FSMTC on standby gen power,unable to payoff nearly a quarter of a million dollars in utility bills.

I have it under good advisement that FSMTC has been unable to keep up with utility payments and is now running their generators in order to continue operations.

Though I feel vindicated that the eneptitude of this management is finally starting to show. I feel no pleasure in the fact that it's effect will negatively impact FSMTC's customers and not those who are actually responsible for this predicament if this continues.

So what happens if their generators can no longer run due to over use? Perhaps FSMTC is asking Congress again for another bail out but for the meantime, how does this reflect on the management and ultimately this CEO?

I believe this situation provides true and relevant insight into the workings of this corporation and the actual financial status of the organization.

I have suspected for quite some time that FSMTC has been cooking their books and providing false information regarding their actual financial status. This situation proves me right.

So I guess the $100k profit from last year was basically propaganda?

This is an extremely delicate situation with regards to loss of communication if the eventual outcome is loss of all communication however I am certain PUC will not completely disconnect FSMTC.

Telecom is still a monopoly and thus PUC would be unable to fully allow our only service provider to shut down completely and therfore cause a domino effect to take place.

That said, FSMTC should not take this lately and nor should we. This is a grave situation we find ourselves in and we now know the fragile status of this corporation and the unfortunate lies that we have been told regarding the profit and stability of this organization.

Had there been another service provider, I am quite sure PUC would have completely disconnected all services to Telecom.

So I guess the $20k, plus or minus, solar lights the CEO personally sold to FSMTC did not make a dent in their utility bills after all.



  • One thing to note, if you do not have cellular or internet services at the present, it is because your cell tower or ADSL amplifiers power have been disconnected.

    I am also told that if Pohnpei shuts down, all services in the other states will be affected and most certainly the cellular network.
  • It's time for change
  • Yes Sandman, it is long overdue. Perhaps the Chairman can now finally look past his family ties with the CEO and do the right thing.
  • Wasn't there a recent change In management? May I ask who the chairman and board members are? Just a concerned customer. Someone who makes a living off FSMTCs services.
  • dearhunter, there was no change in management aside from an incompetent Chief of Operations/VP becoming the new Chief Executive Officer/President.
  • I would say that is a significant executive change. From VP of Operations to being the main man. Nevertheless, are we facing a imminent meltdown due to incompetence? Although a customer I am considered a stakeholder with interest and the board needs to also get feedback from the public. Any customer surveys for FSMTC? Wonder if they have it on their site?
  • It wasn't much of a significant change in my opinion dearhunter. As you can see, this executive change did nothing but worsen the already deterioting situation the CEO caused when he was still Vice President.

    You are right however in the fact that we are all stakeholders. Since this is the only service provider we have in the FSM, we all should be deeply concerned about the continued success of this corporation.

    Unfortunately, the situation they are in now shows how badly the new CEO has handled the operations of this corporation. This should be well expected from an executive who hardly, if ever, reports to work on a daily basis.

    So where is the Board of Directors? Have they been sleeping on the job? Did they have any knowledge about the enormous accumulated debt with PUC?

    Regrettably, they do not have any customer feedback or survey forms available to its customers. Old school mentality in my opinion.
  • Snowden_691, significant as in role and $$, not performance.:-)

    I hate to say that sometimes, board members of most institutions/agencies have been influenced by CEOs of those respective institutions/agencies in ways where the members remain oblivious to the actual statuses of that institution or agency. This contributes to lack of accountability. Unfortunately no one wants to say anything about it because its one's own comfort zone. We are culturally tied to status quo measures where we sit back and react. Sometimes too late.

    No surveys eh? So old school is the right term. So which is it? Information by mouth to ear or mouth to mouth or mouth to ***? lol

    No offense to my friends at FSMTC but, do conduct surveys. This way you can measure if the services you provide are satisfactory to paying customers and if not, at least you know what to address.

    My respect to the guys at the operational levels because i actually witness them working hard most of the times and they are the backbones of the corporation. Its unfortunate that sometimes these people have to face the public or customer at times like these.

