Media Narrative Change: Now its Obstruction not Collusion

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The democrat leaning mainstream has changed its Narrative once again. Now its not Russian-Trump-Collusion but obstruction of justice. All these flury of coordinated media stories about Trump wanting to fire special counsel R.Mueller to the cooked up investigations all came a within hours of FBI lost texts being recovered and 2 days from a memo that details FBI unconstitutional wiretapping of then Presidential candidate Trump.

3 reasons Reason behind these distractions by the Media

1. The texts in question claimed to be lost by the FBI when it was revealed to the public that the texts mentioned "secret society" within the FBI and DOJ holding meetings off site to decide what to do about Trump. The texts have been recovered and as of yesterday Attorney General J.Sessions has ordered a full investigations on the recovered texts from Anti-Trump officials within the FBI. Texts also gives insight into how the entire investigations were politically motivated by democrat leaning memebers of DOJ and FBI.

2. A memo that democrats are fighting to be kept highly secret so that it won't be make public will cause senior members of the Obama administration to go to jail. This memo give details in exact how the Obama administrationwent beyond the authority of the executive branch mandated by the US constitution to spy on Trump and his campaign. According to democrat senators the memo should not be made public because the American public aren't smart enough to understand it.

3. Photos of Obama being releasedwith racisit Islamic leader Farrakhan. Farrakhan is a black supremacists who have said all whites are cavemen and also that Jews deserve the holocaust. Farrakhan also said that Adolf Hitler was a Great man. Farrakhan also believe that homosexuals and lesbians should be beheaded according to laws of islam.

All this to keep the public from knowing these 3 major events.


  • @reaper. just wanted to say Happy Sunday morning as extended to PawNstar in another thread.

    Looks like US politics is now our religion. May Jesus forgive us.
  • Lets wait for the texts and memo to be released so we can see what the Democrats want to hide.
  • The house intel committee voted on this issue and the #2 issue i gave above. The vote to release the memo has concluded and the "yes" won. 0 democrats voted for its release. I mean why would they vote to release a memo that will end their charade also known as the Russian Trump collusion. Now we will get to see why democrats don't want to do this.
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