what if ancient polynesian and micronesians collide???



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    I even think that's how the Marshallese stick chart got there because us and Hawaiian made contact. Here's a clue to how Marshallese could have reached those islands with their canoes: https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=66s&v=p4qLG5wbFxE . And that fellas/fellows is my theory!
  • Only the ancient Tongans and Yapese had empires that I know of. In order to have empires you must wage war against your neighbors and take their lands. If Tongans and Yapese did collided in the past, no recorded or oral history were left behind to prove they have had made contact. They could have avoided each other. Who knows...
  • imageit would make BOOM.
  • All I could say, is that Micronesians must have held their own against the Polys because of the distinct language and culture we share across the region that differs from the Polynesian region. So at least have some pride in that.
  • @Letao692/What happens if we had collided with the Polys?.Given our ancient warrior code of sacrificing yourself to defend everything within the Lolelaplap kingdom it all sums up to one word.Bloodbath.It's a normie for western cousins here to say that our ancestors were malnourished.Not well fed and aren't able to travel far to wage war.Yet both oral and European documents states otherwise.Rietto ko.Warriors then were in decent shape.Healthy living.Quite tall as well.High chance we would of stood against the Polys if they had invaded our mojen.I'll also add that during the ancient times we were allies to two of their societies.The Hawaiians&Tongans.Idk the full story.Will however learn more about it one day.Perhaps our forum kinsman can help explain it.

    @Junair/Aet we did indeed made contact with the Hawaiians before Europeans.With trade of goods.Though there's no way we would of openly given them our knowledge of the stick chart since it was Emo(Taboo).The one displayed in the bishop museum was taken by a missionary which later made its way to Hava'i.Uncultured ignorant fools would think that Polys made these when really it belongs to us.So no highly doubt our ancestors would give something that valuable away freely.
  • @Ennui/Thanks for the good laugh pal.Where exactly did you get these sources? Or is that the same ol assumption of defeated enemies fabricating lies of those that ruled them.You must understand.Easterners were more war like than western inhabitants of micro.We have oral stories of our ancestors traveling far waging war of conquest to those we came upon.We had no choice but to raid for resources.Our many islands with little to give forced us to look for alternatives of maintaining the population.Those ancient times we have developed a unique warrior culture.War traditions that helped us be better warriors.Fit,energetic,tall,and filled with honor&pride.If you want proof of these simply travel to Marshall.We have the stories.Weapons of death.War traditions.So on.Come visit one day.
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