STOP FSMTC from Derailing the World Bank Grant



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  • Questions:

    1. Does anyone know when they will link up Chuuk to the submarine fiberoptic cable?

    2. Some people say that sharks will bite the cable, will this be an issue?

    3. Can someone please provide more details on the schedule to roll-out 4G or LTE services to my girlfriend's island Pingelap?

    Thank you very much!
  • Spiritallyinsane, there won't be a Fiber connection to Chuuk if this new CEO messes things up. All he cares about is his personal bottom line.
  • @Tokyo, you are correct. They bank on the fact that most of us are technically illiterate.
  • So are we on track with Black? Or is this going to go the PII way - my way or the highway? Which one is it gonna be?
  • No way, you say.
    What's black gotta do with that?

    Sit back, relax
    Or enjoy your bath

  • We have been informed that the CEO has 3 to four houses in Pohnpei. Several new and one with renovations that have been ongoing for nearly a decade now.

    Public Auditor needs to investigate and see how Mr. Perman is able to afford his vehicles as well as all the construction that has been ongoing.

    A simple look at his financials should prove that he is definitely spending more than he is earning.

  • I love the new 15cents/min. rate posters. The texture of the material feels soft and smooth to the touch, it sort of caresses and massages the tips of your fingers when you touch the backsides that are posted onto the FSMTC glass windows and doors.

  • it's the texture, but not the message and what's in the message. Loving your insanity
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    Guys, there is an upcoming FSMTC sponsored "fishing tournament" with a top prize of $1,000! You don't need a boat to register nor expensive lures to join. All you need is your mobile phone, sufficient balance and the capability to SMS the word FISH to 503. You will get a reply SMS informing of what kind fish caught, weight, your rank (by accumulated total weight of fish) and location of your catch within FSM waters.

    Cost of each SMS is $0.40. The more you fish, the better your chances of winning $1,000.

    Game runs from August 01, 2017 - August 31, 2017.

    Good luck and happy fishing!

  • @juliet, are we raising money for the corporation or the CEO and ACCLinks ? If it is for the corporation then maybe, just maybe, I will participate in what is essentially l a service being provided by ACCLinks.

    It's a travesty we are unable to view your financial records.
  • My financial records? Why would you want to see my financial records?

    Do yourself a favor, get a Bible, read it and live it. You have so much jealousy in you against just one particular individual it shows in your posts although you try make it against the FSMTC.

    Get some loving in you. Hell, maybe the uht-ese may do you some good.
  • Hi Juliet, I was actually referring to the corporation's financial records as well as the CEO but since you are literally not taking my discussion seriously by advertising telecom than you are more than likely a staff member or the CEO himself. So yes, your financial accounts would be appreciated as you are more than likely a supporter or the instigator of all this corruption that these leaks are finally revealing to the public.
  • Who can possibly take you seriously Snowden at this point? Pity is what I, and most everyone else feels for you.

    Most everyone sees you as an unsuccessful aspirant to the throne of the FSMTC and an ex-employee once upon a time, who is extremely jealous of Fredy because you did not get what you wanted in life, failed at nearly everything you've attempted and are at a very low point in your life.

    Fredy, to you symbolizes what you could have been thus the green monster of envy rears its ugly head in your life. Unfortunately, instead of ignoring that monster and striving to create your own success, you foster and feed that monster that has evolved into hate and intense jealousy on your part to the point where you post unfounded claims against the subject of your jealousy of all places on Micsem in a futile attempt to smear his reputation and erase his success. You somehow feel a twisted sense of satisfaction in doing so, not knowing that the very people you are attacking are not giving your hatred and jealousy any attention because they are too busy being successful in their own right, moving on with their lives and fostering and nurturing love to their fellow men.

    If all that you are feeling is not solely based on personal envy, jealousy or hate, then why don't you drive down to the Public Auditor or Department of Justice and present them proof that is sufficient to get the legal process moving on your claims. The people of FSM will thank you for that IF what you claim is true.

