List of Elimo/Akapito Cabinet Members Submitted to the House of Senate

The Elimo/Akapito Cabinet members remains but only a few deputy directors have shifted from some departments. Health director remains but Winiplat Bisalen is nominated to be the deputy director. Transportation director remains but Sison Jacky is nominated to be the deputy director. Marine Resouces director remains but Binasto Ruben is nominated to be the deputy director. Agriculture director remains but Kichy Joseph is nominated to be the deputy director. And the former deputy directors are now Special Assistant to the governor.

Our CSL House of Senate needs to deliberate and confirm nominations accordinly. I only wish that our senators confirm cabinet members that are qualified to the respective positions and not play politics no more. We need to work together for the betterment of our Chuuk.


  • May we have the list please
  • Mwa kewe chok director repwe angang wor nge kewe deputy resap pwan angaqng wor ika met we? Iwe ese pwan i wor question pwe 2 me Faichuuk ok chok. 2 me Mortlock pwan ok jok. 1 me Northern Namoneas pwan ol jok. 1 me southern Namoneas pwan ok jok. iwe pewan 1 me Northwest pwan ok jok. Iwe a wes. close discussions. Vote 9-1. lol
  • In that case not change why reorganize on the deputy, the directors they are the one needs to change for example public health need to change or else still running handicap you think so?
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