Ancient Micronesian Navigation Teqhniques.



  • We chuukese also refer to our main God as iiowa...
  • Lol Folu, that Chuukese iiowa is Jehova the Christian God.. Lowa is a totally different godly being.

    As for the talks of attacking and pushing people out of Kosrae and Pohnpei down to Chuuk as caused by fearsome warriors is plain bullsh*t. You are talking about the very same fearsome warriors, the very same rulers, whom were on constant movement to claim territory, the true seafarers who spread their people that speaks the language you now learn as Chuukic continuum that can be heard in Melanesia, Palau islands Marianas Chuuk and Yap... Stop confusing our histories together just to claim superiority. We all are from one direction from the same brotherly and sisterly ancestors.
  • kinda makes sense more then your B-S book worm none sense now. It makes more sense as to why the chuukese inhabited a location between the yapese and the pohnpeians.They paid tributes to yap and at the same time the pohnpeian clans that arrived on chuuk were considered to be the rulers of the other chuukese clans.

    As for Ratak and Ralik being the katau peidi and katau peidak is something that pohnpeian historians have been arguing about cause they are not sure if its the same two places that the ancients were talking about. Just cause Ralik and Ratak sound similar to Peidi and Peidak don't prove that its the same place.
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  • Kershamin you cannot make up your mind like the book worm that you are! your a jitter bug. I looked at all your comments and first you said Pohnpeians ruled a kingdom that extended to the Mwashel,then you said the yapese ruled a kingdom that extended beyond pohnpei,then you claim that the islands of pohnpei,kosrae and chuuk paid tribute to the yapese,then you change again and said it was only the outer islands of yap that did it.Make up your freaking mind already! Now you say the Saudeluers are of yapese blood.Man the saudeluers arrived out of the East and have no relations to yap what so ever. And another thing it wasn't the saudeluers who arrived first on pohnpei,the first people on pohnpei arrived from the east,the saudeluers arrived after them. The saudeluers only ruled pohnpei and never were they sailing up and down and claiming territories like you say.STOP WITH YOUR BULLSHIT and STOP MAKING THINGS UP.

  • this guy is really losing is head.When so called saudeluers arrived on pohnpei they never left,the stayed there like the land lovers they are,none of that sailing around and increasing their domain BS you talking about.Same with the Kings of Kosrae,they stayed on kosrae and never left they were also land lovers,as for the yapese they never sailed only the outliers of Wolai and satawal did. The big island dwellers or the high islands people never really took to sea and they were never a sea going people. Navigation is a art practiced by the elites,the upper class,the higher lineage.The real commoners were the ones who were stuck on land and never left their lands,while their betters sailed the ocean. The satawalese and wolaens sailed for fun and just for the heck of sailing while the people of the Marshall's were sailing for a different reason and that is the conquering and expanding their territories. Some group of wolaens were sailing for fun when they were met by a group of marshallese sailing for the exact opposite and the group of Marshallese killed the group that was from wolai. From that moment the wolaens stopped sailing beyond kosrae cause they learned their lesson.While the wolaen stop the Marshallese kept goint,they went to yap brought back some of those stones the yapese uses for money,and some of these are found in Namu and Aur.They went to chuuk attacked tol and left,went to kapingamarangi conquered it,when to pohnpei established the kingdom of Sokeh and Nett,when to kosrae attacked it,sailed to pinglep took it over and to mokill and also took it over.Some commoners indeed. These commoners knew navigation and were in the came of sailing and conquering islands. The kingdom of the Ralik extended to the outliers of Mwoakilloa and Pinglep and even Kapingamarangi,while the pohnpeians saudeluers were stuck on their islands and the kosraens on their the Marshallese sailed unmolested.Same with the satawalese and wolaens they are our brother vikings from the West and they were the only FSMers who sailed the seas.
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  • Now your makings things up as you go along and that is messed up. Tol in chuuk as nothing to do with nanmadol in pohnpei,just cause the last 3 letters resemble one another don't mean nothing.The nanwarkie system was set up by isokelekel. You don't make no sense no more as you make up your lies as you go along.chuuk is a land that was divided then and is now,only pohnpei kosrae were united under strong rulers while chuuk kept fighting it self. stop you history manipulating cause you sound like a cackling fool.
  • That little kid that you talking about his name was kadu,he was from wolae he was the sole survivor of the fleet that came to the ralik from wolae,it was thru pity that he was spared and not killed.Kadu was not a Marshallese,he was a wolaen and those stories he told he told to the europeans cause he was a snitch,a bitch that think the europeans would help him,when that fleet from wolae was killed they wrote songs about them,marshallese old song called "kobata eo ikotan ri-wolai im ri-majol"(war between the people of wolae and the people of marshall" is a really well known old song in the marshall's. The attack on chuuk is also a known story and deed of our ancestors. Chuukese forgot it cause lets be honest they were a primitive then and now they still is.

