STOP FSMTC from Derailing the World Bank Grant



  • Sinbad, if we are referring to the chairman of telecom then please tell me why he would accept a vice president of the corporation with basically a non-existent work attendance and with known ties to ACCLinks ascend to the CEO position of telecom.

    This now CEO who travels and purchases any new gadget as a whim and probably utilizes his import and export business as the go to importer of telecom goods. Is it not true that there was a previous discussion in this for that accused Freddy of ordering thousands of dollars worth of solar lights and sold it to telecom? I asked around and apparently the check for the lights were made out to an immediate family member whom I will not disclose at this point.

    Freddy has awarded millions of dollars in purchases to ACCLinks without proper bidding practices. It does not take a genius to add it up.

    You may not believe me but actions speak louder than words.

    All it takes is a little objectivity and you will see a trend.

    Lastly, tell me why the board did not hire a vice president this time around? Does this show how much the chairman cares about the corporation? Also, after more than 30 years in operation , why did the board decide there was no longer a need for balance in the corporation? I'll tell you why, it was Freddy's idea and the chairman supported it.

    It's time to wake up and smell the stench coming out of telecom. Walk into any telecom lobby and you will feel the gloom and despair that eminates from the staff and the building itself. Walk around the compounds and you will see decaying cars and equipment.

    A company's image is the most important aspect of its business. Look at all the broken down vehicles and the purchasing of used Japanese vehicles. It shows how far telecom has fallen. Now look at all the green cable housing along side the roads, they are in disarray and disrepair. Now check out the services, we no longer have post paid long distance on the regular phone, we no longer have 411 SMS, we no longer have SMS refill, and we now pay more for a service that is worse than it was before Freddy started his bullshit career at telecom.

    It was Takuro Akinaga that brought fiber connectivity, Internet, and ADSL services to the FSM. What John and mostly Freddy brought were higher rates and shit service.
  • Snowden, you have many following eyes of these discussions but you must remain objective in analyzing your sources. Makes you more credible. Stay away subjective thoughts, name-calling and profanity because they do the opposite of reliability. If a mere fraction of what you have reported has scintilla of truth of truth to it, then there is sufficient ground to investigate this quasi-public corporation for it to better serve its statutory purposes fully. All criminals must be found and stopped if the current CEO is as you say he is in this medium.
  • Thank you Microspring2014 for trying to put me into perspective. It is difficult to stay objective when there is so much information that points to the CEO being a corrupt official yet no one is doing anything about it.

    Our representatives on the board seem no longer reliable and most everyone believes telecom is not going to do a great disservice to the people of this nation.

    I will try to be more objective, no promises and thank you for the advice.
  • Snowden691, can you just plug us into the outlet already? We need the connection and speed, I want to stream netflix already!
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    Good on ya Snowden!

    Extreme jealousy is oozing from your every post. You started this off with FSMTC as the subject, now you zero in on the subject of your intense jealousy. No problem, he's your in-law so bash him all you want if that soothes the green monster within you. It won't change the fact that you will never be back at the FSMTC because despite what you think, the Management and Operations team at the FSMTC are ladies and gentlemen and puts their support 100% behind Fredy or whomever will be President/CEO and FSMTC is better off 100% without you. Jealousy here at the FSMTC, is a word that can only be found in the few dictionaries we have laying around.

    All documents you have presented are public domain documents that were approved by the esteemed members of the FSMTC Board and is the best way forward in lieu of paying 100% of the ZTE equipment up front. Acclinks is the middle man here who brokered a deal where FSMTC gets the entire ZTE core equipment plus Node B sites that are 3G from day one with SDR-which means can go 4G with software upgrade-and that will happen very soon, all for a relatively minimum upfront investment. In return FSMTC pays as stipulated in the documents you posted that decreases over time. Much like a lay-away plan where first few years the return payment is high and decreases over time. Nothing wrong with that. Show proof if you think Fredy is making money from this.