    The more you post unfounded lies on MicSem, the more you feed your hatred and intense jealousy and the more we see you as one full of hate and jealousy.

    Read the New Testament. It's underlying message is LOVE. Something that will do you good. Better than that green monster that is eating you up.

    Much love to you fellow Micronesian!
  • If both the FSMTC board and FSM Congress committee that handles telecommunications in the FSM cannot investigate this matter, they should appoint a special investigator to look into these allegations. These are very serious allegations which if true could result in indefinite delays to the World Bank funding of the cable.

    The public is owed answers and we cannot sit on this as if it is something minor. The World Bank representative in Pohnpei is starting to ask questions about this. They're reporting back to their headquarters and the word is that if this issue remains unresolved, they will pull the plug on the project.

  • LOL@Juliet. Say what you want to say and think what you want to think.

    I have attached facts to my post. Here's one thing, if I am who you say I am, how did I get a hold of the contract between FSMTC and ACCLinks?

    Your a dumb idiot who tends to believe if you spout niceties then other people will believe you are telling the truth or side with you.

    Go stick your head where the sun don't shine. This discussion is for people who actually care about this Nation and detest what people like you are doing to it.

    You should be ashamed. I have proof, what do you have? Oh yes, I forgot, you have all that money that is being embezzled and obtained through nefarious means.

    Quit talking bullshit before it buries you. How do you state that I have unfounded claims when I practically pasted two documents to show what transpired between ACCLinks and Telecom?
  • Thank you Spiritallyinsane for the information.
  • Juliet/CEO or whatever the bullshit name you want to be referred to.

    I will admit, yes, I am one of the many disgruntled individuals whose lives have been negatively affected by a no account bullshit con artist such as yourself who did not qualify for his position in the first place.

    I represent a large number or a group of individuals who have been wronged by he/you. Not because he/you was as successful as you fooled the public to believe but because he/you are a conniving sneak who would do anything to get what you want, even fraud.

    How many people did he/you fire for no reason? How many staff members left telecom because they could not stand how inadequate he/ you are? How many staff left because they were sick and tired of he/you kissing ass and pretending that you were innocent of everything the employees complained about you? How many qualified male indviduals were not hired by telecom because he/you would rather hire females. In the history of his/your employment, isn't it true that you have only hired females and not one male?

    Wait, aren't he/you the one that created a bullshit policy to basically force your own flesh and blood to resign?

    We have been told that he/you applied for the job as Marketing Manager for FSMTC citing a Masters Degree and having experience in marketing as a salesman for Petroleum Company in Honolulu, Hawaii when in fact he/you did not actually have a masters degree at the time nor did he/you work for a petroleum company. In reality, he/you worked as a salesman for tires at a gas station in Honolulu, Hawaii and you failed to complete your masters degree in Australia.

    Isn't this fraud? Yes, I digress, you probably have a masters now but we have been told that it was telecom who paid for you to go get one in Honolulu, Hawaii after the fact?

    Shouldn't you, he/you be embarrassed that on your initial employment to telecom, you needed an expat to train you for 2 years so that you could learn how to do your job as marketing manager? It is unfortunate that we have learned that you did not absorb any of your training as a marketing intern with a high salary and a fake masters degree.

    Shame on him/you. Look at the telecom compound, it is littered with broken down cars and equipment yet he/you decided to spend money on solar lights that would line his/your pockets.

    He/you have failed the corporation yet he/you are desperately trying to deceive the public that the telecom is now out of the red. LMFAO Perhaps only the stupid would believe that.

    He/you was never good at marketing or as the Vice President. Now that he/you are the CEO, the only thing that you can think of for marketing is bullshit SMS messages that he/you are paying to ACCLinks and himself/yourself.

    Hahahaha, he/you are a bullshit con artist and his/your indiscretions as well as his/your inabilities are coming to light.

    So, thank him/you. I am truly feeling the love for representing the People of this Nation in revealing who he/you truly are.

