• After 2020, the choice will come down to becoming a dependent territory of China or a state of the U.S. Hmm. We report, you decide.
  • We are still a dependent under the COFA. Chuuk as better chance of secession than micronesia becoming the 51st state. Know for a fact that RMI and ROP will never agree to becoming part of the US. These are the 2 states in the COFA that pride themselves in their leaders and cultural Identity and self determination and will never comply with this.
  • Both are non-starters for me.

    When you say "Territory" do you mean officially as in internationally recognized as such? Are you implying because of fiscal woes, FSM should be stripped of it's Independent Nation status? I'm curious.

    What's with entering the Union? As PawnStar pointed out in another thread, look at the Chamorros, the Tejanos, the Hawaiian, and the numerous Native American tribes that have gone through the same integration as suggested... right. Not exactly looking good is it?

    People who suggest we enter the Union are naive. Forgive me for saying that, but it is true. Uncle Sam is first and foremost about generating profit. It might have started out with lofty goals and noble principles but not anymore. If a law gets in the way of massive corporate profit, generally speaking, a loop hole is created to facilitate the corporate hunger for evermore profit. In the US Corporations are FIRST CLASS citizens. Living, breathing human beings born or naturalized are Second Class citizens. Everyone else, although "protected", are just there to help corporations garner more profits. I don't think that's a system we want to adopt or replicate.
  • And after the COFA trust fund is exhausted and U.S. grants have ended, then what happens? Sovereign independence is great if you have a viable economy to sustain it. If you do not, and your country is bankrupt, what do you think happens next? Of course by that time, most Micros will be living in the U.S. already. Those who are born there will vote in U.S. elections as U.S. ctizens.
    Those remaining in the bankrupt islands? Good luck to all of them.
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    I can appreciate the picture of reality you paint. It's definitely a scary thing to consider. It's undoubtedly a serious question to consider.

    Isn't there a trust fund somewhere? Is that not even worth discussing here?

    I'm not suggesting, without the US or China, the FSM will thrive. It may well struggle, probably struggle like it never has before. The FSM may have to enact serious tax reform, crack down on less than beneficial spending policies, etc. It will definitely be in for a fight just to survive. It is doable though, isn't it? I mean, it's a possibility, as far fetched as it may sound. Should we give up before we've given it a try?

    Is going down the same route as our Chamorro, Hawaiian, and Native American friends really the only option that remains?
  • I sincerely hope that the FSM, the RMI, and the ROP find ways to become economically and politically viable as independent nations. But based on my knowledge and experience with each over the past 30 years, I am not optimistic.

    Palau has the best chance of the three, in my opinion. It has developed a sustainable tourist economy while deepening it's defense relationship with the U.S. ....a vital necessity in the Pacific these days.

    The RMI has increased its revenues from fisheries and its ship registry, but it is seriously crippled by corruption and it struggles to meet the basic educational, health, and income needs of its citizens....as does the FSM, unfortunately.

    Citizens of all three COFA nations are voting with their feet by permanently relocating with their families to the U.S.

    And I frankly don't foresee any miraculous turnaround in the next few years...if ever.
  • And even if Micronesia somehow decided to cooperatively seek U.S. statehood, the U.S. is unlikely to seriously consider such a request.

    China, on the other hand, would be delighted to replace the U.S. here....under their conditions, of course.
  • Interesting!.. I think this can be achieved thru the cofa agreement, another way to make improve is thru the agreement..so what if trust fund is not enough, make some changes and keep on sailing. can not keep up. just the beginning..here
  • Micronesians have survived thousands of years before the COFA and will do so after COFA. Let's not count out the COFA being renewed yet. The US is sifting it's foreign policy towards China. The COFA will get more attention in the future mark them words my friends.

    Becoming a 51st state will never happen. ROP and RMI will never agree with it. The boat to become a US territory left 30 years ago. And will never come return.

    Remember the big words of the COFA-STRATEGIC DENIAL. It will play big part in the future.
  • how do you know ROP and RMI will never agree?. they being statied with Taiwan n USA on all vote? and diplomacy , I don't think they would consider this a bad idea cause I think both are truly committed to this USA /RMI or USA? ROP..C O F A.. in other words The elephant is already in the house and its not leaving anytime soon.

  • I find myself agreeing with PawnStar again. Isn't that odd?

    I have a gut feeling the strategic importance of our geographical location, paired with the evermore pressing Chinese offer to assist, will force another agreement into place. It may not be called COFA, It might be something completely different. I just don't think Big Brother, considering China's growing influence in the region, is willing to throw the dice on this one. Do you see them saying? "I bet they'll turn down Chinese aid/influence even when they're dead broke... right?" I'm not a expert on the topic but it just seems a bit far-fetched to me. I don't know... then again, i might just be naive on this.
  • In other News...

