Trump passes "Cognitive" test with a score of 30/30

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Trump passed the cognative tests with a perfect score of 30 out of 30. This came about after liberals failed at getting him out of office via "Russian collusion" and now have failed to get him out via "mental stability" that would have gotten the President out via the 25th Amendment. Now the media and democrats have failed they are now focusing on the "Racists" route to hinder the President. In the end the President had the last laugh.

Per CNN: "A score of 26 is considered normal. The president did better than that. He aced it and got 30 out of 30.

"The president is mentally very sharp, very intact," Jackson said. "He is fit for duty."

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  • The racist thing is not working because even after the shit hole comment which is now aired 24/7 on the news, Trump has and is now receiving and getting african american support. He is now getting support from people in the african american community voted democrats in 2016. Especially black men, while african women lean heavily democrats african american men are now switching their support to Trump at higher percentage then in the 2016 elections.

    This is why the media along with the democrats MUST STOP this identity politics they been going for since Trump got elected. Its not fucking working. Instead of uniting us progressives its driving our party apart and driving some of our voters to switch vote. Its only helping trump and the right.
  • As long as he knows the right time for if and when the button is to be pushed is the main concern now. His public figure sucks but there are numerous instances of him being very generous and presidential that the media never shows. i never supported his tactics but the end results are eye openers. Reverse Psychology?
  • I don't think RS will work on Trump. No matter how the media and democrats try but he will not toe their line or dance to their tune. It will be the opposite. His tactics are a carry over from the competitive business world. Democrats and media may not like it but he will drag a kicking and crying America to greatness.

    In the present moment he his not liked but a few centuries from now he will be recognized as one of the greatest leaders the US has ever had.
  • Not bad for a shit head!
  • Exceeded left wingers expectations. Left wingers are running out of options to boot him out of the Whitehouse. Shows us all the man is smarter than the average American.
  • Now let’s watch mr shithead’s negotiating skills prevent a government shutdown.
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    Lets watch if democrats care more about Americans or illegals. If it shut down it will show how democrats don't care for Americans than illegal criminals. Time will tell.
  • You guys are brain dead.politics is compromising. Give and take. The retardicans need Democrat votes and democrats want things too. So what do you do president shit head? You negotiate and give up some to get some. Same for democrats. But president shit head is too retarded to figure that out. When you are president you bring people together and show leadership. Didn’t he campaign saying he’s the best deal maker? Then show it.
  • Too have the house, senate and White House and still struggle with all your promises? Moron leadership skills. Just spends all day undoing black mambas work and calling it success. Shit head orange baboon.
  • The President is willing to give citizenship to the 800,000 illegals if democrats agree to a border wall but democrats are not willing to compromise. They care more about illegals than they do about Americans. This is the facts but democrats are not willing. Yes GOP control both houses but without votes nothing get passed.

    1. Obamacare is no more
    2. Trump has created millions of jobs
    3. Unemployment at all time low
    4. Paris agreement gone
    5. Low illegals crossing border in decades
    6. Slashing regulations at all time high
    7. Allow pipeline to be build
    8. Isis is gone
    9. Military has got pay raise
    10. Stocks all at high since Trump elected
    11. Travel ban allowed
    12. Unemployment amongst blacks at all time low
    13. Put russia in check
    14. Stopped US from funding world wide abortion
    15. Apple do invest 350 billion in US economy
    17. Pay raise and bonuses
    18. US to surpass Saudi Arabia and Russia has oil producer
    19. US no longer captive to foriegn oil
    20. Saudi arabia now going democratic
    21. Stopped funding to terrorist sponsor pakistan
    22. Lower US funding to UN
    23. Recognized Jerusalem as israel capital
    24. Rebuilding military
    25. Got north korea to the table
    26. Allow states to decides if on their own if men can use wome restroom
    27. Saudi arabia to invest 200 billion in US economy by buying american goods.
    28. Struck a billion dollar trade agreement with china
    29. Better funding of US police departments
    30. Sanctions on Russia
    31. Sanctions on North Korea

    That is just a few things Trump as accomplished.
  • The genius deal maker failed to stop a government shutdown. Another example of his inept leadership skills and his stupid remarks biting his orange ass. With respect to your list, you obviously don’t know anything about momentum carried over.
  • Hes surely got enough publicity whether good or bad to go for another term. LOL@shithead! Thanks to him shithole is now a common word. I dont like the guy's tactics but shit, hes turning some heads.
  • On the illegal immigrant situation, I would be interested how this is linked to the increase of jobs and, if those jobs were filled in with other!!
  • It shows that democrats don't want a compromise. The deal was offered and it was illegal criminals will be given their citizenship of the border wall gets funding but democrats didn't want anything beside their illegals. Shows again how democrats are the party of obstruction. And trump does not enact laws or budget its the house does. Thank to to democrats 320 million americans will suffer because of 800,000 illegal criminals.

  • Another mindless tweet has come back to bite orangutan’s ass.
  • We democrats are the sole reason for this shutdown.
  • Democrats also voted no on CHIP-CHILDREN'S HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM. And voted no on wall in exchange for their DACA. Democrats got 2(Chip/DACA) for 1(wall) yet only wanted CHIP and DACA and no wall. Now who's stonewalling?
  • Well then lets sit back and watch your orange monkey fix it.
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    Funny thing is this is working for Trump and GOP favor. Democrat voters are unhappy and blame their own party for this.
  • You obviously believe the buck stops at the democrats? The truth is the buck stops at the orange monkeys desk. He owns this shutdown because he’s the president. Honestly I think he forgets that fact and that it’s on him to fix problems . But then again he’s the blamer in chief.
  • 60 is the numbers of votes needed to pass a bill into law. There are only 51 republicans in the Senate and 51 is not 60. The CR to avoid a shutdown passed at the house of representatives and stopped at the Senate because democrats voted NO in keeping the fed from shutting down. Again the President does not enact laws or create budget, that's not his job according to the constitution. You can't fix a problem when democrats aren't willing to compromise. CHIP and DACA was offered on the table in return for a wall democrats voted no. From the start of trumps presidency democrats have resisted. They still can't accpet the lost of 2016.
  • I wonder which black president the retardicans did that to?
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    Obama and democrats were also the reason for the 2011 shutdown like this recent shutdown also. Like now and then democrats didn't want to compromise.

    Democrats always see color ans always play race politics. Its the only way that keeps them in office.
  • I heard orange monkey scored 100 on pussy grabbing and poop tweeting.nice test.
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    Another democrat way to impeach Trump has failed again.
  • Zzzzzzzz still a shutdown and orange man still blaming others. Repo please get him a mirror so he can see he is still president. Lol.
  • Impeach for what? Being elected by the electoral? Doing is constitutional mandated job? Enforcing US immigration laws?
  • Trump negotiation skills have brought democrats to the table and agree to open government minus daca being given citizenship. Also mean Democrats agree to fund Trumps wall and TRUMP demand of stricter migration policy.

    3 days to avoid this shutdown while obama took 16 days to end his shutdown.
  • For 17 days only. What a fantastic job mr. President. You pulled 17 days out of your shithole.
  • Still no shutdown. Democrats agreed to end shutdown for nothing and gave agree to fund border wall. : )
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