Again Democrats FAILED in their latest effort to IMPEACH Trump

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In case you missed it on December 6, 2017 the house democrats tried to pass a motion to impeach Trump. There are 193 Democrats in the house of representatives and about 240 Republicans. When it was time to cast the vote to impeach only 58 democrats voted YES out of 193. The remaining 153 democrats in the house voted NO.

The leading causes for the impeachment according to Democrat Rep. Al Green is not condemning white supremacists, telling Americans to boycott the NFL, not quick to respond to Hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico and most importantly obstruction of justice and collusion with Russia. Even with all these grievances listed as reasons to impeach 153 democrats sided with republicans and voted NO to impeachment.


  • I knew it wouldn't pass because the hard core democrat senators who were vocal about impeaching Trump were not in favor to impeach. Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer the die heart democrats who have been calling for impeachment since January all stayed away and kept their distance from the impeach vote. Not everyone in the Senate and house of representative now believe the Russian collusion story anymore. Least of all the American public.
  • Impeachment is something they have to do correctly or it will backfire. Wait until Meuller finishes his investigation, so you have evidence, then move foreward with removing Trump.
  • It will be hard for Mueller investigations to gain credibility now. All the lawyers he hired are all democrats who made financial contributions to the Hillary campaign. The FBI agend who investigated Hillarys email scandel found nothing, mind you this is the same FBI agent who was the lead investigator in the investigation into any possible collusion between Trump and Russia. This FBI was fired by Mueller a week ago because he was caught sending texts to a DOJ employee, the texts were anti Trump and Pro clinton. Thats why he was fired by Mueller. Now the Judge who was supposed to preside over the Flynn case has been removed and replaced by another judge.

    The judge was involved with the Trump dossier which was funded by the DNC and Hillary foundation. The dossier in question is the entire reason for the collusion talks. This was a federal judge who is safe to say its a democrat since he or she had hands in the making the dossier but didn't mentioned it until further checks were made on his her background.
  • Right you are. For a Democrat you are well informed.
  • Alabama has bitch slapped republicans and their pervert leaders. One less idiot republican in senAte. Whassup ironic douche? How’s your orange monkey feeling now? That rope tightening around his neck and his policies. How do you lose a state the republicans have held for 20 year? Hahahaha!
  • The impeachment was a formality. A real day of reckoning is on the horizon for Trump and Trump's agendas as November 2018 will certainly see the Democrats taking back Congress, making Trump a lame duck. This presupposes that Mueller doesn't get Trump first. Deep South just slapped Trump and his cronies with a dose of reality today. America is waking up. The extreme right will disappear back to the unknowns of American backwoods. They will take backward and conspiracy-minded idiots like Trump, Moore, Bannon and Sessions with them. Roll Tide!
  • The real reason the impeachment never went through is because it lacked credibility and evidence or real cause to impeach. Bernie Sanders said a few days ago that there is no logic reason behind impeaching Trump. Impeachment for the sake of not liking a President will never be accepted by the American people.

    I believe that Mueller wont find any evidences to link Trump to any collusion. I for one never believed it ever took place. I for one don't think l In the whole russian influence thing, because new evidences shows that the Russians were providing info on Trump to the Clinton dossier paper. It shows that Russia was supplying dirt on Trump to the Clintons because it didn't want trump to win the elections.

    As for what happened in alabama with Roy Moore it shows yet again how the American system of democracy is still intact. Also remember Trump backed Luther Strange against Roy Moore. Trump was Said months ago that Moore would not win against Democrat candidate Jones in alabama thats why he backed Luther Strange.
  • Trump never supported Moore. Bannon was fired by Trump a few months ago. Impeachment will never work because instead of showing collusion Mueller is showing america how the Democrats and Hillary were getting rich of off Russian money. Like IronYouth said impeachment for sake of not liking someone will never fly.

    To clarify things Moore was not Trumps choice but L. Strange was. Why? Trump knew he will never win weeks ago in advance.
  • See here folks democrats are now rewriting history and telling everyone Trump was behind Moore when a few weeks ago they were gloating over the fact that Trumps man lost to Moore during the party nomination battle between Moore and Strange. Lets be clear Trump campaigned for Luther Strange and was against Roy Moore. Lets not rewrite history to fit our biased ways.

    Now lets see if the the republicans will riot all over america and impede traffick and burn down stores....oh wait thats what democrats do.
  • You’re right he backed strange and lost. Then he backed Moore with tweets and rally’s and Robocalls and lost again.and Alabama said screw you Orange monkey.
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    Welcome back Red snapper....It was a party line support nothing more nothing less. Trump knew he wouldn't win from the get go. Tweets not campaigning like he did for Strange. Again democracy still prevail in America, none of that Russian things liberals be talking about.

    And lets not forget.....
  • Obamas FCC over controlling of the web has been neutralized. Another obama overstepped regulation and so called legacy in the trash.
  • Obamas over controlling the web? which cereal box are you reading your news from?imageimage
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    Another clueless libtart up here. Under obama the government got more power to see what you look at through the internet and even spied on american citizens through their phone isp right?
  • But freedom of choice has corporate can route your searches to their cronies. And slow your speed down. Make America great again? Orange fuck had nothing new to add? Just keep undoing black mambas work.
  • Is that what CNN told you? Yup that's what CNN told you. Did CNN forget to tell you that before 2015 net neutrality was none existence and like then and now everything will be a o.k. what you forget to add is that like obamacare the net neutrality is like big brother/federal government controlling the internet. The less the government interfere the better. The more business will grow.

    What is it with liberals and giving goverment more control? Oh i forget they democrats want more government control.

  • CNN said 13 million will die because of this guess what that was a lie.
  • Life will go on with or without net neutrality. We did find before it and will do fine without it.
  • It will be hard to impeach trump now. Even if Mueller find anything on him. Majority of the American public now side with Trump on the notion that the investigations are contaminated and baised since the lead investigator has been removed for anti trump remarks, the wife of the fbi second in charge received thousands dollars from clinton foundation, was involved with the Russian dossier, and all the prosecutors are somehow former Hillary campaign contributors. Either Trump will be cleared or nothing will come out of the investigations regarding trump.
  • MAGA till 2020 and beyond.
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