills are broken into one-dollar bills for their audience-impressing"teechap". Now, from what I witnessed by myself during those USA extravagances there were 12-15 officials going on each of those three trips and figure out how much is wasted on plane fare and how much waste on car rentals and last but noway is it the least, PERDIEM! (Eg. 12 officials X $150.00 PD X $5,000 air ticket ea. X12 Days X 4 Car Rentals @ $600 ea.=$85,000) at the minimum. Multiply $85,000 by 3 Trips, it is a whopping $255,000, more than quarter of a million dollars. This figure alone does not include dollar spent/wasted for trips to Guam. Saipan Pohnpei and the countless "erimerim" visits to the municipalities. So, SakaSaka, won't you agree that we are not only lamenting over small monies but millions? I am more than willing to provide more as you may want more.Thanks again.
  • ...don't know if my friends on this forum haven't seen my post three days ago regarding my poroposed amendment to the State Election Law now that none of them has commented on it. kinen, sakasaka and inukei have raised concerns regarding potential deprivations of their voting rights resulting from my proposal. Please read my response and comment.
  • Give us time to digest please.
  • Maybe not total "yank away" but compromised voting rights. As witnessed by the national "mail voting" practice, a FEW literate/capable individuals are ok with it but the marginalized mass is unfairly compromised. Service the greater numbers for greater satisfaction.
    The trips,
    Official, they can make up reasons to justify purposes​. They have the authority. Different money source, different justification. Many travelers. Not Constitution mandate.
    VAAPP, specific reasons​ for specific purpose. Specific money source.
    If you allowed Tolese to VAAPP on Weno, why would you not allow Tolese to VAAPP in Or. Not fair.
    I sincerely pray we don't entertain the idea.
  • I am sorry kinen but I can hardly read you loud and clear. Please be a little more forthright with your argument. BTW, I am Tolean and not Tolese.
  • The right to vote is enumerated in our FSM constitution. So long as you are a FSM citizen, you have every right to register and vote. Access to excercise such right should be made easier for all eligible voters irrespective of locations..not harder. What should be legislated are the electoral/procedural nuances associated with election activities..i.e campaigning, polling, traveling, etc..to reduce waste of govt funds by incumbent candidates.
  • pwipwi Sakasaka, you sound like I propose an elimination of voting rights for the people of Chuuk. Please note that the intent is simply to vote by mail to cut down on resource abuses by officials of Chuuk State, as simple as that. I trust that you don't want to be looked at as a carpetbagger who seeks benefits only and no giving. What you give to the State by means of paying for postage for your ballot's return is like giving back to the people of Chuuk.
  • Sorry LukeNate, maybe not a total "yank away" of the right to vote but that "right" will be unfairly compromised immensely by the proposal.
    We can learn from the national gov't "vote by mail" scheme that only a few literate/capable individuals are ok with it but the many marginalized no so capable individuals are finding it difficult to exercise their voting rights. Serve the greater numbers for greater satisfaction. You claimed that we could save more money and reduce gov't abuse if we vote by mail. You are proposing an infringement on people's constitutional rights to vote for some scenario you may not know if it will work.
    Officials​ will still travel whether we vote by mail or not. That's their baby. Money for travel is budgeted every year and is spent at the disgression of the officials.
    VAAPP budget money is heremarked for VAAPP activities only.
    If you would allow Tolean to VAAPP, Weno, why would you not VAAPP Tolese, Or.? Not fair, not right.
    BTW, I'm Tolese and you are Tolean, who's the legit?
  • Wow, I hate writing long posts.
  • Luke, when you talk about vote by mail not VAAP what are the problems presently associated with VAAP during the previews elections?Can any of those be change with good an right way of administrating voting in those areas? Isn't there any simple and solutions?
    To me, I think we need to increase or establish more polls with good changes to reduce cost. I agree with you that cost saving should be implemented.
    I am totally agree with Saga on this,
    "The right to vote is enumerated in our FSM constitution. So long as you are a FSM citizen, you have every right to register and vote. Access to exercise such right should be made easier for all eligible voters irrespective of locations..not harder. What should be legislated are the electoral/procedural nuances associated with election activities..i.e campaigning, polling, traveling, etc..to reduce waste of govt funds by incumbent candidates."
    Let make the recommendations to improve it but not abolish it.
    Thanks Luke.
  • What is your solutions for these concerns.
    “We would only send ballot request to CEC by filling certain CEC Voting Standard Forms to be provided for by same Entity and off you go! voting by mail.”

    My Answer:
    This a good idea in some cases. But there are some loop holes associated with the sending request, receiving request, sending ballots and receiving ballots. The present system need to be improve.

    Ika oupwe chechemeni pwe a fen fis non ekkoch election a past pwe a wor request a send ngeni ewe election commissioner nge ese tour pokiten ese wor pusin an ewe election office box. Ra chok share fengen me kewe ekkoch office.

    A pwan wor ekkoch kewe ballots a tori ewe election office nge murin ewe cut off date pwe ese wor chon pickup me non ewe post office on time.

    During the last election, ina sia kuna me non an ekkoch comments, pwe kewe ballots mei send out ngeni voters nge ese return pwe ewe affidavit mei momong me non ekkoch kewe neni ika state me non US.

    Nge ika pwe iei sia sinei pwe more voters are residing outside of Chuuk State, who is responsible to ensure that the people have access to vote in every election upon request? If the request to vote is send to the election Commissioner, does the election commissioner have to send the ballots or establish a special polling place in that location?

    How can we deal with the above with less cost and to ensure that the people exercise their voting right?

    Your comments:
    What does the law said about the special polling places? Do we have to have it or not? Can the system be modified or change to meet the need of the people, for the people, and by the people?

  • ES, those loose ends could be addressed in the amendment should the Legislature be pressured to entertain it. During public hearings in Chuuk or abroad, hopefully if Chuukese residing outside are lucky enough, amendment proponents including the public should be encouraged to bring all of the above to light in order to allow those loose ends meet. Whose responsibility is it to request for, fill out and send absentee request/ballot? It should be the sole responsibility of us voters to each send request to Chuuk Election Commission for absentee ballot, all by mail. No more da kine-from Chuuk candidates or relatives fill out your request in absentia, forge your signature and fraudulently turn it in. All of these will have to stop if we are serious about the integrity and propriety of the election process in Chuuk.............my two-cents.
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