• Are there TruthIsThat?
  • God's Kingdom will come on Earth as in Heaven only if mankind let it be so. One way to accomplish this, is to be able to forgive those who hurts other or trespass against others. Not an easy task without God's help. Jesus is God. Through him, everything is possible. Kingdom of God is when you are at peace. Nothing to worry about. No depth. No enemies. No hatred. No creed. People choose different ways to live life. Some choose easy baths and some choose hard ways. Eventually, everyone come to realize the truth. Jesus came to help those who choose to take the hard way, because most of them will not make it through. And yes only the truth will set you free. The truth is Jesus himself. Heaven is a mystery, but you can experience heaven on Earth.
  • Just do good always and you shall join Him in going to Heaven, do otherwise and ride along with Trump...
  • Wow, Sinbad how did you know?
  • Someone claiming to be Peter M. Christian in Facebook an willing to give a United nations fund in the amount of $90,000 in return for $600.00 to help minimize poverty in the Micro Islands. Do you believe that?
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    There is no heaven. TT & cocoboy get it out of your skull that not everyone on here is a Christian.
  • What way? Anabaptist and it many sects only believe their way.
  • Tokyo,

    With all due respect, look up. In that action is the saying, "You are looking heavenward." When you look to the sky, you look up to heaven. Why did someone came up with the word h-e-a-v-e-n?
  • Well, in the same manner violent sex predators use ice cream v. alienation to control.
  • Well, we all are flesh that are weak. We born the same and raise up differently by our parents or who ever in that matter. They taught us to believe what they believe. This is the fact that makes us believe differently. Hatred people will hate those who have love and peace, they will not want to believe such thing. Opposite potentials will attract.
  • The only way to heaven is death.
  • lol. Kinen! heaven is Everlasting life! how could you said that? most Christians believes that the only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ. There is a twist to that, you see it is much more tricky to get to Heaven because of the location, I mean its not on the globe and is definitely not on any
  • Actually there is some truth to what kinen stated. We need to die to self so that Jesus can live in us. Only then are we able to please God.

    Thank you, kinen.
  • You are welcome Truth.
  • We will die inorder to see heaven and hell. That is true, but his kingdom can be on Earth if we acknowledge God to be present in us. That is the eternal life he promised. Being able to be freed from sin is the true freedom and that is the Kingdom of god.
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