    Huawei on the other hand, proposed a 3G system far inferior to the ZTE system-total Mbps throughput was only 75 Mbps and a capacity to support only 4,000 3G customers. FSMTC currently has more than 4k 3G customers. The proposal for 3G modernization was for $5M. $5,102,460 to be exact, with maintenance cost at 10% of equipment cost. That $510k annually for maintenance only. That's $42,520 per month! For the 4 years Huawei was operating, support cost totaled $1.104M, $69,000 per quarter was the arrangement. For what? For a 2G system that was doing only EDGE. At the end of the day, total investment into Huawei exceeded $10M. You don't know, I do because I am looking at the numbers. I have first hand information. I do not "hear" this information, I see it with my own eyes.

    Huawei could not translate from ITU to ANSI so a big, costly and aged "converter" had to be purchased just to enable our land line switches (which are ANSI) to talk to the Huawei system. What an inefficient way to go. Now with the ZTE equipment, we have turned off all the power consuming and aged Huawei equipment. They are replaced with modern and efficient equipment that is geared up to go 4G very soon.

    The other document you shared? Sure, it is FSMTC monetizing spare and idle capacity on the ZTE MSC. The capacity is so big there is no way FSM will use it up in the next 10 years, so instead of leaving it empty and consuming power, FSMTC is leasing it out in exchange for much needed equipment for 4G and to enable FSMTC to provide more customer friendly data packages plus bundling of services. Now that is a smart move any way you cut it.

    Are there laws broken by FSMTC entering into the agreements in the two documents you showed? None whatsoever. If there is, show me proof.

    It's a fact that in 2016, the FSMTC finally was in the black and is climbing in revenue. In the previous years, it was all in the RED. Why? Because FSMTC invested in more modern services to the people starting with mobile phone services in 2001, the submarine fiber cable in 2008 & 09, TV services in Yap and Chuuk and cell expansion in 2007 & 08 and finally 3G in 2014. Before these expansion of services, the only services available were landline, dial up internet and long distance calling. At that time FSMTC had millions of dollars in investment account overseas. Upon availing the services to the people, FSMTC went into the RED for nearly 10 years. But that was okay because management did not see the value of millions sitting in accounts while the Nation was without modern services.

    Here is the bottom line Snowden:
    1. The documents you posted just simply reveal what FSMTC has entered into with Acclinks. Nowhere does it show any wrong doing or corruption. If there is, forward it to the proper authorities and stop wasting time.
    2. You have no proof whatsoever of wrong doing by Fredy or any other FSMTC staff;
    3. You are intensely jealous of Fredy, his cars and houses.
    4. You are at rock bottom in your life;
    5. You have not succeeded in any aspect of your life, none whatsoever. Come on admit it and move on in your life and seek your calling in life elsewhere.

    1 John 4:8New International Version (NIV)

    8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

  • Blah, Blah, Blah Juliet/Freddy. No one else knows what is going on inside your corporation aside from you and the Board. Not even the lower management know what the hell you are up to.

    I have been informed that you were the one that blew all the corporation's cash surplus because you tried to change too much at once when you became the Vice President even though you did not know anything about telecom operations. You took advantage of your alcoholic CEO at the time and he had no clue you had run the corporation to the ground by purchasing all your equipment that did not need replacing through your ACCLinks contact until it was too late..

    Your board is a yes board with an in-law as the chairman so stop saying that the board knows everything and they approve. So what if they approve, that does not mean they are right. It basically means they are either paid off or have no clue whatsoever what you and the chairman are up to. We will find out soon enough.

    As for the maintenance, I have a source that said FSMTC never once paid for maintenance so I don't know what bullshit you are trying to post here. I am now waiting for an official document that will be emailed to me soon that will show that you never actually paid Huawei for maintenance and there was never any purchase order made in the first place.

    Stop bullshitting that you are out of the red. You still have 2 loans with RUS that you are not anywhere near paid off and you still have some more debt you will be accruing now that you will be buying yet another ridiculously expensive add on from ACCLlinks.