    Give up and let the National Government, the World Bank, and true professionals and experts in the field of telecom do the job that he/you have been unable to do for over 10 years now.

    God will forgive him/you but the legal system won't once you have been outed so may God have mercy on your soul and the souls of all those females you hired. SMH
  • that is utter nonsense that FSMTC is derailing the WB grant. If it is derailing it, then why are the construction of the cable manholes are being built as you all throw these false allegations? I was in Yap and saw the structures being built. Orion construction won the bids to built the sites for the cables to land. Both the ones in Yap and Chuuk are almost complete. I talked to the folks and they said the cables are scheduled to be pulled into the harbors next month.

    I spoke to a close associate of one of the FSM Telecom directors and he said he has not heard anything about the cables not being built or that FSMTC is doing something to derail it. He said as far as he know, there is a contract in force with the cable supplier (NEC) and the cables will be built. I asked him about what I saw in the KP press on the Congress hearings and he said that was about a bill that FSM Department of TC&I promoted with Executive to pass law to take FSMTC's submarine cable away and put it under a new public corporation called FSM Telecommunications Cable Corporation. Further the bill proposed to prohibit FSMTC from getting satellite bandwidth. The bill was soundly defeated in Congress as the Congress did not want to disrupt FSMTC. In addition, US Government Rural Utility Service must consent to any proposed change to FSMTC or the taking of assets as it owns all liens on it. RUS has stated that it could not give consent to the change as it does not see how the new entity will pay for the debt that FSMTC have. The source said that the new entity is only adding additional overhead costs to telecommunications services and will surely cause an increase in cost to users. He said the Board is advocating for the new cables to be brought under FSMTC.

    He said that the Board of FSMTC is fully up to date on the situation with WB grants and is working with FSM Government to ensure that right thing is done. I asked him about what I've heard about the new public corporation hiring a new CEO with a package of over $340,000 and he said he cannot comment on it, but it is one of the concerns that he sees with this new entity of using government fund to increase cost to consumers. After all the alleged new CEO's personnel cost package will be a cost to FSMTC since it will be the only customer of it.

    I also asked him about the allegations that has been leveled against the CEO of FSMTC and he laughed. He said apparently there is some people who are determined to tarnish a reputation of a very smart hard working individual. He said if all the allegations are true which has been floating on the Internet and in the sakau markets for couple years now, why would the Board unanimously hire him to replace previous CEO. The truth is the current CEO is the only qualified person in FSM for this job. He said he beat out other highly qualified candidates that applied for the job

    Reading through the threads above, it really seem somebody doesn't like Freddy. He may also not be from Pohnpei, because who doesn't know Freddy and his family. Their family have been in business since the 70's and still going strong. Surely they have changed from different businesses but still have real estates. I understand they have several land leases including Palm Terrace and Angie's and have several apartments.

    Is it a crime to be in family business and also be successful in a public corporation? Hey, President Christian is doing it. Donald Trump is, too! The FSM Public Auditor also has several businesses. So who is to say that the CEO of FSMTC does not have private family business as well?

    I think it is wrong to throw allegations at hard working people who have earned a place in their own right. And this thing about ACCLINK and FSMTC contract, I see it as nothing but a standard business cooperation that benefits FSMTC and its consumers. Take a look at the audited statements and the contract is captured in the statements and approved by its Board.

    These false allegations can hurt not only the CEO of FSMTC but his families who probably have never even heard of these nonsense. False allegations create hatred - not healthy and not good for the islands.
  • LOL@judge, you are such a cute bullshitter. Are you another alias of Freddy's as I see the only discussions you have posted were during the elections and were against genesis?

    As projects go, you know as well as anybody else that preparations are set in place or mobilization is required to support a project.

    Tell the people of this good forum this, why do you not want to relinquish the Hantrui spur? Is it not true that the new corporation will be providing you the same connectivity at the same cost as you are paying now just like new Palau's fiber corporation will be doing?

