FBI is NOW investigating Hillary Clintons "Foundation"


The liberal world is in uproar now that its been revealed that the US department of justice along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been investigating the Clinton foundation for months now. The main area of investigation on the Clinton foundation is its financial activity. For example money donated to the foundation because of political moves made by Clinton/Obama. One of the main topic is the money the clinton foundation received during the Ukraine crisis which Manafort got charged with by special prosecutor Robert Muller. Another issue being investigated is the $500,000 Bill clinton got for a 90 minute speech in Moscow. The $500,000 was paid by a firm with connections to the Russian government. Days after paying half a million to Clinton the Russians got control of "Uranium one" along with 20% of America's uranium.

Instead of showing collusion between Trump/Russia the investigations are showing collusion between Clinton/Russia. Democrats are calling this investigation a witch hunt. The same thing Trump said about the Russian collusion investigations.


  • Update......

    Liberal media has confirmed that there are now 3 separate investigations on Hillary Clinton.

    1. Email Gate
    This has to do with classified emails Hillary had on her personal laptop. Also it has something to do with a Hillary aide sending the secret password to these classified emails to Yahoo.

    2. Uranium one
    This investigation pertain to bribes and $$$ the Clintons got which totaled to $500,000 which after getting the "donations" from a bank with ties to Russia Obama approved the selling of company that allowed Russia control of 20% of US Uranium.

    3. Clinton foundation
    This investigation pertain the financial gain the clintons got during her time as Secretary of State under 0bama. $2.1 million was donated to the foundation from the owner of Uranium 1 who wanted to sell the company to Russia.

  • Sad this is just sad. All the major news channels are calling this a distraction but these investigations have been ongoing for months and its just came into light that she is being investigated. If only she stayed out of politics and accept that she lost buy no she had to go on air and many interviews to keep the russian collusion story going. Sooner or later she had to know this would come back and haunt her and its already happening.
  • According to Hillary clinton she shouldn't be investigated because it will send a wrong message to people who follow in her foot steps. That is getting rich off of her time as Secretary of state. Or selling uranium to a country her party wants a war with.
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