FSM Telecom Continues down its Path of Obstructionism

To elaborate, FSMTC continues to thwart and delay procedures to move forward on the implementation of the Open Access Entity thereby delaying the kick-start of fiber services in Chuuk and Yap.

With the unfortunate fact that FSMTC has a mole in Congress, FSMTC is able to be notified of any and all decisions concerning this Fiber Project before they are even brought to the floor.

Yes, fiber has landed in the other States of the FSM however by continuing to deliberately impede or delay the course of legal, legislative, or other procedures, FSMTC is therefore hindering any benefit of the fiber connectivity to the other States indefinitely.


  • Lol, who's the mole?
  • Ina Chok, I believe we all know who the mole is....lol
  • So a positive outcome has come out of my targeting FSM Telecom. It seems the CEO has finally decided to start reporting to work on a daily basis.

    I've driven by FSM Telecom consistently over the past week and it's come as a surprise that I've seen his corporate car parking in his spot these past few days. Even though he still does not put in the full 8 hours, it seems some effort is finally being put in.

    Lastly, I am not the media, however I do hope the below is taken into consideration before anyone decides to make any comments back-lashing what I have posted.

    Here's how President Barack Obama described his relationship with the media -- and the media's role in covering the White House -- in his final news conference in January:
    "I have enjoyed working with all of you. That does not, of course, mean that I've enjoyed every story that you have filed, but that's the point of this relationship. You're not supposed to be sycophants, you're supposed to be skeptics, you're supposed to ask me tough questions. You're not supposed to be complimentary, but you're supposed to cast a critical eye on folks who hold enormous power and make sure that we are accountable to the people who sent us here, and you have done that."

    And here's former President George W. Bush on the press earlier this year:
    "I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy. We need an independent media to hold power to account. Power can be very addictive and it can be corrosive, and it's important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power."
  • Utero, I have never implied that I was Edward Snowden however I do support his path of freedom of information.

    What you need to know is whether or not it is the Chinese or FSM Telecom that will be providing fiber connectivity to Chuuk, it all boils down to regulations and policies. Without these in place, communications will continue to be chaotic and services will deteriorate as it is now.

    I feel for all the other States experiencing these issues but you should also understand that even with fiber in Pohnpei, the lack of a critical mindset to address customer satisfaction continues to derail any new service FSMTC provides.

    That said, with the unfortunate fact that the CEO is against any immediate liberalization of the telecom market, it does not bode well for competition that will guarantee positive benefits for a customer who is at present unhappy with FSMTC services.

    I fully support a transparent FSMTC however at the moment, I am unable to fathom what the hell the person sitting on top of this dog pile is doing and what direction he hopes to achieve. In all seriousness, he needs to get his act together or get out of the way and let someone more attuned to the customers needs and the future of this corporation to take over where he apparently has been unable to succeed in.

    It's not asking for much since all he has done is fill his pockets and force every able employee in FSMTC to resign their posts.
  • Snowden, I hear rumors that FSMTC has finally given in to moving forward with the Fiber Project and the Open Access Entity.
  • What is it that is actually happening or is not happening that has brought this point in time? Who is the CEO of FSMTC that you are referring to?
  • pwilidak, after months and years of the CEO playing stall tactics and undermining the fiber project, yes, the implementation of the fiber project is finally moving forward be it at a very slow pace due to certain conditions that the CEO has forced.

    What he has basically done is hamper progress and place handicaps on the progress of liberalizing the telecom market. So what good is the fiber if nothing new materializes from it or no benefit is gained?
  • Hi Patrick,

    The new CEO is Freddy Perman. This individual was basically hired through nepotism and rose quickly through the ranks via nepotism as well. He now enjoys his safe spot on the mantle of this corporation doing whatever he wishes secure in the fact that nepotism continues to reign by way of his in-law that is chairman of the board for the corporation.

    He has no scruples and lacks any forward thinking that will be positive for the organization. Ask most FSM Telecom employees and they will admit he has done extensive damage to the corporation.

    I have been informed by several credible sources that a chinese businessman, close friend, and business associate of his is actually advising him on how to move forward with the corporation. Of course this should be the case since the CEO has pushed millions of dollars to this businessman through all sorts of purchases from sim cards, recharge cards, two full blown wireless tv networks, a new nation wide cellular network which I am informed did not need to replaced, and finally a new cellular prepaid system.

    There may be other items I did not list but only time will tell.

  • Below is a link to update everyone on the actual plans to implement beneficial services to the people of the FSM.


    Unfortunately, the CEO of FSMTC continues to lobby against any form of liberalization of the telecom market to benefit the people of the FSM.

    You would think that he would be open to a competitive market however I have it under good advisement that his current shortfalls has led him thinking otherwise.
  • What are we dealing with within our Federation? Moving forward the Nation or moving us individually? There are a lot of open doors to the success of our nation, but some doesn't want to enter into the door as it is a dead end for them self, individually. I believe that some major component of our National and State Development plans need to be review and implements all appropriate versions to meet the present situations. We need a through review by our own capable people with the help of the trusted partner of our government as we see fits. You don't have to agree with me, but you need to make positive suggestions.
  • Good day my bro Melvin, where have you been lately?
  • I was hiding in the sea cells as no one wants to believe me anymore. I try my very best now to be back in our sunrise. lol
  • Snowden, I did some inquiries regarding the Fiber Project and it will be implemented next year. It has been delayed until probably March or April 2018 due to FSM Telecom being unable to come to a decision on how to act on the conditions within the World Bank Grant.

