May 10 today is FSM Constitution Holiday

It's almost midnight here in Kolonia so I would like to wish the FSM and its Constitution all the best in the coming years. The political structure as visualized by the Constitution has served people well until now. The Constitution was/is flexible so it allowed Palau and RMI to choose not to join the union. For the four "districts" that adopted it--now the FSM States--have grown and developed to what they are today.

The Constitution was designed to allow for decentralized national/central government. As such, it is up to the current and future leadership to be creative in implementing decentralization policies to the extent possible in order to allow all four FSM states to grow and develop and emerge as strong entities within the federation.

In order to make the decentralization theme operational, the national government should lead by providing more funds to the states; funds such as the new fishing revenue stream; to help the states implement the programs and services that serve the people--the citizens of the FSM. After all, the FSM states are the ones that need to provide services such as educating all FSM students; and provide health services to the citizens; provide police protections and other services.

Good luck to all and let's hope that these kinds of cries for financial assistance from the States don't always fall on deaf ears on the part of the national government.


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