    There is no jealousy here. There is only a search for justice. This discussion has been viewed near 4k times. Hopefully, this snags the attention of officials that need to address this issue. By then, I hope you have destroyed all evidence of what you have done, if not, then you will definitely need to keep quoting from the bible.

    Hopefully, your chairman is not nominated again then we will see how you will most definitely turn tail and run. He won't be chairman forever anyway so I suggest you start saying your penance.
  • are not much of a whistle blower...seem Juliet know more about you than him. Hehe.. .i can guarantee you that I am not Freddy nor Juliet. I can bet my entire life's work on it! In fact, I am just piss laughing at the thought that you think that I am Freddy or Juliet. I'm sure Juliet is having a field day with you as well since you think of him the same. But I feel like we know each other and we know very well who you are and what kind of a person you are. I feel sorry for Freddy that his name has been dragged into the mud by you.

    Here is my wish and hope that FSMTC Board and Management issue a public statement refuting and rebuking the allegations you have made against FSMTC CEO, it's Board and staffs. But I know it maybe difficult for it to do so since all of your whining have been behind a pseudo name and on this forum. You can stop thinking that I or Juliet are the same person. Who knows we maybe the lower manament that you claim do not know what is going inside FSMTC - the posts that you wanted so badly and had to quit because you didn't get it.

    Your allegations are so off that anyone from Pohnpei know that you are full of fabricated lies in attempt to destroy reputable people. Come on people are laughing at the fact that you claim Freddy has 3 or 4 houses! You just had to throw that in and claim that these are facts! Who is to believe you if you come up with these nonsense!! I asked earlier, show us the houses PLEASE! Yes, you have created a thread that people who hardly know you will surely find interest to read so they can learn of the kind of person you really are. You envy anyone with good life - houses and cars because you want that life so bad. When you were at telecom, it sent you to training and you had to return from Hawaii the same day you arrived because you learnt that your convertible Mustand had arrived on Pohnpei. You cost telecom over $10K for that stunt! And Freddy was not at telecom then so he couldn't have known this story. And no it's not a fabricated lie - it's in your personnel file. When you were at telecom, you hired your own brother to build operators desk for a ridiculous amount over $12K. The staff at telecom were so relieved that you quit on your own because they couldn't bear you being a supervisor and always yelling at them!

    Please give the new CEO a break. He is already doing great things for the company and for the nation. Your complaint that he was behind the EVP/COO post to be eliminated is outright false. The Board wanted to restructure FSMTC to be similar to other telcos in the region and to also ascend its management team. Have you even looked at the new organization chart on its website? There are now five new VPs with Joe as the new Vice President of Operations and Engineering. And every new VP is 100% supporting the CEO and the Board's move. In fact, FSMTC did not have a EVP/COO, until the former CEO became a Board. After he resigned as a Board he became a EVP/COO.

    Vehicles piling up?!! Please get your wallet ready to buy them as they will be auctioned off. First agenda on CEO's budget was to replace all old vehicles and new fleet budget have been approved beginning immediately. And yes, nothing wrong with Japanese used vehicles as long as they can contribute to fleet productivity and they are best for technicians because they can pull up easily for cable repairs. By the way, the savings company is making on solar lights is helping to bring company to black as its power bills are lowered by $1,300 per month - investment paid back in about a year and enjoying bright beautiful lights for the next 20 years. Very smart move on facilities manager to do this investment.
    FSMTC knows that to do well, it must reduce its recurring power bills.

    Yes it's a guessing game as to who is who. I can assure you the CEO detest at the idea of social media so please spare him the thought. By the way, while looking at the Org Chart, see if you can spot new faces and if they are only females because according to personnel, there are more new males than females. The CEO has nothing to do with hiring staffs - managers make those as much as all purchases are made by managers and not CEO!
  • Wait a minute JUDGE, who do you think I am?
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    Keep hammering away Snowden lol
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    Keep pounding Snowbunny.
  • Lol @ blah, blah, blah. If that is the case, then how can you say that you know what's going on when in one instant you say only Fredy and the Board know what going on inside FSMTC? Contradicting yourself there.