    And of course the man holes are being built and of course we should all be ready to move forward but as mentioned previously, there are requirements we need to meet and you know that. Just as I I know that you are either Freddy or a huge supporter. The fact is, you do not want this to succeed because you stand to lose a lot in terms of personal benefits as well as authoritative power in the industry.

    You are willing to sacrifice all the benefits of the world Bank loan just so you can keep your side business with ACCLinks and keep the image that you are the head honcho in Telecom.

    Stop trying to make it seem like fraud has not been committed or that you/Freddy has a lot of businesses that can support all your assets. Even more so, stop legitimizing your fucked up actions by saying the board approved it, we all know who the board is.

    Furthermore, the only reason why you got to be the CEO is because the chairman of the board us your inlaw. What kind of CEO never goes to work? It's the kind that pretends he knows what he is doing and is pampered by the chairman. Without him, you would be exposed as a liar, a criminal, and a no account fool who is threatened by anyone smarter than he is. Why else did most, if not all the bright minds of the corporation leave?

    Plus, you have only one business and it is in import and export but mostly importing from China through ACCLinks. Is it true that he/you order telecom employees to clear customs for you? Is it true telecom pays for shipping and freight plus customs clearance because there are telecom items in your containers? That's what people are emailing me and it is what I am leaking.

    So there you go my good sir, you are in contempt and you shall be judged by your peers.
  • Furthermore, the only reason why you got to be the CEO is because the chairman of the board us your inlaw. What kind of CEO never goes to work? It's the kind that pretends he knows what he is doing and is pampered by the chairman. Without him, you would be exposed as a liar, a criminal, and a no account fool who is threatened by anyone smarter than he is. Why else did most, if not all the bright minds of the corporation leave?

    Plus, you have only one business and it is in import and export but mostly importing from China through ACCLinks. Is it true that he/you order telecom employees to clear customs for you? Is it true telecom pays for shipping and freight plus customs clearance because there are telecom items in your containers? That's what people are emailing me and it is what I am leaking.

    So there you go my good sir, you are in contempt and you shall be judged by your peers.

    If this information is true, you should contact White Collar Crime hotline, or better yet, walk into the FSM AG office and report it in black and white. Copy all the Governors of the FSM, State and FSM Chief Justices, all State and National elected officials, copy Kaselelia Press, FSM National Public Auditor's office, FSM National Police, Pohnpei State Police, Trans National Crime Unit, INTERPOL, the Chinese Embassy (Since ACCLINKs is Chinese company). Don't just whine on this forum because this is not a government department.
  • Snowden of Pohnpei, how far have you gone in your pursuit to kill Freddy? Why has it taken this long to have Freddy be put away for ALL THE CRIMES that you are telling everyone he has done?

    If one was to combine these postings that you have on Freddy, they will all come down to one line saying, " DAMN, I WISH I WERE FREDDY." hahahaahahaaaaaaa hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....just joking how far have you gone, seriously asking.

    You are contradicting what I see with FSMTC.

    BUT if you like, perhaps you can advocate that the FSMTC be fragmented into three other subsidiary so that each one will have its own CEO, a board and operate independently away from the boy you hate so much so that you will see how the FSMTC business operates. Kosrae might later fold out or bought out, Yap might link up with Palau and do away with FSMTC, and Pohnpei will be bought out by other telephone company with a foreign CEO/Owner and you all go hide under his roof where the sun don't shine just so you can catch free wifi. Then Chuuk ends up owning the only remaining FSMTC where the whole state will have free wifi.

  • @sinbad, the unfortunate scenario in this case is that as long as the chairman for telecom is Freddy's in law or even a representative on the board, he will continue to sway the board to legitimize the actions of Mr. Perman.

    As for your proposal to segregate telecom into 4 companies each autonomous to its own state, it is a very good idea however I doubt that would be in line with the World Bank proposal. Perhaps after the Fiber Project is completed and proper study into your proposal is done, we may get to see that realized. I think it is a great idea as it also allows accountability to each state.
  • @coconuts, my sources say there is already a white collar investigation in progress and the Board knows about it but the chairman and the CEO have locked down the corporation tighter than Fort Knox.

