Virginia shooter apparently listened to advice from GOP Senator Ron Paul


  • This is from the occupy democrats Facebook page. Hahaha. Forget facts like how this tweet from rand Paul was from year ago, forget facts that the white terrorist shooter worked for the Bernie sanders campaign and also forget the fact that the shooter had a history of anti trump comments in his FB

    There you have it Factsmatters openly support the shooting of a republican candidate who is a whip leader of the house and not a member of trumps administration. This guy from chuuk who is a legal aid in chuuk who goes by factsmatters in here openly support violence against trump or anyone who is a conservative.
  • I don't support violence against anyone.

    Ron Paul does, however.

    And so does Donald Trump.
  • What does any of this have to do with Rand Paul or Donald Trump FactsMAtters. You Twitter is ablaze with liberals praising the attack you blame R.Paul for. Facebook too is popping with democrats supporters saying that the victims deserve what they got because they were conservatives. There are many tweets from Democrat senators who tweeted that "revolution" is coming. So are these democrat senators also responsible for advising the democrat supporter who shoot those republicans? Can you answer me that?
  • See again the democrats are blaming others but themselves. Saying every democrats arent all the same but republicans are. What factsmatters is posting is the same thing the liberals are saying in the media. Which is he deserve what he got because he is a republican. Laying the blame for the action of a democrat voter and Bernie sanders supporter at the republican doorstep. What FM intentionally leave out is that since last November democrat senators have been calling for resistance and street action against the republicans. Senator Tim Kain, a democrat and the Vice President candidate of Hillary last election, tweeted months ago that liberals must fight republicans in the street. Hillary Clinton tweets and resist. Feinstein and the other democrats are always on t.v telling their supporters and democrats across the country to resist the republicans, Bernie sanders tweets the Revolution is coming. Yet blame the action of one of their own on republicans. This the party that claim to be for progress and tolerance.
  • Tim Kaine Told Liberals To “Fight Republicans In The Streets.”


    The Democrats serving their constituents want to tell you that their violent rhetoric is just hyperbole, but apparently, some are taking it to heart. Apparently, they’re whipping people up into such an emotional frenzy that they’re actually going out and targeting Republican lawmakers while they’re trying to have a nice time at the park, and shooting them, just for disagreeing.

    Tim Kaine, VP pick for Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign, is a stellar example of this virtue-signaling nonsense, as he’s seen advocating for fighting in the streets against Republicans:

    (Video) Democrat Senator Tim Kaine tells liberals to fight republicans in the street.
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