    In essence your islands and people were the fish and ours were the sharks. Your islands are full of stories about marshallese coming to and making war upon your people and kicking the shit out them. The true commoners are the ones who sat on the land while the vikings came and attacked them.

    Another thing,the story of Ronglap and Rongrik originates in the Marshall's. Its part of the story of the creation of the islands in the Marshall's,Ronglap and Rongrik are marshallese words and the meaning of this words are marshallese.How the story of the two brothers ronglap and rongrik happens to be on chuuk/pohnpei or yap,simple Mashallese brought to those islands when they came there. Marshall is the origin of the people of Modern day FSM,its also the Origin of your language in Pohnpei,Kosrae and Chuuk,its also the Origin of royal families. From east(Marshalls) to west(FSM) people,stories,clans,customs went.Over the centuries your languages split,your customs changed,while your place of origin(Marshall's)stayed the same.

    Modern FSMers are our descendants,The people of the marshall's are the ancestors of modern day FSMers. You guys are seeds from the loins of Marshallese men. We are the people of the older lineage,you guys the younger one.Show respect to the elder branch like kids that you guys suppose to be.
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  • ,Kershamin in all your post you have allot of MUST BE,COULD BE,COULD HAVE BEEN,this words are use when someone is guessing or don't have a clue what she or he is talking about,in other words your guessing and speculating,in science its called HYPOTHESIS,IT MEANS YOU ARE GUESSING WHAT SHOULD,COULD AND MUST HAVE BEEN. Your ideas are taken from those books you read,books written by white foreigners.

    You must be a chuukese cause you want to bring those savages reputation up from the shitty place they always occupy. They are the roaches of FSM,they steal customs,stories and even dances and still this roaches have the balls to say this things they copied is their own. You chuukese claim to be polynesians,then melenisians well it's ok if you guys want to claim these but stealing others cultures stories and identities and calling it your own is whack a sign of a race that as no ambition of its own. The story of the creation of chuuk comes from 5 brothers not 2! the two brothers are a Mwashelis story not chuukese. Another thing there are two islands in the marshall's that are named after those two brothers in the story.

    Reading books is what you do and you take this things in the books like they came from the man above himself. In those books chuuk is mentioned as a place that Mwashelis have attacked in the past so how can you discredit that when you give full credits to the bullshits you read and take as facts? To you its only facts if the stories put chuuk in the positive light but when its say a negative shit like chuuk being attacked by marshallese that's when you say its false,how the fuck can you live with your dual mentality bullshit.

    Pohnpeian clans and kings were the rulers of chuuk,even now the clans that have seniority in chuuk all are pohnpeians in origin and blood.

  • Chuukese may claim that the brothers ronglap and rongrik is their in origin but like somebody mentioned they copy stuffs and claim its their own. Next thing you know they will claim that lorenwa originates from chuuk. Its good in a good way cause it show that Marshallese stories have reached that far into the west of Micronesia. Another proof that those islands were penetrated by Marshallese in the old day.

  • When we talked about thousands of years back, none of us could be more accurate. You collect stories and try to make sense of it. Are you trying to say you know every detail of what was going on? You can't even agree with the Marshallese and Kosraen and even admitted your Historian couldn't figure out the very basics. At least I am being honest not to lay claim I am this and I am the real that...everything is guessing but luckily I got to understand a little about you more than you know yourself.