    The investment in modern services is what depleted FSMTC investments and put it in RED from 2006/7 to pre-2016. FSMTC is now in the BLACK due to the usage of services picking up steadily over the past 3 years. Such is the case of the FSM where profits are slow to come by given the small economies of scale. If you know basic finance RED means you owe more than you make. All in all, FSMTC tightened up its operations, cut loose ends and unproductive employees, ended expensive relationships and established new ones with vendors whom will be beneficial for the Corporation going forward. The books says it all. FSMTC has profited in the past year and is on track for another good year. FSMTC has cut ties and obligations to previous satellite providers who were charging nearly $3,000/ Mbps / month and is now utilizing a C-Band provider at 1/100 of the cost of the previous providers. FSMTC has plans for better services to come in the near and mid-term future. FSMTC supports the landing of the Yap, CP and EMC cables and will be offering the GoFSM its expertise and services of properly running a cable station to house the terminal equipment and provide operation support services, provided such landing and operations of the cable does not intend to destroy the FSMTC as was the case and intent with the 2 but failed proposed bills authored by the cronies of the WB cable project who do not know that in the end, what they are proposing will only result in increased cost of telecommunication services. How can you introduce $500,000 operating cost into the ecology of telecom services and not expect to result in increased costs realized by the end users?

    FSMTC now makes profit thanks in a big part to the submarine fiber cable enabling the roll out of broadband, mobile services but mostly the data on mobile, voice roaming and soon-to-come data roaming. Which is why Fredy, as the CEO of the FSMTC along with the Board and Management Team fought tooth and nail against the WB cronies who lied to the Congress and President stating that taking away access to HANTRU cable is a condition of disbursement of funds from the WB grant when it wasn't. The proposed bill to take away FSMTC assets including the spur to HANTRU cable was defeated during last Congress session because the Congressmen, doing their due diligence on the two proposed bills, saw through the farce put on by the WB project management team. True, FSMTC is paying nearly $3M/ year on the two RUS loans but yet is in the BLACK. Now is that successful or what?

    The spur to the HANTRU cable is the singe most critical investment FSMTC has made to date in that it spurred the capability to provide bigger and much cheaper bandwidth than ever before. That is being felt by the public and is generating much needed revenue to FSMTC. Immediately upon landing the cable, the FSMTC rolled out ADSL. Then in 2014 came 3G. ADSL bandwidth has since increased and the FSMTC has changed its definition of broadband from 256 kbps to 512 kbps in contrast, the FCC defines high speed broadband as 200 kbps. Value in ADSL soared when the $33/month for 256 kbps changed to 1 Mbps for the same rate. 400% increase!

    Don't worry Snowden, it is not an issue if you don't have access to inside information for what is it to you? You should be more concerned about getting that sty out of your eye before complaining about the sty in other people's eyes.

    Huawei was charging $69k per quarter for support. An amount that was worked down from a proposed $110k per quarter. After paying over $1M on support FSMTC did not renew its support agreement with Huawei due to obvious reasons and to ensure it can afford to deploy its additional services to its customers. That's the fact of the Huawei-FSMTC relationship. If your contact says otherwise, then he is not worth his weight in air. Come to FSMTC. I'll show you check stubs, contract copies of the SLA, etc. You'll find that you are misled by false and outdated information.

    Snowden, this is a challenge to you and all that base their beliefs upon jealousy towards Fredy and the FSMTC staff: Bring on the investigators and investigations. Bring it on. FSMTC will send them packing after you and they find that their attempts to dig up dirt would at best be an exercise in futility and a waster of government time and resources.

    FSMTC is recognized as a World Class service provider. Is a registered member of recognized industry organizations such as Pacific Island Telecommunications Association (of which FSMTC is an Executive decision maker and yes, the object of your jealousy, Fredy Perman sits as an Executive Member of PITA), is a long standing member of Pacific Telecommunications Council, International Telecommunications Union, has a AAA credit rating and leads the region in telecommunication services, quality and affordability.