    The US petitions to become the 5th Micronesian state... What? It could happen.
  • @Visafree, ROP and RMI will never agree because these are the only 2 states in the COFA which have intertwined their culture/custom with their government. Becoming a territory or joining the Union would mean getting rid of their culture/customs.

  • They already joined the union my friend, and they are also a US territory thru the compact of free association agreement who do you think is funding these area and why? why are these territory dealing with the interior and not the state?.. btw, what is FSM getting out of her relationship with china?. Lastly, Yap an PNI have their culture too intertwined with their government, I don't say how you came out with just impression? but again, its your own opinion and you have all the right but not the fact. I sure.
  • Do Micronesians abandon all their culture/customs when they move to the U.S.? Or do they bring them with them and integrate their culture and customs into their new home?
  • So, any ideas on sustainability people?

    I'm leaning towards the hotel/casino that is being discussed in another thread.
  • Micronesians bring their culture with them to the US.

    "You may take the boy/girl from the island, but not the island from the boy/girl."

  • 51st nothing. This question and topic sucks eggs. Why? Because it will not ever happen.
  • imageinteresting.. we need to think..
  • We keep saying that we do not want to lose our identity and I agree to some degree. But I am a realist and idealist but will not dwell on la la land when the world has changed. How many very short skirt trotting girls do you see today (at least in Pohnpei, Guam, CNMI, Palau and RMI) that you did not see 10 years ago? 20 years ago? Not only that, many aspects of our lives have changed and we have all generally embraced it (i.e. this forum itself). The world is running to US for its unique and strong economy.Micronesians (three associates states, Guam and CNMI) had been flocking to the US mainland. FSM and RMI since 1986. Palau since 1992. Micronesians had been raped by the US. US will not blink to let us become the next "remember the Alamo" or "Remember the Maine." We are fu*cked one way or the other. Mine as well start getting the full benefits (i.e. voting, etc.). Like Russel Peters says: "you can keep running, but one day we will hump you."
  • I heard some high level officials hopelessly giving up hope for the future of the islands thinking the future is a nightmare and all they ever think about now a days, is to steal an get rich fast before 2023..Loosers mind at best!
  • Yup because girls wear short skirts now days we must join the union. Here is your sign.
  • visafree, you nailed it, my friend. Nearly every high-level government official in Micronesia has a Plan B for themselves for that time when easy living becomes unsustainable at home.

    As long as there is an airport and a seaport, the privileged have an escape route.

    Everyone else? Probably screwed, sad to say.
  • Pwan, if you are half smart, you'd realize my point. As usual, you missed fact that my comment are to those lamenting/cautioning us from doing anything that would cause us to lose our identity. My point is that we are not what we were. And that there is nothing much to do except to keep the most of what we can keep. Independent, freely associated, commonwealth, territory or a state, we are moving away from the customs. Until people can understand that fact and make us stop flocking to Facebook, Youtube, Budweiser, San Francisco, electricity, and toilet paper, there is nothing that can stop the paradigm shift. Like I said, we have been fu*cked. There is nothing stop the inevitable. It is either now with some voice form of control/voice from this generation or our children will follow instincts and give up our islands for nothing.
  • So your answer is back into the US? Ever heard about the solomon report? Well in case you haven't, its a policy which the US followed and still does to this day. Give us grumps so we will always depend on them. Look it up.
  • well its not the US responsibility managing our states affairs, and the biggest problem is financial management?..Not only that also law enforcement?.. work ethic is the lowest standard..victim of Fraud and abused.
  • That is not what Anthony Solomon's report said. It was a report on assimilation of our people into American folds. What is being advocated here is not that archaic system in that report.

    The islands, as a group, had been raped and will continued to be raped and yet we are not maximizing our gain from this relationship. Trust me, if N. Korea and U.S. go nuclear, we will stop to exist because of our affiliation to U.S. Guam is targeted due to military presence there. At least they have system to protect incoming missiles. We don't because idiots continues to be culturally unique when the truth is that there are so many examples of us having left our cultures in some way. Hawaii is a state and it still keeps some of its cultures. It also has U.S. protection because it is US soil. Since we are not, we will be just innocent third-party collateral damage if U.S. start shooting off its mouth and missiles with N. Korea, China Russia because of our proximity to Guam. Again, mine as well get clear protection because we have our asses exposed now.
  • I agree with porn star. This is one Stormy topic.
  • I say we propose to hang with our current status, maintaining our freely right to associate with whom we wish too. Our choice according to Our needs. Our leaders need to be stern in the negotiation and prepared to use the "Ace" in the deck in case matters are not leaning in their favor.
  • From the latest, the US government is assessing the COFA agreement with the three nations, and the main concern is the relationship between FSM and PRC.. I wonder what the FSM have to say about this?
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