Replace and Repeal

Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Dead again! Republicans led by orangutan doesn't have the numbers. Losers!!!!! Hahahahah!

Maybe fire, perhaps fury! Hahahahah. Chump!

The wall will be see through? Trumps building a 2000 mile long window? Hahahahaha. Started building already? Hahahahaha. Build it because I need to pee.
It's truly rare to be bitch slapped twice by "no hero" McCain and other republicans. But funnier than shit. That's why you want a leader with class.

With nothing more important to do, orangutan' goes after the NFL and NBA instead of working to fix police heavy handedness.


  • I'm a republican but these fools don't have their act together. With the orange ape in the whitehouse having no clue how to seal this deal and now caving with DACA also. McConnell trump Ryan all retards. Can't fulfill the promises. Control of house, senate and White House and can't find the unity, the leadership. Reagan is shaking his head somewhere.
  • It is extremely unbecoming to gloat. And dangerous. It is not Sunday, October 1 yet, and Rand Paul is as slick as a snake. If no vote is taken by Sunday, or the bill is defeated by Senate vote with less than 50 votes in favor of repeal, then the Affordable Care Act is safe until the next Congress. Then, instead of criticizing and gloating, you can thank McCain, Paul, Collins, and those others who ultimately oppose repeal. Not before then.

    If you want a leader with class, red snapper, demonstrate some yourself. Just saying.
  • Let me rephrase it then.

    The republicans with control of the house, senate and White House have failed again in their efforts to replace and repeal Obamacare. What type of failure is this my esteemed micsem posters is this and who's to blame? The non hero McCain or the superstar leader, master of the deal and pussy grabber extraordinaire drumpf? I meant trumpsky?

    Wait for it, where is master meme poster? Supreme cut and paste artist?
  • I really hope we republicans keep control in next congress but just get more unifying leadership. The White House is a waste of time when it comes to being a uniting base. Just divide and divide and divide and add in racism, xenophobics and no new ideas. Just spend all day trying to undo things rather than making them better. Again, no ideas I would consider qualifies as making America great again. Nothing. Walls don't make America great. Bullying doesn't either. Passing legislation that moves things forward.
  • Senate Majority Leader McConnell just announced there will be no vote on "repeal and replace" bill before the end of the fiscal year. You can celebrate now, red snapper.
  • I don't think President Trump is losing any sleep over this. He had said before that it would be better to allow the Obamacare to collapse, on its own weight first; and then, it'll be easier to rebuild a new health care system.

    So now, the burden shifts to the 4 Republican Senators to work with Democrats to develop a plan--to provide an alternative or a better health care system--as Obamacare continues is free-fall dead spiral.

    Trump can now move to focus on tax reform and other items in his agenda; and will be willing to sign any bill that will be approved by the Congress regarding Obamacare. Just another day in the US political world.
  • Marc, is that leadership? When you can't even get your own party behind what the party promised for nearly 8 years now? It's over, it will not happen. Until drumpf allows bipartisan collaboration and admit his way sucks and his name calling has backfired and resulted in wasted time.
  • red, you're kind of sound right but please look at the other aspects of the process. Congress is a separate body. President Trump can only suggest and push and lobby but in the end, each Congressman and Senator will decide how they will vote. So Trump should not be blamed for McCain's change of heart--from promising his constituents that if elected, he would repeal and replace Ocare to now saying "no" in breaking his promises.

    These are grown up men and women; who are independent thinkers and political players. You cannot blame Trump for McCain's saying no to the other Republicans bill. That's how it is in democratically elected governments. He can suggest but the Congress--collectively--is the one that have the final say. Again, this is true whether in the US federal government, state government, municipal governments, territorial governments, etc. There is separation of powers; and the head of one branch cannot dictate to the other branch.

    So Trump tried his best by talking with Sens. Paul and others. But in the end, each Senator decides for himself and herself.

    As I noted earlier, this is the process; no need to be worked up about it. The next step is for the 4 Republican Senators to work with the Democrat Senators to come up with ways to shore up the Obamacare before it totally collapse. President Trump has done his best but in the democratic system, the President knows that he depends on other leaders--in the House and the Senate to do their part.
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    4 years to do it or like marc said it will collapse on its own like it is already happening. Trump is not the leader of the Republican party he is just their candidate who won the white house. Furthermore he calls both established dems and repubs part of the swamp.
  • I'm a republican at heart, I'm not sure I know what trump is.he isn't a republican. He's a loudmouth, listens to no one and fires his mouth off without regard to who it will offend and the lives he puts in danger. That's not a leader. Yes each representative and senator will weigh his decision. If a boat was at sea and full of people and has a hole slowly sinking, do you let it sink? Or you show your leadership and get everyone behind your ideas to save the people? Trumps idea is let it sink. I'm sorry, this surrender without trying to be a uniting force for good just sickens me. Trump is no leader. The party is too fragmented and not salvageable.
  • More concerned about players kneeling at the anthem, but calls white nazis carrying the Nazi flag fine people. Nfl and NBA players who make a lot and pay alot of taxes simply exercising their rights. Trump seriously lacks composure.
  • Like marc said the president dont make laws he just suggest em and like marc also pointed out obama care aka aca is dying out on its own even if repeal and replace don't go through. No one can claim to be a republican and support government sponsored healthcare. Like saying im a democrat and i don't support abortions or gay rights. You are just another democrat who claim to be a republicans.

