Micronesia is a Christian region

Micronesia is vastly a Christian region and the 7 countries in it are predominantly christian. Christianity is woven in our culture and our being. As Christians micronesians should stay awake and must not be let into damnation such as the false ideology of liberalism. We micronesians have more in common with conservative ideals. Believe in god the giver of life and liberty is also a shared view amongst micronesian and conservatives. Believing in a union between man and women is another. But we have the devil walking amongst us and is trying to lead us onto the road of damnation. This devil try to impose its views on us and calls his views progress. The holy scriptures say one must sweat to earn his bread, the devil says one must kick back and collect food stamps. The devil uses our own bible to get us to accept his views. Like love they neighbor's. We micronesians must always be alert and be aware for this devil comes in many forms and its latest form is liberalism embodied in the democrat ideals of the democrat party of America. America is now fighting a fight between good and evil. The devil has its own propaganda machine and its found in the American mainstream media. And the devil has his political party and its found in the Democrat party of the united states. The devil is trying to lead america to become the second sodom and Gomorrah. But the believers in god in America are trying their best to make sure This never come to past. And we in micronesia must never let this happen here also.

Unity through faith strength through unity!


  • idiot of the highest order.
  • Lol, I agree with Rasta. Except the fact that there is such a thing as "separation of church and state."
  • Then you’re a partial idiot.
  • Lol, it's Friday. Lighten up Reddy, we know your sour that your friend is banned, but look at the positive side...you made friends with Anunaki and Kinen
  • Amen, Bless your soul Rastaman you are another saltwater messenger.
  • Haha. Rasta probably inside a cloud of smoke right now not even missing this.
  • Saltwater messenger he was. Bless him.
  • Hi IronYouth.
    Good to see you again.
  • Nice to See you 2 my saltwater brother.
  • Long live the republic of CNMI.
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    Amen Rastaman Amen.

    In keeping with the spirit of Rastaman, since he was kicked out by Sarem Chuuk, im duty bound as another conservative in this forum to inform you guys that Trump has nailed down another of obamas legacy. Obama nuclear deal with iran has been decertified.
  • That is the man, Trump, no non sense.God bless you and the United States of America.
  • Let keep this rolling, Trump will end another obama legacy, he is now ending obamacare subsidy payments. Two blows that will ensure the death of obamacare.
  • Yes your orange monkey with no ideas of his own keeps undoing what took years to develop and got the support of all major economies. I think he’s jealous of Obama’s successful presidency and the size of Obama’s hands. Small minded president. Also Melania doesn’t feel the same about Obama as drumpf does.
  • Wasn't obamacare passed without one single Republican support? Wasnt it also passed with multiple objections from small businesseS and private healthcare providerS? So your claim red snapper that it got major support is utterly false.
  • The white House and the senate and the house is controlled by republicans. They could have repealed it without any democrats. So what happened? Not once , twice ! I call that a failure in leadership. Don’t you? Or are you about to spin this? Let me put my seat belt on.
  • I’m referring to the Iran agreement on the major support issue. Now the world will know that the YS doesn’t keep its commitments. Make America distrustful again. Another giant step backwards like the rest of nazi loving red neck backwoods idiots.
  • You said the Obamacare was passed without opposition i showed you that thats not true.

    Its not the Presidents job to make laws its the Congress. Executive can only suggest to Congress.

    2 major democrats opposed the Iran nuclear deal and they are Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y and Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y. 57% of american were against Obamas iran deal with only 30% agreeing. So again you claim that no one opposed it is also utterly false. Israel and Saudi Arabia are aslo against Obamas nuclear deal. Some calls it Obama's appeasement to iran.

  • Its been proven that iran used the billions obama gave it to pursue a nuclear weapons program. The deal does not allow US to inspect the sites. What is iran state goal? Oh yeah to wipe out the US and Israel off the Map. Obama helped his Muslim brothers by giving billions and a deal with no inspection.

    Like obama forced ACA on amerians now trump doing the exact same thing forcing ACA to leave americans. Ironic indeed.
  • 2 more pussies that have been grabbed.
  • 2 more of Obama bad decisions get erased.
  • Almost a year over and no real meaningful idea from your orange monkey. Only xenophobia, homophobia, chest pounding bullying, nazi loving, orange fake tan with a merry go round hiring and firings. Now the worst ever, d
  • Obama left the WH in great despicable conditions that Trump is trying to sort through the bile of mess to at least make it looks presentable.
  • Zzzzzz, bathroom break, Zzzzzzz
  • The stock market says you are lying about black mambas economic record. Haha black mamba is better than orange monkey.
  • Not any of us is buying that obama economy growth myth one little bitty. His fiscal ended months and months ago. Black monkey left us with 19 trillion debt. You can't attribute 5 trillion in economic growth to black monkey when his fiscal ended.

    Trump is trying to cut taxes but democrats are resisting. Because it will take away some of their voting power.

    Trump domestic agenda is economic growth and he is doing that. Foreign policy is help those who help themselves and he is doing also that. Kicking the shit out of isis which obama created.
  • Facts don’t matter in planet orange monkey followers. Let’s talk your monkeys economic plan when it gets killed in a few weeks by republicans.
  • One of the facts is that obama fiscal year ended. And our party lost.
  • Let’s talk after orange monkeys plan dies.
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    In keeping up with rastamons spirit i would like to tell you all in here that US and its Kurdish allies in Syria have completely push isis out of its stronghold in Raqqa. 3 months after taking taking mosul from isis in syria. Isis has been decimated under 10 months under trump. Not making the headlines by the way. All in 10 months compared to 8 years it grew under obama.
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