    The current Chairman will still be a Board member, given the fact that Governor Elimo was just seated for another 4 years. Fredy will still be the CEO for however long he stays healthy. You, my friend have at least another 4 years of heartache to endure these two capable and upstanding gentlemen in their esteemed positions entrusted to them by the people of the FSM.

    Good luck to you in your herculean efforts to smear the good names of these two fine individuals and their families.
  • Interesting to see heated argument on a sensitive subject.

    Stick it to them WB people! They are fronts for Digicel. The World Bank enters into a country under the disguise of liberalization and sets the stage for Digicel to enter and dominate the market. They're in bed together. Wouldn't be surprised if they are dorking each other.
  • I'll take Digicel over FSMTC any day. FSMTC is too expensive and slower than a turtle.
  • According to the 2016 Census, there are 162,000 people living in Guam.

    There are about several telecommunication companies (Decomo, Guam AT&T, etc.) serving these 162,000 and tourists. They have very good internet and phone services because I have personally used them when I travel to Guam.

    FSM population is 103,000 as of 2013. We have a single telecommunication company, the sputtering FSM Telecom. This government-owned company is by law to have no competition. Perhaps this law had outlived its usefulness?

    Shouldn't Congress consider lifting the ban? Would permitting competition allow other companies in the region like Guam, renting the facilities and equipment, bring reliable services?

  • Microspring2014, liberalization or the permitting of competition in the telecom market is one of the key factors the World Bank is trying to address. If this grant is detailed by selfish people in FSMTC, then all hopes for a competitive telecom market is lost.

    As for HowardinPNI, I believe the South Pacific countries have proven that a liberal market has brought prosperity to both the people as well as each and every local telecom provider of each country that chose to liberalize their communications market.

    I don't know where you get your facts from but it seems you are trying to provide false support to FSMTC in their bid to stop the World Bank grant. Shane on you. There has never been an instance where Digicell dominated the market in the South Pacific.
  • I'm fairly new here but I wouldn't mind commenting on this issue.

    microspring 2014, it is a constant amazement to me that Micronesians in general do not appreciate what they have and instead want what their neighbors have. I guess this is a classic example of "grass being greener on the other side".

    I have lived in Guam and other Pacific Islands and now just recently moved to Pohnpei. Pohnpei's phone company has one of the most reasonable service rates and quality services I have encountered in all my travels.

    Comparing Guam to any Pacific island is not a fair comparison since Guam is heavily subsidized by the US government. They have qualified for the Broadband initiative under the previous Administration and that helped Guam and US territories immensely. I do not think your FSM Congress invests heavily into the FSM Telecom, does it? The fact that Guam country code 671 was added to the North American Numbering Plan led to Guam's 671 being an area code which led to drastic lowering of rates. Think of Guam as just being part of the US calling area. That's the benefit of being a territory of the US. The FSM is a sovereign nation so 691 cannot be an area code of the US and therefore your high rates.

    Guam being strategically located is the hub of more than 10 submarine fiber optic cables. This is due in part of it being a US territory. US = secure investments and fiber cables = low rates.

    Your population numbers are not quite correct. The population you mention are residents of Guam. However, on any given day and most especially in the Summer that number doubles, triples and more than quadruples with tourists. The military population is also not being reported as Guam residents. We all know that these visitors are the driving force behind the strong private sector in Guam. They sustain the myriad of private companies which also include telecommunication companies. Why do you think there are several McDonald's and Wendy's? Because they can be sustained by the large population.

    I do believe if Guam was not a US territory, it would struggle just like its Micronesian sister states.

    At any rate, appreciate what you have and know that your own service provider, FSMTC is doing a hell of a job offering the services and rates it does at present. I am one believer of your FSM Telecom.

  • @Microspring2014, yes, the World Bank Grant hinges on the fact that there needs to be a liberalazed telecom market in the FSM.

