So called local from Hawai'i and Guam looking down to Micronesian people.

what can we do to eliminate this kind of act?


  • There’s practically NOTHING you can do ONE-Nation. This kind of act is called LIFE. That’s how I truly see it.
  • Demonstrate in your daily living that you are a man or a woman worthy of respect, and most people will treat you with respect.
  • Then we better start teaching our own people how to show and respect others your encounter in your life. We all deserve equity.
  • You got the point there Sarem Chuuk but most people are reluctant to demonstrate it yet they expect others to do it.
    Let’s start with ourselves and be persistent and many, I’m sure, will follow suit.
  • I totally agree with the idea ONE-Nation brought up, to show and respect others. But the hard part of that is, how are we not gonna expose bad example? On fb now day many Chuukese follow the threads about the secession. Some of the Chuuk officials decided to move for secession from FSM. Is it not a disrespect form those Chuukese leaders before who spent much time and efforts for the unity of the FSM?
  • Is it not disrespect to use abusive languages to the commission members? I do not against the idea to use respect, but I hope some positive things have to be started some where.
  • When in Rome do as the Romans do.This reflects on America,Japan,Hawaii,and other places we Micronesians live in.What can we do to eliminate this act you ask? we can start by establishing a community meeting to discuss various of problems our kinmens has to find resolutions.This is just my two cent other than that hope you OneNation and the rest find that helpful.

    Happy soon to be new years!
  • Blend into the community and go with the flow... could be a nice approach
  • imageShame on them for such behavior on their brothers and sisters!
  • Too much drinking vodka!
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