    If it's true that Freddy is not doing anything wrong, then why doesn't the CEO or the board allow full access to telecom records?

  • Snowden691...Seems like you go into a claustrophobic mode when someone raises something contrary to what you so vehemently and violently believe. So what happens if all you are alleging are false? Do you plan to escape to Russia or China? Lol.

    Very interesting that you tend to dismiss other respected Board Members of FSMTC and that one person Board is controlling everything including as you say protecting the CEO. All of your rant seem very personal cause how can all of what you are saying about the CEO go unchecked not only by Board but also other managers at the entity?

    I am no staunch supporter of the CEO, but will be interesting to see if any of what you are saying is not true. I mean you claim CEO has 3 or 4 houses and more coming? Do you have pictures of these 3 or 4 houses to share with the forum? Lol..after all, we all live in Pohnpei and we tend to all know whose house is whose.

    On the subject of WB, I am trying to understand how the allegations you are making agajnst the CEO is tied to the submarine projects. From what I heard, the CEO was offered a job with the WB project but he declined. That would have been a lucrative $340K salary.

    Perhaps I will be enlightened soon but the things you are saying sounds like a great drama fit for a TV series. After people like juicy stuff!
  • @judge, stop pouring honey on something that has already gone bad is is spoiled to the touch.

    What I have stated are facts, what you are stating is hearsay. If it is true that he was offered a job at world Bank with that figure, why not take it? Because he has more to gain from his personal shit at telecom.

    As I stated, have telecom turn over their records and you will see they defrauded the national government by lying to President Mori and had him waive the bid process for ACCLinks. Have them also provide documents that they did actually pay Huawei for the maintenance they claimed was draining their revenue.

    Then have them provide documentation that ACCLinks offer was lower than Huawei.

    You and Juliet as well as the CEO, which I believe you are all the same, either put up or shut up.

    It will be you trying to run but you will be the laughing stock of this nation as we do have extradition laws with the US and other countries.

    The prosecution rests.
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    Hold up hold up Mr. Blower, don't rest just yet. We're all coming to the climax. Blow it some more and we all come to a decision...

    I thought there is such a thing as subpoena. Why can't the investigator summon Fredy and his records that "they" want to have a look into/

    I am very interested in this story. So please don't play the Episode type.

  • Snowden691, I just called the White Collar Crime hotline, and guess what? NO ANSWER. So I waited for at least an hour and gave them another ring and this time someone on the other end of the phone answered. I inquired if there was an on-going investigation into these allegations and got put on hold for more than 10 minutes. Finally, someone else spoke to me and told me that there was in fact an on-going preliminary investigation to determine if there is enough probable cause to justify a full investigation.

    So I contacted a friend who works at the same office and he unofficially confirmed that they were in fact seriously considering issuing subpoenas for certain individuals and official FSMTC documents, emails, and accounting data.

    There - Are you happy now?
  • @spiritallyinsane, this crusade was never about me or anyone else being happy in the end.

    Freddy does not care what happens to the corporation or its employees as long as he is protecting his investment.

    As for email records, I have it under good advisement that all email history on the email server dating from 2014 and back have been erased by Tyler, by request of Freddy.

    This individual is a sociopath that only cares about himself. Why else would he be endangering the 42 million dollar grant from the World Bank?

    Public Auditor should subpoena the entire finance department as well as Tyler, the former IT manager who resigned from telecom yet still officially works for telecom in the same capacity. Strange, don't you think that this person would resign and still be retained by the corporation.

  • Regardless of whether you, Spirituallyinsane, are telling the truth about the investigation moving forward or not, at least we hear something that we want to hear. Maybe not too happy that it can not be substantiated, but thank you for the information.

    Snowden of Pohnpei, the Chairman of FSMPC Board is not all about Fredy. His interest is in the corporation and I trust in him more than you and yours. Thank you.
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