    Let's hope for the best.

  • hahahaha...I just love your terminology, Snowden. Ever since I can remember, and growing up, I've noticed behavior of our leaders and their counterparts as sycophants. And we keep referring to cultural practices of "mutual cooperation" in all we do. Results and flaws are dealt with at later times. hahahaha

    In the cultural behavior and in the Chuukese culture where one would not have the sense and guts to give a negative response out of respect/mutual respect, good or bad results are taken risk-fully. Resolutions will come thus delayed progress.

    In the case of the MOLE in congress, it is the will regardless of the outcome. And yes, it is about time that this behavior be addressed and changed. You are probably the cause of that CEO issued vehicle to be parked at its designated stall in the FSMTC parking lot and the CEO warming his chair.

    Good Day to all!

    Kalahngan Douluhl! hahaha
  • Dang FSMtelecom cant even figure out the land lines problems in Yap, WTF!
  • @sinbad, yes, I am hoping that the only thing that comes out of addressing the issues with FSM Telecom is a positive outcome. It's good to know that utilizing this forum as a medium to address situations of much concern does have its benefits as we can see by the CEO now warming his chair on a regular basis.

    Let's see if it continues.
  • @Garim, it is unfortunate for Yap to have all these issues however believe me when I say that it is not just Yap, it is all the 4 States that have land line issues as well as ADSL and 3G.

    Even though Pohnpei has the fiber, we still have land line issues that degrade ADSL service. As for 3G, service drops on and off. Worst of all is the issue with FSM Telecom daily plans. The service sucks a cellular phone balance dry without any notice as soon as the daily plan is up however it does not follow any time frame.

    There are a host of issues abound and without a Chief of Operations to handle the mess, the CEO in his all his wisdom continues to address only his A-List customers and leaves the rest waiting indefinitely.

    We all know there is an issue here, the Board knows it and the leadership knows it but unfortunately as long as the Chairman of the Board continues to be his in-law, nothing good will ever come of this.

  • Hello thee,
    Let us be reminded that as we stand at our levels, basically saying it, our cultural grounds, local soil, the world is moving on fast. All what we need is the right tool. Simply put it, we need to be more educated, the faster the better.

    _being local in a fast changing world of modernization, the new technologies and all their fundamentals.
  • Snowden, is fiber optic the only option? How is it that Pohnpei has a landline while the other states doesn't? Seem like Freddy Perman is doing ok. Is he hoping for a good return later if such and such companies pull from the FSM? Your knowledge of ADSL 3G and such is elementary. If you are here only to advertise your knowledge -which I think you are, you serve no purpose.
  • Tokyo, you are entitled to your own opinions as am I. I have google to enlighten me on anything and everything ADSL or 3G which is quite a vast vault of information and should not be considered elementary. Not only that, I do have quite a few well informed and professional individuals who kindly contribute to the information I am posting.

    As for the person whom you mentioned is doing okay, yes, he personally seems to being doing quite well, more than what should be considered logical. However if you what you stated pertains to the corporation he is currently flushing down the drain, I doubt a continued loss of over a million dollars annually should be considered ok.

  • Telcom is the best.
  • Ok, this is probably starting to sound like a broken record but I would not be supporting this discussion if I were to not report back that the new CEO has decided to stop warming his chair in the CEO office of FSMTC.

    In all seriousness, how does one live with himself if he can continue to get paid $2,500.00 biweekly, plus or minus, and not report to work?

    Will this be business as usual when other interested telecom companies start coming in?

    I worry that if this continues and FSMTC is unable to compete out of not being prepared that the excuse from telecom would be, "Well, I told you so. Competition is bad for Business".
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    With the defeat of Title 21 and the introduction of the OAE, given it stands up as non-profit, exercises fair judgement, and remains untethered to the profits of any of it's customers, the field (FSMTC only right now but eventually including additional businesses entering the market) must survive based on the quality and value of the product and/or service it provides. In the end, I think the customer is going to be the main stakeholder to benefit. As long as that holds true, in my humble opinion, we should let the opening of the market [and the possible demise of FSMTC] run it's course.

    $2,500 for a CEO of a Telco is unheard of. That is SUPER low. He, and anyone who bears that kind of a responsibility, should get more. Just my two cents.
  • xectms, I am with you on all but one of the items you stated which is the last but not least one.

    As documented in another post, since 2012, FSMTC has been on a downward spiral. The huge losses began when the new management took over and seems to have continued on to this day.

    It is also unheard of for Telco's to continue to hold on to their CEO's if a serious downward trend of revenue is suffered consecutively and most definitely if a deficit of a million dollars, plus or minus, is suffered for 5 years in a row.

    Bear in mind that FSMTC now has the worst employee turnover rate in the FSM, if not the North Pacific Region. This turnover rate will only get worse once more Telco companies start popping up due to liberalization.

  • I wonder how much the President of the FSM receives in two weeks and whose responsibility is greater and of more importance.
  • Truth, Libron James, a basketball player, in the US, gets paid more than the president. Whose responsibility is greater and of more importance?
  • Which goes to show how upside down some people's priorities could be.
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