Chuukese young man is a professor at a University in the U.S.

Mwa met mwa. Mei pung ei poraus sia pwan rongorong pwe a wor emon atin Chuuk a emon part-time professor non ew University non Portland, Oregon? I live in Salem but I heard that he teach at a University in Portland, OR. I heard he is from Faichuk.

Is this rumor or true story?  



  • And your point is to find out who this is or you dunno that there are other chuukese working in universities across the USA.  Here is the list and you can confirm it or add to it ...

    1.  Former Governor of Chuuk ~ Ansito Walter at UOG (Professor there, I have no idea what he is teaching)

     2.  John Akapito ~ at one university in California (last time I spoke to him, he was Dean of Student there)

     3.  Vidalito R.  ~ teaching at UH-Hilo and I have no idea what he is teaching. 

    And of course our own professors teaching at our ONE AND ONLY COM-FSM.


  • I'm just asking if this is true. Thank you for pointing out those other ones. We know them already. This young man I think is only in his early 30s and he is teaching Master's students. That's all I know. But I want to find out info because I would like Chuukese to be proud that there are Chuukese who can go that far even at an early age. We should be exposing our young ones to those who make it in the academic world. Because they will serve as inspirations. I want my two kids in High School repwe pwan sisinei ei anuwon pwe repwe pwan kaeo seni an experience me pwan an achocho. Ina chok ii popun ai pwan mochen eis. Sia osupwang ika a fen pwan wor nonowo ren ekoch nge ese fen wor ach sipwe encourage, congratulate me anapano ach expose the good things that our citizens are contributing.



  • LOL~ different stroke and different rolls by different folks! Pwata nanewo~ you add to that list and we will know him.  Keep us in the light by giving details~ if you know where he is teaching and stuff ~ all you have to do is call that school and ask, they will be happy to give you truth~ as long as you do not ask for his address of SS. lol Mei ech~ go and find him and congratulate him yourself and give us info.. would that be the best way to go and encourage others like me who do janitorial services? Enneeet~ kinisou ren chapur... 
  • Any Chuukese who teaches anywhere on any subject at any level should be commended. Those who have had the opportunity to teach at the college and up levels in the states become role models for those who wish to pursue such endeavour.
  • Amen! Thank you SakaSaka. You get the point.

  • What about the chuukese who works as construction workers and they're very young too, aren't they do something teachers and professors cannot do? Won't they be commended for the hard they do? Or hope we're not thinking that if someone become the professor in wood carving the. He's much more than the mechanic lol
  • Anyone (Chuukese) who gives off his/her self for the services of others, in his/her own ability should be commented.
  • I would also like to add to the Faichuk pride - LJ Bernard of Faichuk (Udot) got his PhD and now helping our own too at the CCPI (a Catholic Institute).
  • I found out that his name is Joe Enlet and he has a Ph.D in history, theology, and culture. He is teaching master degree students at a University in Portland, OR. I heard he's a pastor and he works for the department of health for the state of Oregon. He has some interesting blogs too. Congratulations to this young man!! We chuukese should be proud of own. And by the way, he is from Sapuk Weno and afokur Tol.


    Kinisou pwan iei ukukun met ua sinei. Amo sipwe pesei nouch kewe repwe pwan achocho.

  • Iwe pwungun, noun atewe Ben Ennet ei enuwen. Men fen nom itan non echo newspaper, use sinei no ika menni. Nge pwun PhD ewe degree?


  • congrats to Joe Enlet!
  • Maybe these people can revive Chuuk! Bring them home and outsted our former gov. WRKERS!
  • Are you coming home, Fol?
  • When Folu, when? You uncle is retiring soon, your cousins are messing around at their respective places of hurry up and come take over one of their jobs, son!
  • I will take over the whole gov nd restore order!
  • Inaa kooo....dream big
  • I believe that he is the older brother. The younger brother is Enlet Enlet Jr. and he is the one that won the award from the law school. The older brother is the Ph.D and he is a professor in Portland. These brothers are from Mwan and Polle Manaio. And their third brother is an accountant in Portland. Congratulations to these young men who are brothers and they are very mosonoson. Very humble guys. kinisou ren ar uwei item Chuuk!!
  • Noun chon Fonueisom emon majang itan"Ponik". Kete awen aasi Folueisomw pun ete change-sonuk.
  • Exactly !! Sometimez dreams can lead to great actions.

    Right Kinen? ;)
  • Thank you kaponchapur. I find this individual is the kind that we're missing from leading our nation. I hope we have more of this mind set within our mids so that we don't have to worry like we are today. I pray that this type of man becomes the roll model of our future children. God bless!
  • Pwipwi sinbad, kinisou pwe a ponu ach we question ren io ewe aramas. Iei sia fat pwe i emon atin neniach na Faichuk. Do you know the father?

  • The father is Ben Enlet who is an attorney in chuuk. He is from Faichuk and also from the Mortlocks.
  • Rev. Joe Enlet pastored a church (chuukese) in WA and teaches at Multnomah University or Seminary in Portland.  He is also an active participants of many Pacific and Asian organization. He is a great guy working toward his Doctorate degree either PHD in theology or DMIN.  Currently he as a MDIV graduate degree.  He is also interested in law.

    He is a neighbor of mind.  He likes to go eat at Elmers restarurant or Sharis here in OR and WA.  eheheh God bless Rev. J Enlet.

    He is from Kuttu, Moch, Mwan and Sapuk Weno, Pwene, and Foson Faichuuk.  
  • An update on this young man. He is now currently the first Consulate General of the first Consulate office of the FSM on U.S. mainland, located in Portland, Oregon. Below is a link to his blog:
  • too bad more stupid ones and only a few smart ones...eheheh
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