VP for FSMTC will be giving $ million dollar project #4 to Chinese partner


Already many trips by his partner to Chuuk to survey island.


  • http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=21jc6dv&s=9#.WOyr5XR9JnE

    Picture Chinese partner. Big commission for every project.
  • He always looking for ways to make money for himself at telecom expenses.
  • Who benefit from this, people Of FSM or two business partners in picture?


    Where money go for sharing FSMTC network? Who's pocket is filled? This is not family business.
  • Solar and backup batteries last 5 to 24 years before they replaced as you see in the links I paste below. When he become VP, he change all solar and back up batteries with his Chinese partner.

    Only one problem, all batteries only 3 years old when he replace. Big money to replace all batteries.

    Solar batteries cost up to $50k one setup and depend on your system. So think how many setup telecom have and think how much money wasted to replace when no need. I make you guess why he do this.


  • Where is the Board of FSMTC, are they blind? Rip-Corder, bring your grievances to the Board and proof or make your case to them that some payoff is being made. They oversee the ethics and operations of FSMTC management. If you don't want to blow your cover, do it anonimoulsly.
  • paki, someone in the board is protecting him. How do you think he can still keep doing what he is doing.

    Just like he spit in everyone's face when he sell those lights to telecom and have balls to install at his house and his new business place and also to his brother who put on Sokehs mountain road.

  • http://www.pita.org.fj/index.cfm?action=news&cmd=view&id=87CF5A84-5254-005C-8E7200D389ACCB11

    Why this never come up on Kaselehlia Press? We help out another country and it supposed to be big news but nothing in our local news?

    This is our public company but we don't know what is going on.
  • Why we allow one selfish person destroy our company? We are full of shit.
  • Who are the "we" in the last comment? Kids of this generation are well informed and protesting in the streets against corruption. Be a little specific and careful, lots of strings in this web of mess. Don't forget to leave a little dignity. A friendly advice :)
  • It is very bad that Freddy Perman inlaw is Len Isotoff and he is the chairman of telecom board. I think he is maybe the reason why he always get away with what he is doing. Maybe they are both partner.
  • The FSMTC right now is currently bleeding millions every year in losses. I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't already asking the FSM National Government to subsidize its old and failing business model. If it weren't for the World Bank grants, they would most likely be bankrupt and not be able to roll out new and better services.

    Decentralization of FSMTC and adopting a similar successful model used for the Utilities Corporation of all the FSM States should be considered as an alternative option.
  • My concern regarding this discussion mainly points towards the comment on FSMTC sharing its Core Network Infrastructure with Tuvalu. From the top of my head, does the FSM National Government have policies in place to allow such an action by FSMTC?

    Did FSM Congress set forth a bill during any of its sessions basically approving such a monumental Corporate and National decision such as this? Correct me if I am wrong but this does not seem legal in any sense where FSMTC is allowed to do as they please without proper consent from our country's Leadership to share what is essentially the Nation's Core Mobile Network Infrastructure.

    Please keep in mind that Congress allocated several million dollars to accommodate FSMTC's new Mobile Network.

    If I have erred and jumped to a conclusion that is false, can someone please clarify?
  • Something else to ponder upon is whether there was any financial significance to the sharing of this Core Network Infrastructure. FSMTC or otherwise? This is a very curious situation that the public needs to be aware of especially since it does seem like there is a third party involved as shown in the picture.
  • @RipCorder...Interesting! So what do we, the FSM, get out of this sharing of our mobile core network system? As long as he's finding more ways of generating revenue for FSMTC's growth then I don't see why not...
  • Why not what? Allow a legacy ISP insfrastructure to overcharge people on 10GB or LESS of fiber throughput? That bandwidth cannot suffienciently service a college esp when the whole world is going towards online hosting/storage and virtualization.

    The issues is lack of basic infrastructure upgrades or a routing issue along with lousy customer service leaving hundreds of customers with out of service phone lines for months! This is not a matter of business quality services or conduct but integrity and ethics. Keep the paying customers informed and allow competition. Cornering the whole country to an organization that doesn't let the media in to ask question on behalf of paying customers and concerned citizens for decades is ridiculous. Just come up with monthly updates and let the people know what they are paying for. It's very simple and easy.

    You know... rebooting routers and resetting mobile 4G phones to get services is not a norm. There is much work to be done on their layer 3. The cost now is $400 plus for less than 5MBps while it's $19 for 65MBps anywhere else. It's like paying rent for internet services with blackout atleast 2 hours every week. I have logged 2-10 hours of weekly outages.