  • dearhunter, regrettably, you hit it right on the dot. Yes, it is unfortunate that the individuals whom are to be negatively affected from this are good and honest working people.

    I don't see how FSMTC will be able to clear the debt owed to PUC as it is a considerable amount. It is clear the Board of Directors need to take action to avert a National Security situation.

    Let us remind ourselves of the discontent and anger that was felt during the HANTRUI fiber optic maintenance that resulted in widespread rolling Internet outages throughout the FSM.

    In this case, I don't see how FSMTC will be able to dig themselves out of the mess with PUC. Yes, they may be able to run their generators for a while but not indefinitely. What happens when the generators go bust? Will it be another bail out by Congress and yet another chance given to the Board and the management to fix things? Clearly, they do not have the capacity to do so.

    The Leadership needs to investigate how this happened and hold the Board of Directors as well as this CEO accountable. Did FSM Telecom not just state that they made a profit of 100K in 2016? So if they did make another 100k profit in 2017, perhaps their non-payment to PUC may have been how they cooked the books.

    For everyone's information, FSMTC's unfortunate utility bill with PUC is nearly a quarter of a million dollars. This is an extremely significant amount of money in terms of accumulating debt and one that I honestly believe warranted PUC's power disconnection of the Telecom Headquarters in Pohnpei.
  • I've just now learned that FSM Telecom retaliated against PUC last week by disconnecting PUC's telephone lines. This was an underhanded move that was unwarranted and unprofessional especially since PUC did not have any pending bills. Fortunately, the telephone lines for PUC are back in operation and it is business as usual.

    Seriously, what Telecom did wreaks more along the line of personal judgment than professionalism. This says a lot for the current management and more so for the Board of Directors who I believe are still clueless to the situation. Even so, this should be no excuse for the Board. I have it under good advisement that they were approached by many individuals, employees and otherwise, regarding the CEO and his actions however the board chose to ignore rather than take action.

    This is where we are all at now. We are at a cusp, FSMTC is the only communications provider in this Nation. Whatever its actions, the leadership and the people should not have taken the deteriorating situation lightly.

    At some stage, there will be a point of no return and I believe it is approaching fast.

  • There is a reason why there was an unwritten rule for the Chairman of the Board Telecom to always be from Pohnpei. It is because FSMTC Headquarters is in Pohnpei and therefore the necessity to have Pohnpei's representative be the Chairman to always keep watch over its headquarter.

    With its Chairman living Hawaii and the CEO hardly reporting to work, both the Board of Directors and the CEO have let the corporation down in more ways than one.

    How does the corporation expect to function with a CEO who cannot put in an honest days work and a Chairman who not only is too busy with his own career but also never in country?
  • It seems what the priority is for FSMTC is diverting more money to the "Chinese Company" that is in charge of their Cellular network and also for the purchase of new vehicles. Vehicles that are slated, not for the hard working technical team but for departments that will hardly utilize the vehicles for actual day to day duties.

    Get your priorities in order Telecom!!!
  • Here is something worth knowing. FSMTC monthly utility bills, several years ago, was around $20k a month. This shows that the quarter of a million dollars owed is something that has been accumulating for over a year now.

  • Where are all the avid supporters of the CEO now? Judge and Juliet, anything prudent you might want to debate on at this time?
  • I am informed that the CEO is in Honolulu, Hawaii for an annual Telecom event being wined and dined by international service providers.

    So while the generators have been running for nearly a week, the CEO decides to skip out and go party out with the Chairman of the Board?

    There are more pressing issues to be dealt with here at home than a simple telecom annual event.

    Mr. CEO, as the only communications provider in the FSM, you need to get your affairs in order before you cripple this nation.
  • It has been exactly one week since Telecom Headquarters in Pohnpei had its island power disconnected. What I would like to know is if FSMTC has implemented any safeguards in order to ensure continued service for its thousands of customers or will they let this man grind this nation to a halt?

    Whether or not this situation is resolved in a few days, I believe the CEO has shown negligence for the care and responsibility of this corporation and in general, all our livelihoods.