    You are right, with competition, it would be a better experience for everyone. I myself believe the business sector would strengthen as FSMTC does have a double standard rate for businesses.

    The best outcome would be that we will finally have accountability with the management of telecom. They will have to work hard to satisfy if they want to keep their customers.

    Most importantly, people like Freddy would not get away with bad marketing strategies that cost the loss of over $300k. This loss was during his long distance discount rate several years ago that bombed.

    I've been informed that BMC caused the loss of significant revenue also when they upgraded their firewall software but Freddy had telecom ignore the loss instead of charging BMC for their mistake.

    If all this info from my sources are true,
    how is does this guy get away with all this? Oh, I forgot, the board approved.... Lmao
  • Questioning/examining the establishment is what makes humans different than other animals. We need to continue to explore. My thoughts were exploratory and seek comments from those that know the field.

    I am not sure if what you just reported are facts (subsidy, reliability of FSM's compared to Guam's, etc.) but if they are facts they you just made a compelling case Howard.
  • To all viewers and commentators of this specific discussion, I thank you for your comments and your feedback.

    This thread was created to allow a group of individuals their inalienable rights to voice there opinions of a certain individual who has certainly impacted our lives in a negative fashion and is now trying to halt the only grant the World Bank has ever offered to our country.

    If we are not able to meet the World Bank requirements due to certain individuals being short sighted and self centered, we will not only lose out on this grant, we will be closing doors to future opportunities and grants that will benefit this Nation.

    I started this thread to allow as many people as possible to know what is presently occurring and with hope that we can stop this insanity.

    Not one man or a group of people on the board (who should actually represent our best interests) should be able to decide that we do not need the World Bank money or the liberalization of our telecom market.

    I don't know if my point has gotten through however I do believe for some of you, it has made you question FSM Telecom's actions and ethics.

    I will be signing off for now as it has become very difficult to be objective with all this information on hand and not being able to physically do anything about it.

    Perhaps in the future when more pertinent information becomes available then I will post on this topic once again.

    Peace out!!!
  • So its a grant and not a loan? If that is the case, then that is different and needs attention. Would meeting the requirements of the grant jeopardize anything current/planned upgrades or upkeep of Telecom?
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    Everything including the future of FSMTC, FSM's own corporation
  • Why don't they just remove the CEO? Does he have superpowers that even the Board and Congress are afraid to touch him? WTF? Get rid of the friggin problem already! Hire someone from India or Philippines to come and clean up the mess already!
  • Coconuts, that is a very good question and one that only the chairman and the members of the telecom board can answer.

    I've been told by several people within this organization that the board has given Fredy one more chance but he needs to shape up.

    Seems to me he is indispensable because since only a week later, he is back to his same routine of not reporting to work and is basically enjoying his exempt clause as a contracted employee that allows him to get paid while sitting at home.

    In my opinion, the board is the problem as they are the ones empowering his actions by looking the other way.
  • what a weak board!
  • Moving thread back to top due to pawnstar garbage taking over this forum.
  • Snowden, after reading this discussion for some time, I finally realized how wrong my perception of FSMTC was. I was always under the impression Fredy was being targeted for no reason. But after seeing your post about telecom lying to the National Government and then persuading President Mori to waive the bid process, I am leaning towards your story. It has more truth to it especially now that I have seen a document from FSMTC clearly stating false claims.

    I will post the document as soon as I figure out how to insert or attaxh pdf into discussions on this forum. Maybe someone on this forum can provide a professional opinion.
  • Pwilidak, information relevant to this discussion or any other important topic is well appreciated.
  • Galatians 6:7
    Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

    If all this allegations are true about the CEO and the rest of board members that are covering up his trails of bad deed justice will be served and karma will take it's place.
  • @Juliet and Snowden691
    Why did the FSMTC invest millions of dollars into the HUAWEI equipment in the first place if it was not future proof? Who is the consulting firm or consultant that advised the former CEO and his 2nd in command to purchase the equipment? And why did the board sign off on it?

    Please let us keep the discussion civilized and professional.

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