    You follow to much of what the media is feeding you. This is how the media got Trump elected. And this is how they will help him get elected for a second term. Free advertising is always good advertising like trump said in his book.
  • How is it government sponsored healthcare? Stop lying and explain how the replacement plan is better? If it's so unbelievably wonderful this replacement plans are why are they not passing? I know why, because the replacement plans, both of them suck worse than what's available. Good or bad. Until then, drumpf sucks at this presidency thing and he has no ideas. Plain and simply. That's why he picks on latinos, blacks and muslims to keep the focus on xenophobia and not getting down to real leadership. Not worthy to be a janitor at the White House.
  • Millions of lives are being jacked up while these rich jackasses continue to play politics with their lifelihood.
  • What, in your view, is the purpose of government, Rastaman?
  • Dont waste ur energy rationslizing with Rasta..He/She same as PS.
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    Doesn't obamacare penalized you if you are not on it? Hillary Clinton herself said that Obamacare is the blueprint to government sponsored healthcare. Healthcare is not a right. 300 million americans and only a 20 millions are on it. Majority of Americans prefer private insurers. The job of the government a Democratic goverment is to protect its citizens not give them free things, you want free things provided by the government go to Venezuela.
  • What, in your view, should a government protect its citizens from, Rastaman?
  • From foreign & domestic threats and itself. Free healthcare is a vote getter for democrats no different then their sanctuary citities or their DACA or welfare, all for the purpose of getting votes from people whom they have enslaved. Shit even Berinie Sanders admits years ago that a single payer system/free healthcare in the US will bankrupt the united States.
  • What are, in your view, possible foreign and domestic threats, Rastaman?
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    Foreign-Iran, China, North Korea,Russia, radicalized islam.

    Domestic- Antifa,BLM,KKK and a over reaching federal government.

  • So tell us richard what are your views? Is free healthcare a right? Bigger and over reaching government or not?
  • Thanks for asking, Rastaman. I think I agree with you that a government exists to protect its citizens against threats--and I wonder what those threats may be. Presumably one of the goals of a society is to continue to exist. I can't imagine very many societies want to extinguish themselves. So let's say that governments exist to protect their citizens against threats, and they protect their citizens at least in part so that the society can exist. That's the premise I'm working with.

    Some threats can be external, e.g. North Korea, as you mentioned. Some threats can be internal, e.g. Antifa, KKK as you mentioned, as well as laws and bureaucracy that prohibit or limit one's capacity to pursue happiness (i.e. an overreaching federal government.) I agree with all of your examples of internal threats.

    That said, I wonder if there are more potential threats to a society's continued existence. In FSM, for instance, we know that NCDs have become a significant issue. I want to say that ~14,000 Pohnpeians have diabetes or so? We know that diabetes can lead to a decreased quality of life for individuals, and potentially end their lives sooner than if they didn't have diabetes.

    Is 1/3 of our citizens having diabetes a potential threat to our society's continued existence? If it isn't, then the government doesn't need to do anything about this issue. If it is, based on our premise, then, the government probably ought to do something to protect its citizens against the threat. But what should the government do? What's the line between an effective use of communal resources to protect the society against the threat, and overreach? Is it good government to spend money on educating people, subsidizing local food, and subsidizing medicine and blood analysis tools for those with diabetes? Is it government overreach, because most of the citizens likely got diabetes because of their own choices?

    I know that I'd like to see Micronesians, and people of any country really, be healthy, happy, well fed, with access to education and various services. I appreciate that one's definition of these things may be different from my own, and even if our definitions aren't the same there's a heavy price tag for government. Robert Heinlein wrote, in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, that "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch."

    Free healthcare doesn't really exist because we (the society) will all pay for it. I may be healthy, but pay additional taxes or fees for sick people. But if a government exists to protect its citizens against threats, so that the society can continue to exist, do large-scale health problems count as threats? If large-scale health problems do qualify as threats, can small-scale health problems? If health problems in a society are threats, who decides when? Who decides how we treat them, if at all? If we have a dollar to spend, and have multiple threats to deal with at the same time--how do we determine the best way to ensure the society continues to exist?

    I guess the shortest answer, Rastaman, is that I'm not sure what I believe. That said, I think I'd rather pay higher taxes knowing that others are taken care of even if I'm healthy, in part because if I were to get sick or become disabled, I'd hate to think that I'd be abandoned.

    But it's not about me, is it?
  • So you rather we pay HIGHER taxes for a not so free healthcare than a wall that will protect us? Protecting ones citizens and giving them free things ain't the same thing. Socialism never works. If it did i wonder why people from England and Canada who have free healthcare come to the U.S. seeking medical attention. If what they have is soooo great why do majority of them seek medical elsewhere?

    And you are right education is a must. Micronesian needs to focus on this.
  • Rasta weed man, so the penalty equals free healthcare? Those Canadians are the wealthy ones that can afford to come and use US clinics. Hell even wealthy Americans use other country hospitals.
  • ACA is failing all across the board. It was built to fail from the start. Aca co-ops are failing at a rate of nearly 50%.
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    Like the defeated queen of liberalism hillary said obamacare is the blueprint and a step from free healthcare. Majority of Canadians and British people come to America to look for medical attention. Majority! Why do they come here since they have a greaaaat and awesome free healthcare? Its not so good when citizens of free healthcare care nations like japan, New Zealand, Canada and england come here now does it.
  • So where's orangutan's deal making skills? Where is loudmouth repeal 10 months on? It failed and will never see the light of day again. I'm not saying this because I love Obamacare, I'm saying it because your monkey said he's the ultimate dealer maker, negotiator. And he failed twice. Therefore he is clown in the White House. Throws his feces at anyone who challenges him and has no ideas.
  • Is not his job to enact and repeal laws and legislation but Congress. It shows that American democracy is still alive instead of that fascism like the media is portraying. Repeal of obamacare will take place or it will fail on its own like it is now taking place. Its a win win for trump.
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