    It is definitely time for the Board to reassess their priorities as well as their close ties with each other. Let your duties and responsibilities to this Nation serve as your leverage to do the right thing. It's time to cut your losses and hire a CEO that is able to turn the corporation around.

    I mean what were you thinking? You extended the term of this CEO when he had allegations of corruption and widespread employee mistreatment levied against him. Then you promoted him to CEO without any real justication other than giving him a chance.

    Most of all, this Board had the audacity to let this CEO run the corporation without a second in command thereby putting this organization in jeopardy. What now? Did the board ever consider a succession plan or was their trust in this man absolute?

    So what now? Will this board give, yet again, another undeserved chance to the CEO who has already failed the corporation on multiple occasions or will this board finally man up and do the right thing?

    Your duty is to your stakeholders and not a long time colleague that your misguided intentions are allowing to corrupt your sense of duties and responsibilities.

    Seriously, how many chances does one get before it's too late? Will the board wait until the corporation goes completely belly up?

    As far as I'm concerned, this situation already hints strongly on the deep financial instability of this corporation.

    And to think this CEO wanted to actually compete in the upcoming opening of the telecom market

    Honestly, when will too much finally be sufficient and just cause for affirmative action?
  • I will accept the silence from the CEO's supporters as further proof of the dire circumstances surrounding FSMTC's situation and the imminent threat of disruption of service that we may face in the coming days, weeks, or months.

    The questions we all need to ask ourselves are:

    Is the Board accountable for what is happening? Surely so, they knew the issues regarding the CEO when they awarded him the highest position in the organization.

    Should the CEO be relieved of his duties? Definitely so, this is not the first time he has caused significant damage to the public image of the corporation. Prior to this situation, some of his management decisions have cost the corporation tremendous losses in revenue. One perfect example of this is loss of $300k in revenue for not aggressively marketing the long distancel promo.

    Should the leadership intervene if the Board is unwilling to take action? Absolutely, as stakeholders in this corporation, the 4 States and the National Government need to question why their representatives on the Board of Directors have been unwilling to investigate the issues surrounding the CEO and his inability to lead this corporation.

    Was the Board truly unaware of deception and had honesty believed the corporation actually made an immediate and amazing turnaround under the guidance of this CEO in such a short time frame even with no changes to show for it? If, by chance, this is literally a revelation for the Board, what are they willing to do moving forward?

    Is the Board truly willing to allow FSMTC to go bankrupt before the situation requires their complete attention? They should know by now that the decisions they made and continue to make are not in the best interest of the corporation and the public?

    If the Chairman is unwilling to take the first step then it is up to the other Members of the Board to consider a lack of confidence for the Chairman and have him removed.
  • Let us not forget the unprofessional behavior exhibited by FSMTC when it's headquarters in Pohnpei had its island power disconnected.

    In retaliation for having its island power cut, the CEO lashed out unprofessionaly by cutting all 21 phone lines for Pohnpei Utilities Corporation.

    Now were these the actions of a professional let alone a Chief Executive Officer / President of a multi-million dollar corporation or a hurt individual who took it personally?

    These actions would have been acceptable had this been a privately owned corporation.

    Unfortunately, FSMTC is still a publicly owned entity therefore the CEO should have never taken it upon himself to disrupt PUC's services as sweet revenge for carrying out its official policy to disconnect delinquent customers. Is there not a similar policy of which telecom enforces as well?
  • Snowden, you may be taking this way out of proportion however due to the delicate situation and the negative impact this may have on our Nation, I believe it is in the best interest of this Nation if Congress would convene for a special congressional hearing to look into whether your accusations are worth serious scrutiny.

    Furthermore, a congressional hearing would put serious oversight in place for both the management and board and call into question the decisions of all involved leading up to this point.

    All in all, this is an already precarious situation and you may be adding fuel to a fire that is already out of control. I don't doubt there are serious issues and I have been adamant about this in the past however there may be underlying causes that are unknown. Sit back, relax, and let the chips fall accordingly. I'm quite sure the truth will be revealed eventually.

    To be honest, I would be well justified to jump up and down with joy that things are finally coming to a head however as history would dictate, this management and board have managed to stay on top and weather the storm out without so much as a drop of water on them. Let us all hope this time, it is the perfect storm.