    I would urge sharing the core network to give the country another option. This monopoly doesn't guarantee 24/7 service or that you can get what you pay for. If you have a business or home service that has no outages each week, let me know. I haven't seen any at home, on my mobile data, school or government. That's a good reason to allow competition. I know another company can do better.

  • @coconut691...I have no qualms about sharing the Nation's Core Network Resources. Unfortunately, what I do have concerns about are regarding the issues surrounding this situation.

    I made several inquiries to key people in the National Government and former employees of FSMTC and what is curious about this is not one of them had any knowledge regarding this situation.

    This brings up a lot of concerns especially since 2 people shown in the picture have been accused of having a personal business relationship. What's more is that until now, no one has even heard there of FSMTC sharing its network resources and this has been ongoing since Oct. 2015.

    So for that matter, is FSMTC really generating revenue and if so, who for since this does not seem to be in any way or form something that FSMTC did in its official capacity. If it had, we the people would have known about this through FSMTC's official website or through Kaselehlia Press instead of seeing it in this forum.

    Bill Jaynes, what is your take on this?
  • One other thing @coconut691, there are international policies and standards that have to be taken into consideration when you share your Core Network Infrastructure. So too should there be a need for a complete MOU safeguarding our best interests. The VP/COO cannot unilaterally decide on this milestone of a decision without legislation approval. FSMTC has not yet been liberalized nor is it a privately owned corporation for such an action to have taken place.

    Still waiting for a response from you Bill Jaynes.
  • concernedmicronesian, I'm afraid that you've caught me flat footed.

    This afternoon I just happened to look at Micronesia forum for the first time in a long time ever since someone seems to have been determined to make it a Trump site. I just happened to stumble across this thread this afternoon.

    I read the the nearly two year old press release that ripcorder posted but I didn't understand the problem with it other than that I hadn't seen it before. Like you, it was never on my radar until I saw this thread, and I'm still not certain that even after reading the press release, I understand what the heck they were talking about and why saving money would be an issue IF, in fact, saving money is what is happening.

    Whenever I have known what to ask, FSMTC has USUALLY been cooperative. There has not been a barring of media but, like a lot of entities in the FSM, there hasn't been a great deal of proactive information sharing either.

    Please, in future, if you are going to call me out on this forum, at the bottom of a thread that I may or may not have read, it'd be really helpful if you could contact me to let me know that I should have a look so that I'll know it is there. I'm not hard to reach. My email address is on the front page of every newspaper, as is my cell phone number, my office phone number, and the website url (www.kpress.info) which has a contact us section.

    Arm me with information and I'll know what to ask. Then I'll be able to do some research so that I can learn what the issues are. It's impossible to be an expert on everything and I'm certainly not an expert on telecommunications issues as the posters on this thread seem to be.
  • Hi Bill, thank you for responding to my comment. I understand that there doesn't seem to be any problem with the 2 year old press release however my concern here is why Kaselehlia Press or the Nation in itself did not have any prior information on this subject until it was posted on this forum.

    This was a milestone for the Nation as well as FSMTC however why was there no transparency. As this VP has already been accused of utilizing his position for personal gain, this subject needs to be scrutinized.

    Would you be able to question the Department of TC&I if they had any knowledge regarding this? I'm concerned that even the Board of FSMTC is not aware of this. If this is true, then someone is basically withholding information for a purpose we do not know about and could most likely be personal rather than professional.

    I have it under good advisement that this VP is also the reason for the delay in the World Bank funding for the Fiber Project for Yap and Chuuk. Is his personal interest in the company the reason for this lengthy delay? It has been nearly 3 or 4 years since the World Bank discussions and yet this Fiber Project has been stonewalled.

    If FSMTC is so against Liberalizing the Market, why are the using the same business process that World Bank offered to them for an Open Telecom Market?

    With your credentials, it would be easier for you to access this information. Please look into this and inform the Nation of your findings.

    Thank you.
  • Ok, now that PawnStar has been given a timeout, I feel it is time to get back to addressing a travesty.

    After some investigation, I found out that you can actually purchase these solar lights directly from Freddy Perman. These solar lights will cost you in upwards of $2,000.00.

    As far as I can tell, there are over 10 solar lights in the Pohnpei telecom compound and probably more in the other States.

    So can anyone tell me how this guy pitched and caught a $20,000.00 check for solar lights that I am informed had no justification? Yes, solar lights are a great investment but how soon will telecom recuperate $20,000.00? What was the justification, line the pocket of the CEO?

    The bigger question here is how did this guy pull off such a sneaky move prior to him becoming the CEO?

    Board members, please hire a Vice President for the Corporation so there can be a check and balance.
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