Is there such a thing as Pohnpei State Scholarship?

I am currently enrolled at COM. I heard that the College of Micronesia, Pohnpei , FSM has never received any scholarships coming from Pohnpei State. My friends even told me that they applied and applied but never got it. What's going on Pohnpei State Departmement of Education? Chhuk, Kosrae, and Yap are doing just fine. What about Pohnpei?


  • Kaselehlie Yuchleop,

    I work for the Pohnpei Department of Education (PDOE). I can't personally speak on how many PDOE scholarships go to students at the COM-FSM campus vs the COM-PNI campus, but the short answer is that we do have a scholarship office--if you enter the PDOE's Central Office across from PICS Field, go through the first door in front of you to a hallway, and then walk to your left all the way down to the end, you'll reach our Scholarship Coordinator. You can also call the PDOE at 320-2103 or 320-2104 and ask for our Scholarship Coordinator. You can email the coordinator at and you can view the Scholarship Application Form here: Form.pdf

    All that said, I can not personally confirm with any immediacy how many scholarship applications the PDOE receives, or how many are awarded. I believe, but cannot cite a source, that scholarship funding is something JEMCO is trying to gradually decrease in hope that more local revenue would be available. In Fiscal Year 17 the PDOE had approximately 83% of its budget allocated to Personnel, and many of our successful recent projects (e.g. the Summer Job Corps program with Vocational Education students repairing and replacing windows, doors, and roofs in many schools) are funded mostly through Unallocated Project grants, which are competitive. I'm not sure off the top of my head how much PDOE has allocated to scholarship, but I believe it's relatively small, decreasing annually, and increasingly competitive--but it does exist!

    I strongly urge you to call the PDOE and speak with the Scholarship Coordinator for more precise answers to your questions. Feel free to send me a private message with your email, and I can CC you as I reach out to our Scholarship Coordinator on this issue.

    Ni wahu,
  • Thank you RichardAndrewClark. Appreciate your comment
  • Kaselehlie Yuchleop,

    My pleasure to assist.

    FYI--after you posted this thread, I spoke with our Scholarship Coordinator. We'll be putting an interview with her and how one applies to PDOE scholarship in our next newsletter.

    Otherwise, I have some brief amendments to my original answer.

    1. The scholarship form is correct, but does not include a listing of all necessary documents. The PDOE scholarship form has been updated and can be accessed at either our website ( or here: 2017.pdf

    2. I am unsure if is still a working email address, but our Scholarship Coordinator--Jackie Pretrick--can be contacted at jpretrick @ (you can also contact me, fyi, at rclark @

    3. PDOE Scholarship is locked at $255,568.00 per year, divided into semesterly allotments due on December 30 and June 30.

    4. A prospective applicant would fill out the PDOE Scholarship form and other required documents (noted in the edited form linked to above), whereupon the Board of Education will then determine who acquires a PDOE grant.

    5. Hard numbers on what you can expect to receive vary based on the number of accepted and eligible applications. If we have ten dollars, and ten eligible applicants, each receives one dollar. Historically most eligible applicants receive around $2,000.00 but this is highly variable.

    Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to assist you on this matter.

    Ni wahu,
  • Thank you very much . This means alot to me.
  • This is a great thread, thank you Richard for the kind response to the inquiry about Pohnpei Scholarship. It is good to know that you took your time to respond to the question and obviously went out of your way to write and very thoughtful response. Small act of kindness, your response could be categorized as just that, would go a long way to sooth or make someone's "day". Whatever you do, thank you very much.
  • Hey Yuch.. I have applied for the Pohnpei State Scholarship for the past four years, and I have also been awarded each year. Just as Richard had said, you should get in touch with Ms Pretrick. She is super helpful. One of the scholarships that I have applied to and have not received any response is NFC´s Christian / Simina Scholarship with Cora Norman, I believe, as the head of that scholarship committee.
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