    I thought I am helping you so you can used my portion to make sense of what left behind with you but no!!..I am being accused over and over as a liar. I am just like you who doesn't know much but at least I can identify a lot of bull grab from you all and presented my portion with good reasons. All you freaks do is I am this and I am the GOD and pointing fingers just wanting to be something. I am just a low class commoner who probably know more about the land in those area than you newly arrival cooks and gardener who left behind to fight over power...Enjoy your CROWN there princesses.
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    Gotta stop feeding them clueless children of the lost lands before they started to manipulated more. lol
  • He is a commoner from FSM,that reads allot of books and from those books think he knows everything. Like i said he's from FSM and he thinks he know the histories of the islands outside of the FSM just by reading books written by the white men. He reminds me of the Samoans,who at first thought they were the bad ass of polynesia,the samoans always looked down on the tongans who the samoans thought were weak cause the tongans are from islands that are smaller then samoa,when the tongans told the samoans that the tongans of old use to attack and invade samoa,well the samoans got mad cause they thought these little tongans fromt the little islands could not have attacked us from the big and mountainous islands but it turn out the tongans were telling the truth all along,cause when the missionaries arrived on samoa they saw what the tongans did,the traders also witness what the tongans did to the samoans.Well in this case here is Kershamin he has no believe in what the missionaries saw,what they wrote cause like the samoans in polynesia the think his people were not at one time subject to the small atoll dwellers of Marshall's but its o.k cause like the samoans its hard to believe that people from the small islands you consider weak were infact stronger and at onetime your people were always in constant fear of them. Like the samoans who don't believe that the tongas were attacking and invading their islands you kershamin are in denial.DENIAL.But history,stories,legends,missionaries,traders,whalers even some of people from your islands told the europeans that your islands were constantly attacked by Marshallese. All you can say and do is fabricate you history and stories.
  • Oh oh !! If i were yhu i wouldn say that.... Its not my history so i wouldnt even mention any part of it at all !! Stick to yhur own history please, yhu dnt ever tell someones own...... Like i been sayin, we chuukese dnt really talk history, we leave it for our itangs to tell it becuz they have everything.. So please dnt mention someonelses.
  • I see that thats one thing about yhu Marshallese, not to be mean or anything, but really yhu guys really throw history out like its nothing. We chuukese hold history or stories of the islands & cherish it. Its not something to be laid out for everyone.

    Idk what yhu marshallese think of history?
  • Every island have their own stories so lets all sit down and pray thank God we still alive today and hope we can see tomorrow..

    Happy new year lil brahs %%-
  • Blaze,

    I am Pacific Islander. My Head is Micronesian, My limps are Melanesian, My Body is Polynesian. The heart is made in F.S.M, my Lungs was products of RMI, and my intestines were bought from CNMI and GUAM.

    I just don't get it! what is this about history that you all be so sensitive about? Everyone wanna be Old Timers but hardly act like one. So why can't we all just get along eh?...Our ancestors were freaks, they were on a whole different level of honorable warriors and our generation will never come close enough to compare so cut all that hypocrisy and accept our nature. We can find humor in their stories and legends to celebrate their lives that makes us who we are today...Trust me! that sh*t ain't that hard.

    Happy New Year and let's be more civil in 2014. 

  • Thank you KERSAMIN and Happy New Year all forumers. Let us be our own selves and nothing less, neither more.

  • Happy new year !!!! Waioooooooooooooooooooh !!!
  • Yokwe waj!.I've joined months back and was searching for any information on the Marshallese Stick Chart.This thread alone has given me in depth understanding to begin pursue research on.Aside all the negative meaningless arguments.I thank my Rmi kinsmen for providing links&info.This is something the Lolelaplapian natives can hold on to.Being far away,Raised most of my lifetime in USA i'm proud to call myself Marshallese.
  • imageHappy new year and happy to read we are inventors! PROUD!
  • marshallese thrown history ? it's whatever dude. i bet marshallese forks knows their history more than you do so called "Folueisowm" If you going mention nonsense , i suggest you use you Brain.
  • @Kersamin/It's called pride Miss "Historian".Something the fsmers lack on more than us Rilolelaplapians.The only clueless child in here is you.Little to no actual knowledge of my people's seafaring.What do you really know? Most things you spew on here has been nothing but BS.Learn history and quit revisioning it.
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