  • concernedmicronesian, I am brewing the perfect storm and the recipe calls for: no compassion, no excuses, and no more.
  • concernedmicronesian, I've considered what you stated and am willing to dial it back a little.

    But don't you think FSMTC should issue a public statement denying or explaining the status of their predicament?
  • I heard that the running of the generators 24 hours a day is causing a nuisance to people who live in the area, because of the noise that it is causing. Particularly those who are staying at the Yvonne's hotel next door, and the houses and businesses near Telecom.
  • i wonder if this is somehow linked to the problem with the P.U.C. cash-power automated system? I wasted a couple of dollars worth of phone credits for bad connections. I also noticed when calling via cell, I'd hang up due to the bad connection but P.U.C. didn't hang up several seconds afterwards sucking up my minutes. I don't know how they do it but it happened.

    I'm also wondering because I was using my cell, and the credits were used up due to this mishap. Could it be a fault in the FSMTC system because of running via the generator?

    I'm just saying that all of sudden everything seems like a matter of coincidence. PUC Debt to FSMTC//PUC automated cash-power becomes problematic/Cell services also acting weird...etc.

    Anyone ever hear about the the Head, Body parts and Asshole get into an argument about who the boss is? Its a good story where the morale of the story is, yes, the Asshole won because of course if he plugged up, the head and whole body would shut down. Not the head, nor the body parts had anything on the a/hole BUT, they still needed each other to fully function. I'd really hate to characterize the matter as we the public being the Head and Body Parts.

    I don't know, maybe its me, but you guys really need to sort things out like real gentlemen do and take note that you are servicing the people not your selves.
  • I heard there is a rift between PUC and Telecom. How can that happen? Aren't they neighbors? hehehe
  • Since pohnpei is the hub for fsm telecom and they cant keep up the hub operating 100%. About time to have each state operate its telecom system independently so when one state kiss the dust the other 3 remains operating as if nothing happens...Lol
  • This is my sentiments on the matter exactly because how do you go about making a decision to shutting down the main communications component of the nation because of an arrears issue. Imagine the impact to environmental, educational, and governmental operations. The thousands we will lose compared to the current amount owed on hand. Do people in those positions even comprehend the adverse impact to the nation as a whole?
    Not to mention, what needs to also be known is how did FSMTC end up owing PUC which accumulated to a point where the decision to shut them down was made? And what proactive measures were to taken by the management and board to prevent this from happening?
    These people know for a fact that thousands of citizens rely on their sound judgments in keeping the nations or state up and running efficiently but their behavior displays a lack of concern or plain neglect as a responsible person. Just my two cents.
  • @Garim. You are correct. If services are centralized to Pohnpei main station, how will the other states fend if the main hub shuts down. Maybe they have something in place but just interested to know.
  • Yes, Sandman, I too would find it a clear nuisance to have to live with nearly two weeks of loud generators running 24 hours a day . This should be unacceptable in a largely populated area where generators are expected to only run for short periods as standby power.

    We all need to know what the big picture is here. These generators are nearly 30 years old. Does telecom really expect to run them indefinitely? Should we be worried?
  • dearhunter and garim, I've done some inquiries and we all have a right to be worried. If Pohnpei happens to have a temporary shutdown, even for a day, revenue will be lost not only for Telecom but also the countless other businesses in the FSM.

    There is absolutely no way the other States will be able to operate in the long term without Pohnpei. The only service that may be running would be the cell system and the landline but calls will only be isolated to local calls within the States.

    As for arrears, it is my understanding that FSMTC failed to comply with payments and a standing agreement on a payment plan. You have to understand that a quarter of a million dollars is nearly, if not more than, a years worth of non-payment.

    PUC had no choice to but show the seriousness of the situation. They knew telecom would continue to operate even without island power and hence the disconnection. I hope it is now in the hands of the telecom board to resolve the situation instead the CEO. He has done enough.
  • What I do believe we should all consider is what you did visit on earlier dearhunter. How did the bill accumulate to the point PUC was forced to disconnect? Was the board aware?
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